Have You Ever Lost Faith That Your Angels Exist?

Angel messages

Only in the darkness can you see the stars

Have you ever lost faith? Do you carry doubts that your angels or aren’t listening or even that they don’t exist?

There is a good reason for feeling this way and it is important to recognise what is really going on.

The busy-ness of modern life  can sometimes make you feel as if you’re drowning in to-do lists, rushing between tasks and all the things you “should” be doing.

It can be difficult to find time to do the things you want, or need, to do for yourself.

Self-nurturing and healing are often the first to go when life gets over-scheduled.

This may mean that your spiritual practice slips to the bottom of that list of priorities,

…and then your faith starts to sag a little.

Your angels never leave your side but it can feel as if they aren’t there anymore when your mind and energy are distracted and focused elsewhere.

More importantly, you can miss out on their guidance and support because you are not taking time to tune in!

Every now and then someone will worriedly tell me that they don’t receive feathers, messages or other tingly angelic signs.

They’re concerned that the angels have dumped them,

even worse…they start to lose their faith and start to question whether God and the angels even exist!

Everyone feels this way sometimes, perhaps after a crises or a long period of stress.

Losing your faith feel terrible, it can lead to a downward spiral when you start to wonder what life is all about!

When you start to experience a lack of hope, signs and guidance is not a signal to give up on your angels, its actually the opposite.

It’s a red flag waving at you to slow down,change direction, tune in and connect with your angels for help!

Angels ARE  real, and you have no need to worry about their presence, they are with you all the time.

Your angels have your back and they know how important it is for you to have a conscious connection with them.

It’s literally a life-line to your Source.

Without this bridge to your creative essence, you can easily begin to lose faith, hope and enthusiasm.

(Did you know that enthusiasm means to be infused with Divine Energy?)

When you feel lost or hopeless you need to redirect your attention and energy towards the Divine Source.

one of the best ways to do that is to call on your angels to help you.

Practice saying affirmations such as “The Divine presence is within and around me”  “I am surrounded by Angels” “I am a connected with the Source of Good”

It does not matter what you ask for, help will come! 
(As long as your request is not unethical, illegal or destructive!)

If you are struggling or getting stuck in the “HOW” or “WHY” of your life,  stop right now, get in tune with your breath, and speak to your angels, requesting their intervention and giving thanks that it is already done!

Here are a few ways your angels can and will assist you:

The Abundance Angels can help you with your finances, to find work and other opportunities for abundance
Angels will help you to attract the right clients to your business, tenants for your rental, a buyer for your car and anything that involves creating security.

The Healing angels will line you up with the right practitioner for your health issues, draw patients to your healing practice, and guide you to the best foods and medicines to create optimum health! 

The Love angels will guide you to heal your relationship, guide you to your soul mate, and even heal family rifts!

Your guardian angels can  help you to uplift your mood, open your energy to receive, help you to release defensiveness and resentment from your body heart and mind)

There are so many things angels can do for you,  you need not struggle alone ever.

All you need to do is ASK

Now it is time to invoke the Angels:

Invoking Angelic intervention is the smartest thing you can do when you are feeling down or stuck!

Angels work with you and are a part of your soul, your mind and your energy body.

You and your angels are a team, when you invoke their presence it uplifts you instantly and eases your mind.

Your ego- fear mind ( the one that worries) takes a back seat and your higher- wise mind steps forward.

When this happens you are immediately tuned into Divine Wisdom which means you are approaching your life and any challenges from the perspective of solutions, rather than problems.

You align with spiritual energy and activate your faith which instantly attracts the support you’ve been missing!

As your energy vibration rises, you become aligned with synchronicity and you’ll notice signs, opportunities and become magnetic to positive energy.

Your faith and belief in Angels is directly connected to how much energy you devote to connecting with them.

When you don’t ask or you don’t give yourself time to absorb their energy, signs and guidance, it can seem as if they are not there.

Don’t let this happen to you, keep your faith alive by asking your angels for help each and every day.


A Morning Prayer to the angels

Start your day by inviting the angels to guide and protect you!

I ask for an invite the presence of Archangel Michael and Raphael, and my Guardian Angels
Thank you angels, for guiding my day, for sharing the load with me. I particularly ask for your help with….

Thank you for protecting me and helping me to stay present and aware of you all day long.
I am open to your guidance and I would love a clear sign that you are with me today.

( take a few minutes to breathe, go within, and be with your angels before you get on with your day)

Asking for spiritual help will make a huge difference to your day and to your life as it does mine.

Faith is so important in this world full of distraction.

Use the prayer every day and soon you will start to see the stars in the darkness!

I would love to help you to create a strong connection with your angels and yourself, understand your intuitive channels and how the angels communicate with you. I can help you to create amazing positive change in your life through a deeper spiritual connection. I’ve created a powerful new online program called Rich Angelic Alchemy- discover how the angels can help you to Alchemise your life!
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Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock x
Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher

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