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Do you ever feel as if your angels are ignoring you or that your prayers are being overlooked?

Maybe you feel like you’re on a roller coaster-one challenge ends and another arises, you get some part of your life sorted and then you get a parking ticket or fall ill.
You watch other people getting all the synchronicities, prizes and rewards while you feel like life is passing you by?

At this stage you might wonder if life is against you or maybe you are supposed to give up on your dreams?

The truth is that when life MOST seems like a struggle and you feel invisible, you should definitely NOT give up!

It’s actually a glaring sign that you need to do the opposite, dig in and commit to those dreams!

But first you need to reconnect with your angels to lift your frequency and tune back into your guidance!

Building a solid connection with the Angels, heals your life at a core level by tuning you into the highest frequency of all. When you’re aligned you create a higher deeper experience of happiness and abundance without struggle and the feeling that life is passing you by.

Best of all you tap into a stream of guidance, directions, synchronicities and support that will lead you to where you want to go.

“As above so below” is a Hermetic Spiritual of Energy and Matter which teaches that when we align our minds and spirits with the Higher Divine frequencies we experience fulfilment flow and abundance in our spiritual and bodily lives.

We’re taught the opposite, we think we need to fix ourselves first then we’ll raise our vibration and then the flow will happen.

Your physical life is just as important as your Spiritual life, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. You are not alone as you walk this life.

Your angels are part of your spiritual team, sent to help you with your earthly life through all your adventures and challenges.

Angels carry sacred light energies from the Divine Source to you. These higher frequencies help you to activate your intuitive gifts, open your energy to become more receptive and so you can manifest your needs and grow in wisdom.

Remember that your angels are always there with protection and guidance to see you through challenging times to bring help, to show you to your next best step.

Angels bring you a deeper understanding of your challenges, so that you wise up and stop repeating the patterns that harm you.

When your mind is troubled, you feel drained, stuck, anxious or intuitively blocked  then it is a sign sure that you have temporarily disconnected from the higher Source. You can only hear your negative ego mind which has nothing helpful to say!

Source energy is energizing, positive, loving, flowing and abundant. when you feel any kind of barrier to inner peace, it is a sign to clear away your negative energy and reconnect

Everyone feels cut off, invisible, and abandoned sometimes. It’s part of the challenge of living in a duality of energy. Fear and Love.

Being Spiritually connected is a like tuning into a radio station which has a really high loving frequency: you can’t listen to 2 different channels at the same time. Fear is a completely different frequency to love.

When you’ve dropped into Fear, you’re no longer tuned into Love.

Your angels have complete compassion for you at these times, they surround you with love until you choose to tune out from fear and back into Divine Love to hear their guidance again. When you invite their intervention, they can help you at a much deeper level.

Start with this powerful  4 Directions Archangel Invocation to clear your energy and reconnect!

I invoke Archangel Michael, Angel of the South, Element of Fire, bring your flaming sword release me of cords of limitation and protect me, my home, my work, my loved ones and my intentions. Protect this space with a dome of light, ensure all energy that is released is transmuted to the light. Thank you!

I invoke Archangel Gabriel Angel of the West, Element of Water, cleanse and purify this space and this situation. Guide my career, help me to release all negativity. Allow me to receive your messages and communicate clearly for the highest good of all.

I invoke: Archangel Uriel, Angel of the North, Element of Earth, please ground me to mother Earth, hold me, support me with strong roots, bring Wisdom that is for the highest good of all. Ground this space and illuminate my next steps of wisdom and Grace.

I invoke: Archangel Raphael, Angel of the EAST, Element of Air- angel of healing. Release me of all dis-ease, dis-harmony and heal my body, mind and spirit. Bring your healing light to bring me into wholeness.

Thank you Archangels for standing at the 4 corners of my energy today. I ask for your intervention, support, clearing and guidance. Please help me with xxxx

Here is a simple energy alignment technique to help you to realign with the Divine Source:

Visualize an infinite ocean of Divine Love Energy, represented as Golden light, see it as living, breathing presence and using your mind and focus, draw it down towards you, as a waterfall or a funnel, refueling and energizing you. See this golden light dissolving your fear blocks and all barriers to love. Ask that your angels remove your grip on fear, and whatever is bothering you, so you can be relaxed, free and peaceful to receive healing and guidance. (Go over to my Free Angel Library and listen to one of the Guided Meditations there)

Connecting with your angels is a simple and potent way to attune your life to a higher level. Your choice to align with Divine love rather than fear can create huge waves of change in your life activating your true path and attracting greater support

I would love to help you to align your energy with your angel’s guidance and remove the blocks which are sabotaging your inner peace, success and prosperity. Once you are aligned you’ll find the doors opening for you and your purpose will unfold!

Here are 3 ways I can help you-

1- Angel Communication Certification . Let me know if you’d like to be part of this program Enrolment is open now, we start 7th March 2023

2- Join my February Archangel Attunement Session- Archangel Uriel and Barachiel Attunement for Abundant Opportunities- link here

3- I have 1 place open on my Rich Radiant Angel Mentoring Program. private mentoring for Spiritual Entreprenuers. Contact me for details

Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock x

Rachel is an Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Author for the emerging spiritual seekers, leaders and healers.

Photo Credit Unsplash Christophe Van Der Waals


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