Why Grounding Will Change Your Life

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When I first set foot on the spiritual path I completely ignored the basic lesson of grounding.

My teachers (& guides) told me repeatedly that I needed to ground myself before I could advance my gifts.

But I resisted, again and again.

To me, grounding seemed counterintuitive to reaching for the higher realms of Spirit.

I saw it as boring, unnecessary, and restrictive. (Maybe because as a child being “grounded” was a punishment)

I didn’t want to be anchored into earth I wanted to float in the celestial realms with the angels!

Eventually, all the floating left me exhausted, anxious, confused and intuitively stuck. I was getting messages but they weren’t very clear.

When I finally learned to properly earth myself, my readings for myself and others became much much  clearer, more accurate with more vivid visions. I began to consistently see the angels as never before. My energy protection strengthened too and anxiety dissipated.

Anxiety can be attributed to being out of body.

Over the years I’ve been called to heal through bringing people back to their bodies. This practice can heal the most chronic of conditions, including anxiety and depression.

Resistance to grounding is common.

Many of my students and clients feel the same way.

But, it is spiritual self sabotage.

You are a spiritual being in a physical body for a reason. Your Spirit, mind and body need to be connected and aligned.

You can reach the higher realms and communicate with angels more clearly when you are grounded.

Trying to do so otherwise is like listening to a radio station between 2 frequencies.

Being ungrounded can be uhealthy and dangerous.

It leaves you too energetically open and unprotected.

When you are sensitive going out of body can become an unhealthy coping mechanism to escape harsh reality.

As a child this behaviour may work to escape a painful environment without actually walking away.

As an adult it becomes a harmful habit that keeps you stuck indefinitely  in a liminal space between the spiritual and physical realm, not really getting anywhere.

It can leave you feeling unwell, anxious and disconnected from reality.

It also means that you’re not able to receive clear intuitive messages & manifestations, because you’re not fully present!

Proper grounding gives you your power back and fully protects your energy.

Your intuitive senses and chakras will spark up giving you more energy and clarity. You will feel less anxious and stop being wiped out by other people’s energy!

Here are some of my favorite grounding techniques:

  •  Visualize energy roots shooting down from your base chakra (tailbone) into the earth beneath your feet.  Imagine a large disc of golden light under your soles (this is your Earth Star Chakra). Send that strong root through the disc of light  and then into the earth securing you into the centre.  I like to imagine red rock deep in the earth with my name on it. Wrap your roots around your own red rock. Take some deep clearing breaths.
  • See yourself as fully present, aware and supported by mother earth.
  • Breathe in through your nose, filling your lungs, hold and then exhale through the mouth completely, do this 3 or more times. Call your spirit back into your body. You can ask aloud, or visualize your spiritual self coming back into your body through the crown chakra at the top of your head.  See it as if your body is a full hooded wet-suit and your spirit is filling the suit up.

Here are some tips for staying grounded.

  1. While driving or walking, look for 5 or more things you would not usually notice in your line of vision. Name them aloud. This brings you into the moment and grounds you back ito awareness.
  2. Drink water, exercise, eat regularly and healthily.
  3. Get out in nature daily.
  4. Take deep breaths- Breathing brings you back to the present moment.

There are audios on my Free Angel Library to help you to ground yourself and to learn more join me for the Archangel Uriel Attunement

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Author and Teacher with 18 years in professional practice. She gives readings, and teaches programs to connect you with your Soul and Your Angels. You can work with Rachel by booking a private reading,  or signing up for the free weekly newsletter.






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