Harness this Full Moon Energy and Create a New Abundant Reality

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Before you read on here is the new updated downloadable Mp3 version of the Divine Activation Meditation free gift (sorry if yours did not download this one should)

Just in case you can also play it it here:

So moving on….There is a big full moon this week. The moon is aligning with Jupiter, the Galactic Centre and Sagittarius. 

This special sequence of event is creating a wave of infinite love and abundance on all levels and dimensions.💎💖

This means you can create a loving new reality for yourself. 😍💜🙏

If you consciously receive and tune into these energies with intention you have an incredible opportunity to direct these frequencies to clear and uplift your psyche and energy field. 🙏😇

The question to ask yourself is “What Do I Want To Create For Myself and the World?”🤷‍♀️💜

Ask you answer that question, in as many ways as you WANT- do something ROCK SOLID to show the Universe you are serious:


(HINT state that your wishes also be for the Highest Good of All.)

When you ask for the Highest good- you always receive the best for you and you become a channel for the Divine.  

(YOUR intention is a magical prayer that ALIGNS you to the most elevated energy available, it calls in support, angels, opportunities, synchronicity, and all the energies you need)

Set your intention in the next few days to harness this incredible MOON energy.🌙🌔🌕

Asking for the HIGHEST ensures that your manifestations transcend the ego and this protects you against Karma, other peoples bad vibes and stops you going off track!

The time has passed for YOU to be living in struggle, lack and uncertainty.


We are in a new Paradigm now, where  LOVE, ABUNDANCE, SUPPORT and PEACE are available without struggle.

You must TUNE IN to the new energy to receive and create this reality in your own life.

Create a fertile sacred space for your abundance to grow.

This involves being willing to let go of the old “struggle” and accept your worthiness, forgive your mistakes, surrender your fears.

Take new actions and think new thoughts.

You can’t hold on to suffering, powerlessness and victim-hood and access the new vibe. They don’t match!🙏🙏

Once you are attuned and you’re releasing the “struggle vibes”
you act, speak and think from your inner sacred power place to attract and manifest what you need and want. 🙌💖🙌

Which is why the Divine Universe has sent  this moon alignment so that if you are trailing behind in the low vibes you can use this boost to get on board.
Thank you Universe!👍🙏😇

You have a chance to change your reality,
Make new choices that support YOU, Nourish YOU and CREATE A NEW PROSPEROUS ALIGNED LIFE for yourself. 💜😇💎

Because when you are supported, nourished, held as sacred and feeling abundant and loved,
You get Sparkling CLEAR about your path and your purpose.

AND You are able to share that energy with others.

In ways that align with your soul!💛✨😇

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?
Here is a FREE Divine Activation meditation I created to help you access and align this new energy updated mp3 version

I invite you to take a big leap pf faith towards abundance, freedom and clarity💖

My Healing immersions allow me to be of deep service to those who are ready to grab life with both hands , claim their power and bring their vision into reality.

This new way of working has created immense change in the lives of many clients and I am so honoured to have been witness to their transformation.

Natalie started her immersion with me in March had this to say: Working with Rachel in the private sessions has changed my life! I’ve cleared past situations, past energy attachments and I’m not
participating in the negative behaviour patterns that previously held me back
It’s amazing how Rich Radiant Angel has changed my whole outlook and goals in life. I’m so grateful for everything Rachel has done for me. I finally feel free!  

Are you ready to create a new reality for yourself? To be free of  feeling stuck,  and being sabotaged by the pain that is holding you back? Are you excited to step into the new highest expression of yourself and your life to experience clarity, excitement and new opportunities? email me for more information and to find out how I can help you. Contact me

Angel Blessings 

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Energy Therapy Expert, Spiritual Teacher, Author

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