Your mind is so powerful, you must become conscious of how you are using it.

Learn how mind energy works and how to heal negative thoughts.

I was in a cafe recently waiting in line to place my order.

The lady at the counter looked furious, she glared at every customer, slamming their cutlery in front of them and ignoring those in the queue until the last minute.

She had a big black cloud around her head, and everyone could sense it.

We can all sense and read energy, whether we consider ourselves clairvoyant or not. Each of us is sharing our mind energy with everyone we encounter.

Everyone picks up on those waves of energy and responds accordingly.

We also pick up on the energy waves in buildings, locations and crowds.

Think of the peace you feel when you enter an ancient temple or a sacred site,  the stress in the hallways of a hospital or the vibrant energy at a concert.

I could psychically see that this unhappy waitress had powerful mind energy. She was forcibly radiating her bad mood quite effectively, but she was completely unable to shift that energy to make herself  feel better!

She was suffering, and the dark cloud of energy was sucking more negativity into her aura from all the miffed diners!

I knew she’d have a big headache the next day!

Without the ability to know and use the power of her own mind energy she was attracting some heavy vibes and keeping herself stuck.

I really felt for her and asked her angels to help her.

We have all been in this situation at some time. Feeling trapped in sadness, anger, or fear and unable to shift the thoughts and feelings.

Over all my years a healer I have come to understand that the main reason people suffer is because their mind energy has become clogged and polluted by negative mental energies. This causes stagnation and problems in life such as illness, pain, anxiety and even financial problems.

Negative energy projected from others like an angry ex or a jealous friend can effect you too, those cords and psychic daggers can make it difficult to move forward.

Your own thoughts and reactions have the biggest influence on your life and well being.

Worry, resentment, fear, obsession or guilt create clouds of dark heavy energy around your mind. This dense field looks like a dark halo on the top of your head, drawing in more negativity and cluttering your mind.

If this energy isn’t released  it stops you from using your mind positively to create what you really want.

Affirmations can work miracles, and definitely help but your mantras can take a while to get through a hardened cloud of energy.

Your mind is powerful, release the negative energy & learn to focus it appropriately so your whole life will benefit.

Try my simple technique to heal your mind of negative energy:

  • Sit quietly, light a candle & request Divine help. I never do any healing without first calling on the Angels and Divine Spirit to be present. Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, and Archangel Raphael are the best for this work.
  • State aloud or write down, what you would like to release from your mind & energy. BE specific and honest about the thoughts & emotions that you want to release. Your angels won’t judge you.
  • Tune into the knots, clouds, and disturbances in the auric field around your head. Notice how it feels. Is it tight and tense?
  • Visualize the archangels and guardians around you placing a great golden ball of Divine Light over your head.
  • Make the intention that all energies created from fear and negativity will be dissolved, detached and transmuted with this healing Light .
  • Use deep breathing and conscious intention to dislodge these energies.
  • You may need to focus for some time on removing all the clouds, make sure you replace them with Divine Light.
  • If you know the thoughts that created them, it is now time to decide to change your thoughts and your life. Resentment and negativity weaken your mind energy.
  • Create some mantras to manifest new experiences: I am safe, I am powerful. ( I have lots of powerful energy clearing meditations in my store)

Focus on releasing negative energy and replacing it with the higher frequencies of Divine Love from the Angels every day, this will keep your mind clear and strengthen the positive magnetic field around you.

So, what happened to the waitress?

As I was leaving the restaurant, another diner remarked That waitress! She is so grumpy!

 I know I replied, Just send her some good vibes!

Remember that your mind is very powerful and what you send out always comes back to you.

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Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium, Energy Therapist and Author

Photo credit Jaime Handley Unsplash



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