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Rachel Scoltock

What is an angel reading or guidance session?

An Angel Guidance Session can be conducted in person or as a distant reading. Each is a combination of intuitive and spiritual guidance, life coaching and counselling with the use of tools including the Angel Oracle cards. I tune into your energies and to your personal guardian angels and ascertain the emotional causes of pain, and other issues that may be limiting you.

A session often includes healing. With the help of the angels and various healing techniques, including counselling experience, I work with you to release all mental, emotional or spiritual blocks. Once the negative obstructions are healed, not only can you access your true power and energy but also you can begin to manifest success in your career, relationships, health and finances.

All angel guidance sessions are conducted with the intention of a positive and healing outcome for the client. I always ensure that the session is surrounded with energies of the highest integrity and love.

Please contact me to book a reading session, or order a distance reading online.

Will you or the angels tell me bad news or scary information in my reading?

The short answer is no.

Angel readings are not fear based, they come from God and the angels and focus on bringing guidance for peace, healing, love, abundance, health and harmony to the client. Readings are loving, safe, very relevant, down to earth and honest and if there is something negative going on in your life then the Angels will show you how to release it very quickly & replace it with something better.

They will help you to heal your relationships, health and other life areas and give you step by step clear guidance to do this. If for any reason the angels were to identify a problem it would come with clear guidance as a way to overcome it. For instance a lady was once told to get her car checked before going on a road trip, she did and found a tyre problem.

I feel that a psychic can never predict negative outcomes without guidance to heal or avoid it, otherwise it is pointless and creates more pain. This sort of information should be taken with a huge pinch of salt! Your angels are here to protect and guide you.

What is an Angel Intuitive ™?

An Angel Intuitive™ is the Australian version of an Angel Therapy Practitioner®; both have been certified by Dr Doreen Virtue, the international teacher and author about angels and other spiritual subjects.

As an Angel intuitive I was trained to connect and heal with angels through a variety of proven skills and techniques. I have attended five of these courses since my first in 2004 including the Advanced Training in Kona Hawaii in 2008.

What is Reiki Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a technique whereby healing energy, such as Reiki, is channelled through the practitioner’s hands to the client. We all contain subtle energy in our physical bodies and we are affected by our thoughts, feelings and the energy of our environment, even the people around us.

Our energy can become blocked or unbalanced by absorbing fear and stress. This can eventually manifest as a physical or emotional symptom. An energy healing directs healing energy to the client’s entire being and clears away the blockages, returning them to a centred and balanced state of health and wellbeing.

Invoking angels heightens the power of the healing process therefore assisting in the release of pain. This is a gentle and relaxing experience, often bringing great relief from long-term pain and stress.

I am a qualified Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition and regularly teach Reiki levels one, two and Masters to students around Australia.

Reiki is a powerful ancient healing modality and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about becoming a healer to learn this powerful tradition as both a back up and to learn some basic healing skills, responsibilties and insights. Reiki can increase your intuition, strengthen and protect your energy, and incease your positivity and personal healing process.

What are Angel Cards?

Angel oracle cards are a tool used in Angel readings and guidance. Oracle cards such as the tarot are traditionally used in divination. Angel oracle cards are a deck of pictorial cards with loving meanings and messages that are used in a similar way.

Angel cards offer guidance, healing and teaching they can help one to unlock insights to the situation and give some powerful guidance to help you to achieve what you want or release what you do not.

The cards that I use are designed by Doreen Virtue and have messages of comfort and insight with beautiful angelic pictures. The cards add to the intuitive processes of a reading.

What is Clairsentience?

As a psychic I am a clairvoyant (Clear vision) I receive visions and see spirits, I also hear messages (clairaudient) but I also feel information. This is called Clairsentience.

Clairsentience is a psychic channel whereby I receive messages and guidance through my physical and emotional feelings. For example: as a clairsentient I may feel another person’s physical pain directly: experiencing their sore spot on exactly the same place in their own body. Alternatively, I may feel an emotion such as anxiety and be able to know that my client is anxious.

I can also receive symbolic messages. For example, a tightened throat can mean restricted communication or trapped grief. A strong warmth can be a deceased loved one in the room.

These symptoms and signs would arise where there were no such symptoms before.

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Disclaimer: Consults, Readings, Reiki, Angel healing or other modalities offered here do not and are not ever meant to replace professional medical assistance or psychiatric care. Always seek medical advice for pain, disease, emotional issues and injuries. I am not a Doctor or psychiatrist, psychologist and any information shared is not to be taken as professional advice or meant to replace or negate such advice.