How To Find Your Power in Times of Struggle

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Have you been questioning yourself lately?
The recent energy shifts combined with personal life challenges have brought up some strong fears and emotions for many. This past month of eclipses have shaking us on a deep level. You are not alone if you have been feeling lost, unmotivated, faithless or feeling that life as you know it is collapsing around you.

These dips in self belief and faith can be the hardest but they are also moments of enormous growth and opportunity

I admit that this year, I too have felt pushed to my limits. I had a difficult relationship which thoroughly tested my self belief & boundaries, all the while I was working hard to finish and release my latest book, added to that I’ve had a noisy intrusive building site right on my doorstep for months. Not exactly life traumas by some standards, but by July I was feeling depleted and disillusioned.

Of course I prayed repeatedly for help to my angels…My guidance was to go to the Red Centre of Australia I listened! The only flights I could get were expensive and left on the 8th August ( eclipse 1) and flew back on 21st ( eclipse 2)! I had to trust.  I. The Divine had a plan,as I was to find out!

 One dark night I was alone in a freezing cold remote cabin hundreds of miles from anything without phone, TV or internet when all of my fears and doubts surfaced.

I’ve happily lived and traveled alone a lot in the past 20 years but in this particular isolated place on this particular night…..I could sense the strange undercurrent of the nearby ranges and hear ancient whispers around my cabin. I was the only one staying there. I felt so insignificant and vulnerable.

Sleepless, I had no choice but to sit in the darkness and face every fear I had. Was something out there coming for me? What was I doing ? what had I done with my life?  Why am I single again ? Was I making a difference to people really or was I kidding myself? Was I making awful mistakes?  The fear was relentless. It took everything I had to call on my angels and demand protection and guidance. I had to have faith that I would be ok. 

In the early hours I desperately opened my phone to play some music and miraculously a message had somehow arrived from a client thanking me for my help in helping her through a difficult situation. It was a sign.

In that moment I saw how my fears were false and perfectly designed to pull me off track. Calm and peace came over me. I felt energy shifting inside my body, my solar plexus and I had clear visions about situations in my life.  At dawn I packed my bags and headed into the sunrise and back to civilization  with a new strength. I had faced it all and I knew what to do.

Dark nights of the soul are opportunities to examine the challenging experiences you live through  and the accompanying thoughts, fears and beliefs you draw from them and decide whether they are real or illusions.

My dark night in the desert helped me to see what needed to change in my life . I saw how I had betrayed and drained myself. I’d listened to the doubt and anger projected onto me by others.  I saw how I had denied my own power, believing the bullshit that I was not good enough to live my dreams.

Happily I went on to have a fantastic & restful time at Watarrka (Kings Canyon) and Uluru. ( there are pics at the bottom of this message) However,  I am grateful for that awful night. I learned so much, I had to face it before i could step into peace and healing and a new happier phase of my life.

I feel like I was tested on a very deep level.

Your fears , like mine,  ARE ONLY FEARS.. they are a very real illusion which can hold you in their power. Some of your fears and beliefs you have taken on from other people, others you fuel yourself with negative thoughts…but all of them will hold you in pain and limitation whilst you believe yourself to be powerless, limited and not enough.

During this time of massive change we are all getting a unique magnified opportunity to SEE what has been hidden in the dark recesses of our belief system- and decide whether to accept these thoughts and allow them to continue to hold us back or go for the light!

When you face your fears and decide against them, you let more light in than you could ever imagine. You can start to see that you are unlimited, powerful and you have access to everything you want and need.

When you believe in the fear how can you experience your true power?

The world around you always reflects what you believe. If you buy into powerlessness, limitation and lack then you’ll experience that in every area of your life. When you recognize yourself as powerful and connected to the Creative Source of life then you will begin to experience abundance, love and healing.

Here is a message I received for you from the Angels whilst meditating at Uluru
You are powerful beyond anything you can presently imagine. Your true loving power lies in your compassion and courage, your heart, your ancient wisdom and your self belief. The true power within this world has been restricted and held back for eons, held in the illusion of fear, competitiveness and separation. The most powerful among you have been vilified and treated with disdain. You can free others by freeing yourself from this cloud of illusion that shadows the world.  What has past, is past you can no longer afford to carry those moments with you and make them your focus. Your power and awareness is needed in this moment.
We encourage you to believe in yourself, your Divine heritage, and your wisdom. Embrace others, seek the similarities and accept the seeming differences. Do not be ashamed of who you are and what you bring.  Seek to empower yourself and others by sharing your truth and offering unconditional love. We your angels support you unconditionally with  protection, Light and guidance. Ask us for help. We never leave you.” Channeled by Rachel Scoltock

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I wish you love, peace and healing and I pray that the fear that holds you back is dissolved and released.
Love Rachel x

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