How to Regain Your Faith in your Angels (and yourself)

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Only in the darkness can you see the stars-anon

Have you ever lost faith in your angels or perhaps even in yourself?

It’s not unusual to feel disconnected from your angels and your spiritual beliefs following a traumatic event, a loss, or when someone treats you badly.

Or maybe you followed what you thought were signs and yet your plans didn’t work out as expected.

I get it, I really do.

When something causes your trust to drop, that’s when your skeptical, ego mind can jump in and make you doubt everything.

Suddenly, you start to see the world through the eyes of fear and it feels as though your angels aren’t there anymore.

this is because fear is a lower vibration, and it’s temporarily blocking you from perceiving the higher vibration of angels.

Your fear goggles are focused only on fear, limitation, and your perceived inadequacies.

When your belief in yourself and your angels wanes,  it’s really a sign that negative energy is temporarily blocking your connection and awareness of the angls, the source and ven your soul.

Like a thick black cloud covering the sun, fear, negative thoughts, and emotional pain layer over your energy.

Remember though,  that when a cloud blocks the sun, the sun doeesn’t go away. It’s only hidden from view.

This is also true of the angels. They never EVER leave your side, but in moments of doubt you can’t perceive them because of the lower frequencies of fear are cloaking your senses.

When you doubt yourself and your abilities, it is because lower energy is warping your perception of your true self.

You can’t see your own brilliance, light, and gifts because you’re looking through the eyes of fear!

How to regain your faith and confidence?

Here are 4 suggestions that work

?Cleanse and Protect your energy

Whenever you feel your faith and confidence drop, ask Archangel Michael to immediately cleanse your energy of any lower vibrations that may be pulling you down. Cut cords to anyone who you feel a negative attachment to. Then ask to be shielded with Archangel Miichael’s blue- purple light.

Be sure to add this proceess to your daly spiritual practice to protect your confidence and connection from destructive, undermining negativity.

You can use any one of my angelic clearing meditations for this important work. (Go here for my free meditations, or to the store to download your favorites)

You will start to feel your faith and confidence resurface. You will start perceiving life as it is, not through the filter of fear.

?Be honest with yourself- and do an energy audit!

Tighten your boundaries and weed out any draining and negative influences from your life that could be undermining your faith and confidence. You likely know when someone or something has brought you down.

It’s not un-spiritual to limit your contact with toxic people or situations!

You’ve heard of death by a thousand cuts?

The same is true of exposure to negative energy. Maybe it’s time to cut back on the ways fear energy can enter your life. This is a good time to clear clutter, block, unfollow, delete, mute, and unsubscribe from anything that is not brinnging positive energy to your life.

Get a sheet of paper, draw a line making 2 columns,

On the first column write what drains me. Write everything that comes to mind in your life that drains your energy.

Then on the second column : What fuels me- after finishing writing all you can think of in column 1, write down all the activities, people and places that fuel and inspire you !

You might be surprised what your consciousness throws up to the surface of your mind for you to be aware of!

Start to do less of column 1, and more of column 2!

? Ask your angels to boost your faith

You can even say “Angels if you are really there, please send me a sign that is undeniable and clear to boost my faith in your presence!”

When you lose faith it’s not a sign to give up on your angels, it’s a red-flag waving to let you know that you need them now, more than ever!

?Begin a daily Spiritual practice of meditation

You can lose faith because you’ve stopped connecting to Source and the Angels through meditation and prayer.

Your angels never leave your side, but it can feel as if they aren’t there anymore when your mind and energy are distracted and focused elsewhere.You can miss out on guidance and support when you don’t take the time to tune in!

What I’ve come to understand is that our spiritual path is sustained by a practice, it protects us against harshness and fear.  It builds faith which sustains us and helps us to know that no matter what is going on in our world, that angelic love, support, miracles and healing are available.

Angels are real, and you have no need to worry about their presence.

Your angels have your back and they know how important it is for you to have a connection with them.

A Daily Prayer to Connect with the Angels

Reignite your faith and Start your day by inviting the angels to guide you!

I ask for and invite the presence of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, and I invite my Guardian Angels to step forward.
Thank you angels, for guiding me today.

Please boost my faith in you and ignite greater confidence in myself.

Please shield and protect me against anyone with negative intentions or lower energies.

I am open to your guidance and I would love a clear sign that you are with me today.


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Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock x
Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher

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