Do You Want To See Angels?

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An angel visited me last night.

I was asleep with my arms stretching to my-left side around a pillow. ( Yep,I am a pillow hugger!)

I awoke feeling 2 warm hands grasping my right arm.

Through sleep-blurred eyes, in the darkness I saw a glowing figure leaning  over & smiling down at me.

An angel.

I wasn’t alarmed at all. I felt calm and fell back to a very deep sleep.

It wasn’t a dream (& I am not kookoo lala )

Calmness is one of the signs of angels and night time is one of the most common visitation times because our busy, ego mind is asleep.

On my nature walk yesterday, I’d asked for support and a sign. I invoked help and healing and prayed for my family overseas. I asked for direction & guidance for this work I do.

I surrendered, giving everything I was mentally holding onto to the angels.
I said “I can’t do this alone- help me.”  It felt so good to let go.
watch this weeks video reading & be guided through a surrender prayer with me)

This angelic visitation was the reply.

Angels answer our requests in so many ways, through visions, feelings, dreams, signs, audible messages, an inner knowing or through showing themselves. They are the antidote to fear and uncertainty.

I wanted to share this with you today, to remind you that your angels are with YOU too.  Even if you can’t yet see, feel or hear them. They are there ready to comfort, guide and protect you.

When you intentionally ASK for their assistance, healing & protection they can intervene much more than if you simply hope.

Would you like to clairvoyantly see angels and know their guidance for you?

I can help you to safely open to true guidance and spiritual connection in a loving and simple way.
I want to show you how to sidestep fear and uncertainty and navigate your life from love & peace.
I want you to have trust in your intuition and a strong angel connection to help you to remain centred, decisive and in the flow, no matter what is going on in the world.

So I created this for you: Awaken Your Soul Gifts Masterclass
How much?
Date: Thursday 9th April 2020
Time: 10 am Sydney Australia time.
Check the time in your town here: Timezone converter
Where? Zoom Video Call
How? Follow this link and register

In this inspiring and powerful session, you will  learn:

The #1 technique I used and still use to strengthen and supercharge my clairvoyance

My 2 Favorite crystals I use every day to enhance my channelling, to open my third eye and keep my intuitive channels clear.

& The secret strategies I use to keep my channels and aura clear and free of negativity, interference and mass consciousness fear.

…and more!

Join me on April 9th and let’s do something AMAZING with this moment in time!

Register for the Free Awaken Your Soul Gifts Masterclass HERE

See you there! Rachel x

 Click here for the Angel Reading for this week:

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