I was distractedly scrolling on Facebook, when I noticed a friend was being trolled.

I am protective of people I care about.(I was tired and my defenses were down)

So I typed  a mild “stop bullying” message, ignoring the niggle that I should scroll on by.

Predictably, an hour later there were a dozen viscious personal insults directed at me.

The troll had checked out my personal page to arm herself with something to be mean about and gone for it.

My well intentioned comment had been a red flag to a raging bull.

The thing is, I could FEEL the person’s anger and negativity buzzing around my energy field  well before I saw her comments.

I could sense a big fat cord  and some psychic daggers that wanted to hook into me.

Psychic attack can feel like a headache, sharp neck or back pain, a low mood, loss of energy and a feeling of anger, reflecting the emotions that have been sent to you.

It’s not a nice feeling but can be quickly remedied when you know how.

The urge to respond to those insults was  strong.

But I woke up to myself and did the opposite.

I deleted my comment, blocked the offender and got to work cleansing my energy.

Then I did an extra strong aura protection and moved on to watch Outlander s5!

As a clairsentient, empath I have always felt everything very deeply.

I used to think it was a curse, but not anymore. It’s a gift in the true sense of the word.

It’s part of who I am and I can’t change. I don’t want to.

In years gone by the energy from an exchange like that would have floored me for a couple of days.

Nowadays the poisonous darts of psychic attack don’t hit their target quite so easily.


Because I know how to properly protect my energy and course correct when I wander into dangerous ground.

It helps to know that when someone behaves this way, it’s not about you or me, no matter what they say or do.

But that doesn’t mean that the energy won’t impact you.

It definitely can, and sometimes it can be hard to recover, especially if you don’t know how to protect yourself.

The trick is to recognise you have power over your energy & your mind.

In this case I knew that to engage any further with the angry lady would be stupid . It would have opened me up to the cord and allowed those poisonous darts to land.

Not all conflict is easy to avoid, sometimes you need to  stand up for yourself. Other times it can take a while to catch on to what is happening.

Fearful and unhappy people looking to vent their energy are a part of this world.

A psychic attack might come from a loved one or a colleague who you spend a lot of time with.

We sensitives can’t avoid being IN the world.

You are here to shine your light and that isn’t always easy. Not everyone is going to like it.

There are times when you must show up and hold your ground despite the risk of low energy attaching to you.

Which means, you need to know how to safely and effectively clear and protect your energy.

I am teaching a powerful class this Friday about how to Clear and Protect Your Energy- it’s called Angel Protection for Empaths and is a 90 minute online meeting.  The price is only $47 AUD (approx $35USD $25GBP)

I will be discussing how to protect yourself online and in the world, how to avoid and remove psychic attack, cords and more.

Register here 

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