How to Let go of Negative Thoughts


“Peace in the heart radiates peace to other hearts, even more surely than contention breeds contention. “


I had a thought recently that was Divinely orchestrated… I was ruminating over a person who had reacted in an angry way and I was praying that I might be able to forgive and LET GO of the situation. The thoughts were like a Harvey Norman TV ad, repetitive and loud and I truly wanted peace!

Peace avoided me until the Divine thought came: “I do not want to be the sender negative or harmful thoughts”  As soon as I heard this, my heart opened. Even though this person had hurt me, even though I wanted to have them listen to my side of the story, even though my ego wanted to chew this over for at least a few months more… a  big part of me did not , and that part of me was my peaceful higher self.

Negative thoughts directed at another cause pain, both within the sender and the receiver. When I realized that I wanted to only send out Love in word, thought and action during my life, I was easily able to let go of what I neither wanted or needed  …pain!

When you remember that everything you send out comes back to you 3 fold you can also find the motivation to let go of your negativity. It is all about feeling better. those thoughts become layers of heavy energy that block and drain you on every level of your life, attracting more negative situations.

To let go of sending out negative thoughts does not mean that we also surrender our power- we still must stand up for ourselves, we still have to  be real about our situations and we must walk away from those who harm us if necessary.

There is a saying that we can never get enough of what we do not need- this is so true, our ego is addicted to negativity, drama and unhealthy behaviors because it believes that fulfillment will come this way.. of course it never does.

Pray for assistance in letting go of your harmful thoughts towards yourself and others, I promise you will feel so much better; no matter what THEY have done- there is PEACE on the other side of this & truly peace is all that you need

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