How To Change Your Life Before Next Year

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Someone recently remarked: 2023 is a write off, so I guess we should put all our hope on 2024!

My reaction was: No way! There’s still at least 2 months left I want to squeeze everything I can out of 2023, no matter what is going on.

We may not be able to fully control what goes on in the outside world. But we definitely DO have power over what goes on inside our hearts, minds, and souls!

I’ve come to understand that when you heal and change your inner world, your outside life transforms to match it.

You could literally start something new and change your life by the beginning 2024!

It’s all about focussing on your intentions, dreams and goals.

In the next few months you could:

  • Create a powerful spiritual practice to raise your vibration & shift your mindset to keep you on track.
    Release the fears, blocks,  and negative patterns which keep you thinking you aren’t good enough for what you really want!!
  • Make a decision- that you are done putting up with LESS than you really deserve!
  • Take back your power from whatever or whomever is taking up room in your mind.
    Develop your intuition and connect with your angels so you know EXACTLY what to do to move your life forward.
    Work on your Life Purpose– now is the best time in history to earn money doing something you LOVE!
    Shift Your Mindset & bring your big dreams and heart’s desires to fruition.

If you did just ONE of these things it would make a big difference.

My Angel Communication Practitioner Certification will help you to do all of these and more. 

In this part online and part live program. I’ll teach you exactly how to open your psychic senses and create a strong connection with your angels.Over 4 months, I give you wisdom and techniques so you can receive and share messages of love, support, and guidance from the Angels. You will learn the practitioner skills while going through a personal transformation of healing and receiving your next steps!

I will be with you, mentoring, answering questions, and supporting you. There are 10 live Coaching and Training Sessions, 4 Healing Sessions and 14 weekly check-ins where you can grab a cup of tea and jump on line live with me!

Here’s what some recent program participants said:

I felt lost and not sure of my purpose before I joined this program and now I have a new lease on life and I am feeling clear about what I want to do. Tracy NSW

The program was energetic, miraclous and efficient from the beginning to the end. It’s beyond a certification, it’s a deep spiritual awakening, because I felt I left the program  much more prepared to live life in a mature, spiritual and fuffiling way. Also, healed me from the inbalance of giving more than I received. She teaches with her whole soul and delivers beyond the offer. I’m thankful and gratified with the privilege of being a part of this course and fully recommend it for anyone who is serious about spirituality. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Rachel’s teachings have truly awakened me & my intuition. I am now able to understand the messages and signs I receive. I also learned how to protect my energy which has been invaluable.

Joanne Australia

This program has helped me tremendously in learning and trusting myself and the guidance that comes through. Rachel‘s wealth of knowledge and her expertise in communicating this with you makes it an enjoyable journey.

Cass NSW

Read more about this fun yet life-changing program We start October 24th and places are already filling.

Joining me in Angel Communication Practitioner program it’s is the perfect way to take back your power and create a big positive change in your life so you can start to make changes for 2024

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x
Angel Medium

Angel Communication Certification Program

Heal Your Aura with Archangel Haniel


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