How To Follow Your Soul’s Calling

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Dear Soul Dreamer

Not everyone knows their life purpose, it can come to you early in life, middle life or even in your later years, it is never too late and whilst you are here, you have purpose.

Even if you feel completely at a loss about your purpose, please trust that your soul knows the way, and if there is something significant for you to know and do this lifetime it will be shown to you at exactly the right time.

I did not know what my soul purpose career was til I was 33, at that time I felt completely lost and was praying hard for direction.

I always longed for a career that was meaningful, healed and inspired others and fulfilled me too.

When I look back now I can see that my early passions and even the most mundane jobs contributed to my purpose. Even my loss of direction was perfectly timed because it nudged me to reach out for Divine guidance and to make healthy changes to my life.

Everyone has a soul purpose, it need not manifest as a career though often it does. It is a way to express your light in the world and to share wisdom and loving energy.

Your first step may also be to heal yourself, let go of toxic behaviours and relationships,  and learn some of your life lessons so you can be ready to step up and do the work your soul demands!

Any change your soul calls for  will make you happier, more peaceful and healthier in the long run. 

When you feel ready, ask your angels and God to be a Divine channel for Love and light, and to serve a purpose in all that you do.

This sincere request will spark a Divine assignment and you will feel inspired in certain moments to say or do something that makes a difference in the world.

These moments of Grace are magic and will align you with your soul.

This in turn will activate your larger purpose.

Please don’t over do it though. Being of service does not mean giving all your energy away to win approval from heaven or other humans!

( Martyrdom does not serve anyone and makes you a target for energy thieves!)

The most important part of walking your soul path is that it fills you up, whether you are travelling the globe,  making art or counselling troubled teens you will not be diminished by what you do, rather your positive energy overflows and brings joy and peace to others!

You can ask Archangel Gabriel the angel of life purpose to guide you to your purpose and to heal you of any fears you may have about following your soul’s call! ( see a message from Gabriel below)

It can be super scary to take a leap of faith on to your life path!

Whether it is writing a book, learning to sing, changing your career or picking up a paintbrush…

It is easy to ignore those shouts from your soul for a LONG  time. Meanwhile you tend to the needs of everyone else around you, and give in to the list of reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do what lights you up and stop doing what is draining you!

I know better than most HOW scary it can be to start a business that everyone else thinks is weird and financially crazy!

However from the other side of my particular leap of faith  (AND as a professional and well paid “weirdo”) I now can testify that the risk was worth it. I forged my own path, step by step,  trusting, but not knowing, where I was going.

I was true to me despite what everyone said! Now no one says a word! 🙂 

When your soul calls, you don’t have to know how it will all work out.  You can take one baby step at a time and see where it leads you.

Soul guidance comes in the moment, in the meantime do what is in front of you and wait for direction. 

There is no rush, you are after all a spiritual being having a human experience and  that experience IS part of your greater purpose.

The rest will fall into place in perfect and Divine timing! 

Learn more about Soul purpose in this weeks video HERE

A Message about your Soul’s Calling from Archangel Gabriel

You know you have a calling, a purpose upon this earth and yet you doubt it, you look around and see others living a purposeful, prosperous and meaningful life and you wonder if there is room for you to do the same. are all the ideas taken? The books printed, the music composed? To your fearful mind the world seems already full of inspiration, and your options limited, and so you doubt how you could possibly fit in.

To your soul, no such competition exists, only a clear and open golden runway waiting for you to take off and soar. Your Divinely given gifts are the fuel that will lift you to your place in the Universal plan.

No other soul is created like yours, no other being will ever be the same as you. In Divine truth you are a perfect unique expression of soul body intelligence chosen, loved, radiant and flawless.

Heaven waits in anticipation to see you stretch your wings, we stand beside you, reminding you of your strengths and encouraging you to explore the fullness of who you are. 

Your calling is not written like a script for you to follow with a formulaic beginning, middle and ending.

There is no recipe for success or achievement. Your purpose is written in each moment, as you choose to walk the path of your calling, the path unfolds.

You need only be yourself, and this will light a flame within you, mirrored into the Universe, and in turn light the flame for others like you, who are incarnated at this time and seek to express their light.

You are not alone, you are surrounded by your angels, I will walk with you on this path of courage, illuminating your steps, breathing life into your dreams.

I wish you a magical and Angel blessed week

Angel Blessings

Rachel xx



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