How Angels Built My Belief in Them

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I’d traveled to Sydney to attend my first ever angel seminar. After months of mysterious signs the seminar confirmed for me that angels were behind the voice that had saved my life months before. previously I knew virtually nothing about angels except what I had seen in movies.  My mouth hung open for most of the evening as the speaker catalogued everything I had experienced since the near car accident: the gentle voice whispering my name each morning, celestial music at 3am, the ethereal warm hugs, the sparks of light flashing around my home.

She explained how Divine angels can step in to save us from life or death situations before our time with stories which perfectly matched my mountainside experience months before. I was shocked, leaving with even more questions including, “Why me?”

The morning after this enlightening seminar I was to travel home via two city buses and a 9 hour train ride back to my home. As I packed my bags, I remembered the angel teacher telling us that if we were skeptical, then we could ask the angels to help us with something ourselves and see what happens.  I still had my doubts. I just could not fully believe that angelic beings existed and wanted to help me!

What happened next changed my life forever.

I trudged up the steep hill with my heavy bags towards the bus stop. The road was  busy with rush hour traffic. I always pack too much and my back was aching. I wished I had called a cab. I stopped for a breather and then kept going, cursing my lumpy backpack. Then I remembered the teacher’s parting words so I dared to silently ask, “Angels if you are really there then please help me up this hill to the bus stop”.

I wont lie, I envisaged a gorgeous hunk appearing and offering to carry my rucksack; I was single after all! However, I was not prepared for what happened next. A very loud beeping horn behind me caused me to stop and awkwardly turn to see that an “out of service” bus had pulled over beside parked cars stopping the traffic in all directions. The bus driver was frantically signalling for me to get on board. This was unheard of; Sydney bus drivers in my experience were harried and abrupt. Why was this driver choosing to stop for me? I was not even at a bus stop.

I pointed to myself to check he meant me and he nodded vigorously so I lumbered over like Quasimodo, lugging my pack.
“Where to?” he asked as I climbed on.
“The bus-stop up the top of the hill,” I replied.
“Yes,” he said impatiently, “but where exactly are you going?”
“Central station,” I said.
“Sit back and relax,” he laughed.

Roger the bus driver and I had an instant connection. He told me he’d recently been very ill and depressed, to the point of considering suicide. One day a stranger knocked at his door on a significant day, (the anniversary of his beloved grandfather’s passing) and offered him a Reiki healing. He did not know this woman or what Reiki was, but he accepted and had never looked back. He told me that he was now totally recovered. He was also engaged to the woman! He fully believed that his grandfather in heaven had sent his fiancé to him.

I told him I’d attended an angel seminar at Darling Harbour, but I did not reveal that I had prayed for angelic help just moments before he’d beeped at me. I was still processing it. Roger continued to chat about his life. As he dropped me at my destination. He paused before opening the doors, staring into my eyes and asked, “Did you ask the angels for someone to give you a lift today?”
I told him exactly what I’d asked, and he laughed and nodded. He said he’d felt an “overwhelming urge” to stop and help me though he had never done anything like it before. Roger said since his Reiki experience he had learned to accept mysterious events and felt his grandfather with him every day. We parted wishing each other well.

As I climbed off that bus, I was forever changed. My faith & belief in angels became unshakeable. The details of what happened were so beyond coincidence, I still get goosebumps even as I write this many years later.

Since then I have received so many more incredible signs, gifts and miracles for myself and for my clients many of which I have written about in my book My Life with Angels How You can Access the Healing and Wisdom of the Angels. ( Excerpt taken from My Life With Angels-How you can Access the Healing and Wisdom of the Angels)

Rachel Scoltock has worked for 15 years as a professional angel medium and healing therapist. She is  also the author of two books including My Life With Angels and Loving Your Sensitive Self ( An Empaths Guide to Protecting Your Energy)

for daily readings and inspiration you can follow Rachel on instagram and facebook or go to her website to find out more

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