How The Angels Turned a Skeptic into a Believer

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I am just back from my Angels at Uluru Weekend retreat, where I taught the lovely group how to shift their perception to receive clear messages from the angels. We received a lot of signs and guidance from the angels, including orbs appearing in our photographs, wing-shaped clouds over Uluru, feathers and other unusual and incredible messages.

I feel very emotional when I think about how much our angels want to connect with us and how life-changing it is when you accept their existence into your life. It can bring a sense of security, faith, and gives you access to guidance and miracles.

However, until you have experienced the angels it can be hard to believe in them. I was a skeptic at first It took a miracle to convince me that angels were real. ( you can read about the miraculous ways that the angels came into my life in my book My Life with Angels)

I learned about an amazing “skeptic to believer” miracle I just had to share with you!

I recently bumped into some dear friends from another town. It was one of those beautiful synchronicities, I ‘d felt nudged to get in touch and see how they were but I kept forgetting. On this particular day this couple walked into a cafe at the same time as me! The Angels had set up our lunch date without the need for texts or calls.

During our catch up we sat outside the coffee shop, blankets over our knees and one of my friends told me the story of how he was finally inspired believe and accept the existence of angels ,even though he was very very skeptical beforehand.

It happened one quiet afternoon while he was reading my first book Loving Your Sensitive Self: How to manage and protect your energy as an empath”  When he got to the chapter about angels, he admits saying to himself “What a load of B….S! ”

At that exact moment he felt a strong electrical shock shoot up his arm from the hand holding the book, giving him a zap!He said he was sitting on a wicker chair, nowhere near anything metallic or electrical. The shock was strong enough to jolt him but not to harm him in any way.

We laughed at this unusual wake-up call and agreed that this unusual sign certainly worked. He fully believes in angels now and finds white feathers.regularly.

Within a few moments of telling his story my friend pointed down the street and we all watched mouths agape at a very large pure white feather drifting gently to the ground. Of course, he went to pick it up.

The angels are always willing to remind us of their existence, all we need is to be open and willing to accept the signs when they arise. Perhaps my friend needed a bolt of lightening to awaken him from his skepticism!

The fear mind will never be convinced of the existence of the unseen because your ego is focused only on your physical existence.

The more that you communicate with your angels the clearer and more consistent your signs and messages will be.

Are you looking for guidance right now? or maybe to feel more connected to heaven and to know you are not alone? Take a moment and close your eyes, breathe deeply and ask (aloud or silently) “Angels please give me a sign of your presence, and help me with ……..” Stay in that silence for a few minutes, breathing deeply and just being open. You may not receive a sign or guidance instantly but you will begin to feel the presence of the angels. They want you to know them, and they want to help you.

Even after 15 years as a professional Angel medium, I still do not tire of the signs and messages I receive for myself and others. I feel alive and exhilarated when I connect with Angels and especially when I see others opening to their angelic guides!

Have a wonderful Angel blessed week!

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Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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