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Almost all of us have experienced the sting of a broken heart from the end of a relationship or  harsh treatment from someone we thought loved us. Relationships navigate the choppy waters of conditional love as we try to get our needs met.

Many live in fear of the loss of love.  So can we really experience unconditional love on the earthly plane?

Everyone has guardian angels and all angels give us the purest kind of love constantly,:unconditional acceptance, comfort and kindness.

I believe that deep down everyone wants is to feel wholly and completely loved and accepted in this way.

Romantic and familial love can sometimes seem to ebb and flow, and can even be withheld or taken away. Love can feel evasive and hard to achieve at times. In relationships, fears and negative emotions  can act as a barrier in your heart and make it seem as if the love you once felt has disappeared.

Divine Love never changes and is continuous and strong.
This is because Divine love is unconditional, meaning that you are loved by the Divine and the Angels with no strings attached. You are neither judged or required to do anything to earn that love. You cannot lose it by making a mistake. You are unconditionally loved beyond anything you can imagine every moment of your life.

Angels are beings of Divine Love, they come directly from the Divine Source otherwise known as the Universe or God. God is Love, that is all it is, a creative force of love. As our guides and protectors, angels act as our bridge to Heaven, constantly reminding us of our celestial origins.

Angels and archangels do not have a body or an ego, as beings of light they are free of the potential for fear and judgment. A part of their purpose is to bring unconditional love and comfort in times of need to humankind. To guide us to choose love and peace over hatred and fear, and to protect us against harm.

We are all spiritual beings having a temporary human experience to learn and to grow on a soul level. We come from the Divine Loving Presence and will return there one day. A part of us remembers this presence and yearns for it in our lives on earth.

We catch glimpses of unconditional love in our connections with others but then it is sometimes eclipsed by fear and ego. Fear is the opposite of love and causes people to act unlovingly. The ego makes you feel as if you are separated from and in competition with others, gearing you up for war more than love.

Even so, in the highest part of you: Love is who you are. Love and connection are important to survival. Research shows that loneliness and lack of human connection has a greater effect on your mortality than a bad diet and lack of exercise!

We all need love, perhaps this is why we are sent angels to accompany us.

No matter what is going on in your love life or your family and your friends, you can experience unconditional love.

You have the ability to receive Divine AND human love which will fill up your heart with complete acceptance and allow you to give  unconditional love to others.

By receiving more Divine Love you will start to experience healing in all your relationships, your health and other life areas..  As you attune to the frequency of Love you can also attract more love into your reality,  whether that is through meeting a soulmate and new like-minded friends or increasing your love connection with the people who are already in your life.
Here are some suggestions to experience unconditional love in your life

  • Connect with your Angels: Make a conscious connection with your angels, invite their presence daily with the intention of bringing more love into your life. Your awareness of the Loving angels around you will lift your vibration and you will feel your heart opening and little miracles happening around you. This will increase tenfold if you meditate daily, meditation is a direct link to the Divine Source of Love.
  • Remove your barriers to love To receive love you must open your heart, otherwise, nothing and no one can get past those barriers. Heartache, loss and a lifetime of barbs and criticism can create a hard shell around even the strongest heart. Your angels will help you to release your defences, your fears and your wounds if you are willing and courageous enough to ask. Love cannot enter a hardened heart and you cannot feel love and resentment at the same time. Rid yourself of unforgiving thoughts they do not protect you, they pinch off your ability to give and receive unconditional love.
  • Notice and appreciate all the love in your life: What you focus on grows right? When you really start to look, love is everywhere. Whether it is pet begging for your attention, a friend calling to say hi, an old man feeding birds in the park, a mother feeding her baby. Love is all around us all the time.
  • Manifest Love: write a heartfelt prayer to your angels asking for love. You can ask for healing in your relationships, and to experience more love in your life. You can even ask to meet a soul mate. Write your prayer down by hand and then place it in an envelope. Hold a clear quartz crystal in your hands and ask the angels to imbue the crystal and the letter with their Divine love and magic. Intend that the crystal magnify your desires and attract your intentions.
  • See with Love: ” I see with the eyes of Love” is a powerful affirmation to change your perspective to a loving one. As you look for and see love in your world, you heal past pain and begin to live heaven on earth. Gratitude is a way to see with love, as you look for the good things in life. Some of the most successful and happy people in the world practice gratefulness on a minute by minute basis. Look for blessings not problems, let your consciousness point out the best, not the worst, your life will transform.
  • Give yourself love: the cliches are true, if you love yourself you are more open to receiving love. Don’t expect others to fill that hole for you because they won’t be able to. Self-love is self-respect, kindness, and valuing your time and energy.
  • Be love: Just because other people choose fear or negativity over love and harmony, it does not mean you have to. You can choose love in your responses and your thoughts. You can seek and give unconditional love in your friendships, your connection to pets and children, and in the ability to accept yourself.
  • Be forgiving: Humans are, well human, and unconditional love is a Divine Force which we all possess within but few know how to truly give. It is a higher energy we all can aspire to and attain by being present and aware. Forgiveness is a form of unconditional love, it releases judgment and allows us to move forward and love without projecting our expectations and prejudices on loved ones.
  • Ask the angels to enter your dreams: Whenever angels are present, so is Unconditional Love, it is intense, all-encompassing and completely healing. Dream visitations are one of the many gifts the angels have given me to experience their love. I always awaken with the feeling of being embraced in a cocoon of Divine love and the memory lasts forever.

Seek and you will find, whatever you place your attention on will grow, nothing is truly missing from your experience, only from your awareness and so if you are feeling lonely, loveless or lacking in any way, know that right here and now, you are complete, whole, loved and surrounded by angels. When your awareness changes, so will your outer experience.

Dear angels, Thank you for being with me. I intend to receive and perceive unconditional love in my life. I ask for your guidance, and direction, please release me of my barriers to love and surround me with your infinite loving energy. Thank you and Amen.

Happy Valentines with unconditional love from me and the Angels xx

Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and
Author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
Contact Rachel at rachelscoltock.com



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