It is not your work to make anything happen, it is your work to dream it and let it happen.

Abraham Hicks

Hey There, I am back from a Abraham Hicks Workshop in Sydney, wow is all I can say!
Here is this weeks 7 minute Video reading with some great information for you.

How strong is your faith in everything working out for you ? Do you KNOW good things are gonna happen for you or do you doubt it?  Faith in Life turning out wonderfully for you makes the difference between anxiety and peace, struggle and flow!

Faith is such a big part of manifesting, creating the life that you want. You want that good thing to happen, you pray, visualize and patiently wait and yet in the depths of the night or the middle of a crises everyone needs a little faith to hold on to.

Signs are a reminder that our dreams can come true, they give us faith whilst we are waiting, but sometimes signs come quickly and other times they seem to be stuck in the mail. How can we keep the faith and receive more signs when we most need them?

On Sunday I asked for a clear sign from my dad who passed away a few years ago. I flew into Sydney super early and after an exhilarating day at a Law of Attraction Seminar I relaxed in front of the TV of my hotel room. (Look left at the photo I took.) Goosebumps shot up my spine. I knew this was not just a simple coincidence.This was a bona fide sign. I’d totally let go of the request having been distracted by the fun day I was having at the event and by evening my faith was boosted once more.

Earlier in the week I’d been asking for signs about a big change I am making.I’d done about fifty card readings, and then a few more to just be sure. I wanted a luminous, can’t deny it , written in the sky kinda sign. I started to second guess myself, THEN it came but only when I let go. Properly.

These Divine messages in the form of physical signs are as important as breathing to me. they are a direct manifestation of requests put out to the Universe. They answer prayers or at least give me faith that what I am asking for is coming. When I am tuned in, aligned and relaxed…they flow.

When I try to make them happen or I worry they dry up.

This is because I am in what I call an energy “fug”: a yukky mixture of control, brain fog & anxiety that chokes off inspiration and Divine guidance. A fug is a horrible place to be, it comes almost entirely from thinking anxious or miserable thoughts. It is in those times that we desperately need those big signs from above that good things are going to happen… yet ironically we wouldn’t notice even if an angel were holding a neon sign whilst doing a tap dance on the car bonnet! When the fug descends we are blind to Divine inspiration, creativity and Love.

A fug is a sure sign that you need to let go of trying to control the experience.

Energy feels either heavy or light depending on whether it is negative or positive. When heavy fuggy energies swamp your mind and body, you can feel it. In those moments a cloud has descended and there is very little light getting through. It feels like wading in mud or sitting in an airless box. Mentally you have lead yourself into a dark place.

The Angels never go away, the light keeps shining, guidance keeps coming and the Law of attraction does not manifest anything horrid ….you are already in the worst place you can possibly be because of how you are thinking and feeling. Also you are out of the flow so the good things you are waiting for cannot reach you. You are stuck in a sort of energy limbo and it feels awful.

So how do you get out of this state and back into the flow ASAP?

Let go of the past, the past has nothing to do with where you are right now and where you want to be. If you place your attention on it, it will keep reappearing. Your obsession about past pain, says that I have placed all my Faith in believing that everything will be the same as it was before. As you think, so you become!

I’ve learned that beating yourself up for being stuck will keep you there even longer.  No matter what happens you want peace right? So focus on that and relax.

Instead of trying to control the outcome or foresee the future, remember that good things happen in unexpected ways. If you are going with the flow with faith, then you are more likely to naturally connect to  the ideal situation, rather than needing to tackle it and pin it to the ground in a certain way.

Be cheerful now. Expect good things to happen, appreciate beauty & all the good stuff- be lighter.. Do what it takes to just chill again. Call a friend/healer, walk the dog, rest, watch a funny movie, meditate… just LET GO!

REAL change comes from introducing NEW happy patterns rather than repeating and analyzing the same old junk. You will not release yourself from your past if you keep thinking about it. Open your heart to new ways of being.

Walk through the open doors.…no need to wait or hold back, if you feel inspired, go for it. don’t  look for a reason not to trust … let yourself go, it is the only way to change your life. Once you make that shift it will be as if the negative space never happened. It can occur quickly if you relax & stay focused!

Good things are going to happen! Believe it, know it, say it and let the signs encourage you because before long you will be living it.
To fully let go of the past book in to have your energy cleared and your cords cut with me so you can finally get your mind off of the challenging and painful parts of your life and into a receptive state.

Have a magical week
Love and abundant blessings Rachel x


Announcement: I am now doing Reiki Healer courses online- you can book a session with me and be attuned to the Reiki energy levels one, two or three  and start using this powerful energy to heal yourself and friends, and clients straight away.

REIKI energy is so powerful that distance is no obstacle. I admit I was skeptical at first, I love teaching Reiki & I feel strongly about it being totally in integrity but after going through the process with a number of clients who all testify to the strength and power of the energy. I know it works just as well online as it does in person.
Reiki will strengthen your own energy so you are not taking on negative vibes so easily or being drained. It can be applied for self healing, is immensely relaxing, and calming.
Reiki is perfect for healers of any kind helping children and adults, even animals. Reiki is a very positive addition to your toolbox and perfect for creating relaxation, releasing blocked energies and healing emotionally, physically and mentally, clearing the energy of your body and your home.
Reiki opens your intuition and tunes you into higher vibrations allowing you to think and feel more positively in general.

Reiki is an ancient energy therapy modality- teaching simple hands on healing for multiple uses –  you literally have healing energy at your fingertips.
Contact me now to find out how you can be attuned to REIKI & learn about this amazing modality in your ow home. 0434243984

Join me LIVE online Thursday 29th October for a whole new Inspirational Meditation event: Manifesting your Intention and Purpose & Meditation Event at 7pm -8.15pm Sydney Australia time (check your timezone) Just log in and listen.

Are you trying to manifest something? Make more money, attract better health, a happy healthy relationship or success and abundance?

Are you trying to find your purpose and meaning in your life?

Creating is alignment- when you want to attract anything into your life you need to tune in to the flow of intention otherwise it is a hit and miss process. Learning to discern the Divine messages from the Ego and clearing the confusion is everything.
Once you are aligned with the Flow of Source energy you can create, know and heal anything with clarity. Life becomes easier and things you have been asking for turn up.
In this session Rachel will guide you to making your personal connection with the Source of Intention after a healing that cleanses you of all that is holding you back. A guided meditation and short webinar. Book here $19.95 Early bird til Sunday, includes a recording of the entire event free.

Book here $19.95 EARLY BIRD $25.95 full price  includes a recording.
PLEASE note this is the popular meditation that I presented at Nambucca Heads last week with an added half hour webinar about how to use the law of attraction.

Love and angel blessings Rachel x


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