Defeating The Ogre of Negative Thoughts

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Imagine a big ugly, mean ogre standing in front of a beautiful ornate door, behind which lies a pile of treasure (All the good stuff that the Universe wants to give to you)

This stinky ogre is the only thing between you and all the peace, love and abundance that you know is here for you but he is not letting you in.

Your limited and negative thoughts are just like the ogre.

They block all the good things that the universe wants to bring to you.

The ogre isn’t real, neither are those limiting beliefs, but they can do a great job to convince you that they are.

Your beliefs have strength & seem real because you give them so much of your  attention, time, and energy.

By arguing for your limitations, ruminating about the past and chewing on your perceived inadequacies you give that ‘ogre’ more muscle and power.

You allow it to convince you that you are limited and blocked. You look for and find proof of your lack and unworthiness everywhere you go.

Each time you do that, you close down the Divine possibilities that are there for you.

The Divine intelligence is wayyy bigger and more powerful than any imagined ogre or any obstacle you can possibly face.

You can delete sabotaging beliefs and remove your limitations and find a new doorway which is ogre free!

Your mind is the only place where all limitation exists. 

Spiritual Law and Quantum physics teach us that there are infinite possibilities.

The Universe has unlimited solutions to every problem. There are a gazillion ways to receive what you need and want, miracles can and do manifest and you can heal any challenge.

The beliefs that create the ogre are ruled by limitation: I am unworthy, I am too old, there is not enough time, energy, money, opportunities.These false beliefs cut off and separate you from the quantum channels of unlimited possibility and miracles.

When you surrender your fear with a willingness to see the world through a new set of beliefs, you begin to partner with the Universe of unlimited potential instead of constantly shutting it down.

This allows for the doors to to swing open for all kinds of wonderful experiences.

Here is an exercise you might like to try to help you defeat your ogre-creating beliefs:

Call in Archangel Michael for guidance and to transmute the effects of your past thinking.

Write down all the reasons you think or believe that you can’t have something.

Write everything that comes to mind even if those reasons seem true, silly or embarrassing. You lessen their power by shedding light on them.

Then read the list in a detached way, see what those items have in common:

What fears and limiting beliefs about yourself, the world, and life do they reveal?

Write those down as well.

Stay detached don’t let these beliefs con you this time. See them as tiny little stinky ogres wanting your  energy as food so they can grow bigger and control you.

Now cross out each fear, thought and belief with a thick pen. (Whisper: I release you, you are not real as you cross them out)

Visualize the door ogre dissolving and being replaced by welcoming angels.

Now on fresh paper write: I surrender and forgive these ideas and send them back to the void. I invite Divine Love to take over to open the way for my unlimited Good. 

I live in an infinite and loving Universe with infinite possibilities. I open fully to receiving the Gifts of the Universe!

Divine Spirit please open the way for (insert your desire) Let it come in perfect ways, with ease and Grace. Amen

Burn the list of fears or plunge them in hot soapy water to dissolve them. Throw out the remnants.

Remain OPEN to the amazing ways the Universe can deliver gifts to you!

Watch the video reading for this week here: Waking Up From the Bad Dream

Rachel Scoltock is an angel medium, energy therapist and author she teaches how you can heal your life by shifting your beliefs and connecting with Divine Love Energy through your angels.

Image credit: Sedki Alimam from unsplash



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