What to Do when You Feel Alone and As if Everything is Against You

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If you knew who walked beside you on this path you have chosen, fear would be impossible. A Course in Miracles

Dear Divine *|FNAME|*

You are definitely not alone. EVER.  Divine angels, your messengers direct from the Universal Source, are by your side every moment of every day. They protect you, guide you and await your call. These angels and the Divine have your best interests as their highest priority. The whole Universe is on your side, sending you messages, signs, and guidance daily, giving you opportunities to shift your awareness to see the magnificence of you.

You have an unlimited Source of power, compassion and unconditional love available to you at every moment. No matter what is going on, no matter what you have done or not done, no matter who you are and where you have been. Even in moments when it feels like you are alone.

When you forget this, you can feel very alone, trapped and as if there are endless barriers, tests and detours tripping you up in your bid for peace, happiness, and success. 

You can feel as if everything is a struggle as if your plans are unlikely to succeed. You experience this as your reality because deep down you believe it. This is the truth of our energy based Universe. What you believe is what you create.. so what have you been creating lately??

Feeling alone is a sign that the ego mind is having its way with you! It is not against you either, it just is trying to protect you.
The ego has a limited perspective because it is wired to look for threats. The ego is the mind and body’s fear detector to help you to survive.

You are a spiritual being and a physical being, which is why you need an ego but it is not supposed to run your life.

At it’s best your ego reminds you to eat, get dressed, go to appointments on time. It helps you to have a conscience.  If you had no ego, you would feel no separation from your fellow humans and all the things that matter in the physical world would not matter to you, you need your ego to survive. It reminds you that you are a human!

Your spiritual side helps to balance your ego and to grow past some of it’s petty and unhealthy ideas. In the extreme, the ego tends towards unnecessary guilt, harsh judgment, crippling fear, over anxiety about what people think, and victimhood. All of this can cause needless suffering and will inhibit life.

When you remember your spiritual side, you start to become more accepting of yourself and others, you discover that life is not just about competing, winning and material gain or how you look.Neither do you have to forever carry the opinions of others with you. You learn from your challenges and forgive to overcome the lower aspects of your ego self.
Your spirit helps your ego to let go of fear, remembering you do not have to carry around your trauma’s and heartaches as a kind of insurance against repeat episodes. (Deep down we know that carrying them is pretty much a guarantee you will experience them again)
When you remember your spiritual side, you feel oneness, you know that what other people experience is similar to your own fear and suffering which also makes it easier to forgive. With a spiritual perspective also remember your angels and all that help that is waiting in the wings to help you out with anything!  It is always there but your consciousness of it, ACTIVATES it.

When you try to invoke the angels help from your ego ( I WANT IT NOW!) it does not work. Why? Because your ego does not actually believe it will, if anything miraculous happens your ego will say poobah to it.

Here are Six ways to get out of your Ego and Awaken your Spiritual Connection.

  1. Call on the Divine Love Presence– just say it- I call on the presence of Divine love to this situation
  2. Surrender- nothing is worth losing your inner peace over. Choose peace within and give the rest to the Universe.I now surrender this situation to … ( my angels, God, the universe) feel the relaxation that comes with letting go
  3. Pray and Ask your Angels for Help. It sure beats wandering the well-trodden mental pathways of pain and worry. Prayer is more helpful than worry and instantly reminds you that you are not doing life alone and were never meant to!
  4. Read a page from A Course In Miracles– the free text you can download from here will instantly plug you in and has immense guidance. There is a link here to the urtext version you can also buy a copy from any bookstore
  5. Meditate– Saying you cannot meditate because your mind is too busy is like saying you are too dirty to take a shower. the act of just sitting down to meditate triggers your Divine Consciousness.
  6. Release fear energy-Fear sits in your energy field and can be released with a simple clearing. Sometimes fear energy comes from negative interactions you have had with others. When you consciously cut the fear cords that link you into other people’s fear behaviors and thoughts you easily return to inner peace and can think clearly again.
You never need to feel alone, but we all do sometimes, we all feel doubt, we all feel fear and wonder if we are on track. Learning to connect to the Universe, to call on our angels helps us to feel less of that doubt and fear, and helps us to get out of the hole of darkness more quickly.
You are loved, and Safe. Please remember I am sending love to you and I am here if ever you need help releasing fear from your experience, I can help you to tune into your guidance and steer you in the right direction. You can explore the services and sessions available and some of my books and products on my website rachelscoltock.com
Rachel Scoltock is an Angel medium, Energy Therapist and Author of two books, including  Loving Your Sensitive Self an empaths guide to protecting your energy
Rachel is located in NSW Australia where she runs her professional practice giving in person and online guidance and healing sessions, and distance readings, go to rachelscoltock.com to find out more



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