Do Something Your Future Self Will Thank You For

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Have you ever done something for your future self that ended up being exactly what you needed?

Back in August I booked myself a city hotel for a few nights over Christmas. I had vague plans to go further afield but somehow couldn’t decide.

Then I was unexpectedly scheduled for a “minor” surgery on 21st December.

It ended up being much harder on me, than I imagined.

When I emerged from the hospital a day later, I was so relieved and happy that I had a gorgeous hotel to look forward to where I could recover over Christmas!

It was something I needed much more than I anticipated when I booked. My soul knew what I needed before I did!

It’s made me realize that scheduling self care and special events ahead of time is an act of profound self love and care. It’s a soul-led activity.

I think we often dismiss these intuitive messages because our ego over-rides them with negativity and scarcity thoughts. Or we just get decision fatigue and don’t book anything!

In this increasingly busy world, it’s too easy to let time fly by and miss opportunities for self care and soul nourishment, leaving you feeling burnt out, resentful and with a feeling that life is passing you by!

I’m resolving to set up more support and rewards for my future self in 2023. I know my soul will thank me for it and I’ll feel better and more centred along the way.

Here’s something you can do for your future self that will bring you a lightness of spirit, healing and direction when you need it the most: 

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Life isn’t only about work, your to- do list and the inevitable emergencies and distractions that come up.

Is it time that you start adding some simple self care for your soul into your year before it starts?

Love and angel blessings

Rachel x

Ps here are some other ways to care for your soul:

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