How to Know Your Animal Spirit Guide

Animal Spirit Guides

Do you know your Animal Spirit Guide?

I love all living creatures and  one of my animal spirit guides has been visiting me in dreams since childhood. It is not unusual for a bird or four legged creature to show up for me or a client during my readings offering a special message or healing.

As a spiritual seeker and healer, chances are you are working closely with the animal spiritual realm too. Discovering and connecting with your Power animal can really transform your life and expand your spirituality and wisdom.

Animals carry Divine Wisdom and healing medicine, they are a part of the Divine intelligence matrix that guides you through your life to warn you of potential danger and give you clues and signs to direct you to your highest path. This Divine Intelligence is always speaking with you through many different channels to get your attention. Stepping fully onto the path of healing and Divine wisdom is to embrace the mysterious power of mother nature and her ego- less teachings.

Animal guides are like your Angels, they come to you as guardians and guides to give you specific traits and power and help you to learn and grow on your spiritual path.

Every single native culture in the world understands the deep symbolism and significance of our animal brothers and sisters who walk, slither, swim and fly with us on this beautiful planet.
Animals, fish, birds and insects are sacred beings, connected, like you, with Heaven and Earth.

Animals guides are Divine teachers, they bring healing, guidance and protection, you only need open your mind to allow their wisdom and magic to reach you. As you embrace the animal kingdom as your guide, you will experience another level of spirituality and transformation.

You have at least one animal spiritual guide with you at any time, and these spirit beings can change according to your current life challenge.

A person going through a divorce might attract a snake guide with them to help them to shed their old skin as they transition from the old to the new life, or a lion to offer courage, protection and strength. A person struggling with health issues might attract a sloth to teach them to go slower and enjoy more downtime or a dolphin to teach them to breath more deeply. When a crow caws or an owl hoots it could be a warning or a call to tune into your soul.

Pay attention to the critters that come into your awareness because they may be bringing a message:

A butterfly fluttering or landing close by can be a message from a deceased loved one or it can be a message for you to transform your thoughts.
When a bird flies directly in front of my car I always slow down, as I know it is a sign that I am going too fast.

Some furry and feathered guides will come to lend a hand at a crucial moment in life and other animal guides join your spiritual support team and will stay with you through out your lifetime to teach, guide and protect you whilst lending you their special characteristics.

These animal totems will make their presence known to you, by repeatedly showing up in one form or another. Your job is to notice and acknowledge their presence.

I have many animal guide stories but one of my favorite is about the day that I became an Australian Citizen many years ago. A friend presented me with a cuddly toy Kookaburra at my ceremony. I loved it so much but I did not yet realize the significance. Later that day I gathered with friends for afternoon tea by a river, opposite a shop called Kookaburra gifts. An Aboriginal man walked by and asked us what we were doing. We told him I was now an official Aussie and he took me aside and told me his totem animal was a Kookaburra and he wanted me to have that as my totem too. I was so moved by his words. Ever since then Kookaburra turns up when I most need some support or guidance.

For me it is a symbol of Divine truth and connection with the land I love and made my home.

Just recently I had a shamans rattle made for me by an amazing artist – she asked me what animal I wanted painted on my rattle. As an animal lover, I was torn so I asked spirit to show me, that day a kookaburra flew right at me and landed at my feet!

My artist friend hundreds of kilometers away had also received the message it was Kookaburra and told me she would mail the rattle to me when it was ready. Early one morning a few weeks later, I looked out of my kitchen window and saw a big Kookaburra sitting on my mailbox! I knew right then,it was the day that my rattle would appear, and it did! My rattle is a beautiful and powerful healing tool.

Your Animal Spirit Guide will also tell you that they are with you in creative ways, be patient and do not try to control the process, I promise you, they will come:

Notice the animals that appear in your dreams- this is a powerful message from Spirit especially if it happens more than once, this animal is getting your attention and wants to connect with you.
Pay attention to your encounters with animals- especially if it is a memorable event. It may be that this is one of your guides or it is bringing a message at this time.
Are you feeling particularly attracted to a certain critter, are you obsessed with elephants or feeling drawn to dolphins? Consider what strengths and characteristics these animals have which you may need in your life right now.
Your power animal might not show up in person but if you are seeing a lot of the same animal images in your every day life it could be a sign for you too.
Meditation to connect with your animal spirit guide will also bring results and introduce you to your power animal. Set a clear intent to be shown your guide, go into a light meditation with deep breathing and imagine you are sitting in a cave with a bright fire in front of you. As you breathe, see a figure appearing in the door way of the cave and come closer to the light. As your guide reveals itself welcome it’s presence.

Even if it’s a bug, a worm or a crocodile, every animal guide is bringing you a message and offering you healing and insight, it’s guidance could be the final piece in the puzzle that instigates great change, healing or success for you!

When an animal shows itself, hold a vision of it in your mind’s eye and ask for clarity. Ask this sacred being to show you what you need to know. Imagine yourself becoming this creature temporarily and see the world and your life from it’s perspective. What do you learn from this? (remember to come back to your own body afterwards!)
Maybe you have to spend time energetically with this critter to absorb the medicine!

Finally, there is lots of great ( and bad) information out there in internet world about animal symbolism, you can google your animal or buy a book. Before you get caught up in the intellect though, trust your gut and allow the guide to show you it’s message.

Angels come to us in many forms and ways, pay attention!
Have an incredible week ahead
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Angel blessings!
Rachel Scoltock x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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