How to Handle Spiritual Skeptics

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Have you ever had someone try to put you down because of your spiritual beliefs?

It’s not nice is it?

Negative remarks from skeptics (or sceptics) can cause spiritually sensitive souls to doubt themselves and even try to shut down their intuitive connection.

Some stop following their path, or they put off building their spiritual business because they’re afraid of being judged or persecuted.

This fear can often be traced back to a painful experience or past life. (Read more about Witch Wounds here)

Over the years, I’ve dealt with my fair share of skeptics and deniers.

I am happy to say I have learned how to handle them with boundaries.

One of which is that I am simply not available for debate about my work or my spiritual path.

However, I know that for anyone on the spiritual path, this issue can be a big scary barrier.

(Which is why I address this and other fears in the angel communication program)

Why Do We Have to Deal With Spiritual Skeptics?

When you’re on a spiritual path, you are likely to meet a few people who are offended or confused by your beliefs and practices. (Some might be your loved ones!)

Not everyone believes in angels and spiritual healing, and that is okay.

But that doesn’t mean you need to defend your beliefs, or put up with abuse!

The truth is, not everyone is going to agree with the path you have chosen. This is true in all areas of life.

We are all different, we have different soul contracts, interests, and beliefs. What a boring world it would be if we were all exactly the same.

Whether you are a newbie to spirituality, or you’ve been on the path for a long time it can be deeply challenging to deal with the uninvited negative opinions of others.

Here are a few suggestions about how to handle spiritual skeptics.

1- Avoid Being Drawn into Debates

You have a right to your spiritual practices, to study, to develop your spiritual knowledge and practices, to run a spiritual business, and to live your life without having to justify yourself to anyone.

Just because someone invites you to an argument doesn’t mean you should attend.

Sometimes those arguments can continue in your mind!

If you’ve been subject to unkind criticism, conflict, or harsh judgments about your spiritual beliefs, it is important to cleanse those lower energies out of your mind and energy as soon as possible.

Cut your cords to the person involved, cleanse your energy.  Release any painful words and let go of any resentment. Ask the angels to release you of of any doubt or lack of confidence which have arisen.

Free yourself of any entanglements!

Turn the experience into a wisdom lesson and decide what you will and will not tolerate in the future.

For example many years ago I made it a strict policy not to be available for debate or intrusive questioning about my spiritual beliefs and what I do for a living.  I simply do not engage with those kind of conversations.

2- Avoid trying to convert or convince skeptical friends and family.

In years gone by I wasted a lot of energy trying to convince skeptical loved ones that my spiritual path was valid.

I thought I needed their approval.

This only brought more drama into my life! I could feel my own faith decreasing as I tried in vain to justify my own decisions.

This is because the need to convince, justify, and be right comes from the ego!

I realized that I didn’t need anyone’s permission (except my own) to live life my way. I took back my power and stopped trying to convince anyone.

I sent out love and got on with working with my angels to build my business & improve my life.

Your spiritual path is between you, God and your Angels.  It’s nothing to do with anyone else!

It might take time for your friends and family to get used to your spiritual changes: honor their process and let them be who they are.

Offer them the respect that you want from them.

Put some boundaries around your spiritual life and give yourself permission to follow your own soul path.

3- Learn to Love the Delete and Block Buttons

The internet is rife with people who love to argue! At some point  you may encounter someone who is triggered by your spiritual beliefs.

Don’t let that stop you sharing your light with the world!

Learn to love the delete, block, restrict, and mute buttons on social media and use them without guilt or explanation.

You can block, restrict, and mute IRL too!

4- Protect Your Energy with Archangel Michael

Whenever you feel afraid or vulnerable call on Archangel Michael to protect your energy.

Visualise him standing between you and anything or anyone that threatens your peace of mind.

It’s like hanging a DO NOT DISTURB sign in your energy field.

To learn how to protect your energy use the meditations in my store or read this article about how to protect your energy

It’s an essential skill for anyone on a spiritual path

5. Heal your inner skeptic.

Are you meeting a lot of skeptics? It may be time to heal your own inner skeptic.

When I first began giving readings I went through a phase of getting very skeptical customers.

After a particularly awful experience, I asked my angels to help me to understand why this was happening and how to stop it.

I realized that these critical, non-believers, were mirroring my own doubt and fear about my brand new abilities.

I prayed to Archangel Michael to help me to release these fears and increase my trust.

I made a decision to no longer entertain rude people. If they weren’t going to be respectful I’d refund them and send them away.

AND I put my extremely low prices up. My pricing attracted people who didn’t take me or my work seriously.

Very quickly my clientele became the positive, respectful, and receptive souls I get to work with every day.

Everyone has an inner skeptic, it’s called your ego and it won’t ever be convinced. If you are serious about your spiritual path you will have to make peace with this part of yourself.

Learn to tune out that negative voice and tune into your angels and your soul voice instead!

Please don’t let skeptics deter you from your spiritual path. See them as timely life lessons, sent to help you tighten your boundaries and reaffirm your path!

Angel Blessings

Rachel x

Thanks for reading, please comment below and share this post with someone who needs to read this today. (PS Skeptic spelled with a K OR C are both acceptable)


  1. Nadia

    Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for your post about ‘How to handle spiritual skeptics’, it’s very helpful because in the back of my mind I always had a nervousness about this matter, and you have really helped answer how to deal with fear and situation, if and when encountered. Blessings and love xx

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Thank you Nadia, it is truly a big issue that holds Lightworkers back from their purpose.Now you know you don’t need to be limited by other people’s fears and opinions x

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