Honor The Sacred Within-6 Questions To Ask Yourself

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I’ve just returned from Sacred Uluru in central Australia where I went to offer support and respect as the climb over Uluru was closed permanently.

History was made and a huge shift in consciousness has begun. 

Uluru is the sacred site of the Anangu, the indigenous traditional guardians and owners who have been there, practicing their culture and thriving for thousands of years. It is a huge energy centre, a power site and said to be the Solar Plexus Chakra of the world.

When it became a tourist magnet, the national parks allowed visitors to climb Uluru. For over 34 years people have ignored the Anangu heartfelt requests to please not climb their sacred place.

The water holes were polluted, a track worn through songlines, it became a photogenic dumping ground of disrespect.

 Finally On Friday 25th October at 4 pm the traditional owners placed a “CLOSED”  sign at the bottom of Uluru. Read report here  

There were tears and passionate speeches in Pitjantjatjara and English from Anangu men and women who live closeby at the Mutitjulu community. Watch it here.

I’ve visited Uluru for 14 years, I have deep respect for the Anangu people.

Those who attend my retreat are now able to spend time with Anangu Guides and artists on a special Cave Tour and Workshop. Participants get a genuine experience of the authentic stories. This way money is going to the community rather than white run corporations and guides who don’t come from the area.

Something important has taken place for the Indigenous people at Uluru and all across Australia but also for our whole earthly family if we are open to it.

This event represents a huge shift in consciousness. The energy released from this positive change has the power to activate more light and energy. 


Walls are crumbling, chains are melting, hearts are opening.
Much needed healing can begin. It doesn’t stop there though

This is an opportunity to offer greater support to Anangu people, to help uplift them from their challenges which came about because of colonisation

If you’d like to help the Anangu as I do – consider donating to the Mutitjulu Foundation read more here

So what can we learn Spiritually from this?

A shift for one is a shift for all, there is a lesson in this for everyone who wants to be more conscious and heart centred:

Look for places in your own life where you can close down disrespect, ego, judgement and fear.

Answer these 6 questions consciously and from your heart…

Where are you allowing people to walk all over you and your sacred spaces?

What do you need to say NO to where previously you’ve said yes?

Where can you put up a boundary that would cause your life to shift and uplift radically?

Are there parts of your ego that need to be reined in?

What are you doing or saying for glory or to protect your ego?

Where could you be more sensitive or less self serving ?

What we do to others, we do to ourselves…
What we do to the earth we do to ourselves..
When you clear darkness and bonds of ego you allow more light for yourself and for others.

Watch today’s video reading and reset your energy

Angel Blessings


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