Cut the Cords that Drain Your Life Force

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One of the subjects I teach  in depth at my Angel Communication Practitioner Program is about how to identify and cut negative cords that drain away your life force and lower your vibration.

Cord cutting is a life long skill which you will use over and over again. It’s very powerful for healers to help their clients to move forward after difficult relationships too.

Cords are invisible yet powerful bonds that bond you to people, places and things. (even traumas) Thoughts, emotions and even physical feelings travel along these these lines of energy that become thicker over time.

If you have a fear cord, then it can keep a rift in a relationship, cause negativity to grow in your life and create all kinds of blocks to appear.

You can have Good Cords (Love) and Bad Cords (fear). (You can’t cut the positive cords of love – only the cords of fear)

Some of these cords of energy are life affirming and boost your vitality, connecting you to love.

I feel connected to Uluru in central Australia via a gorgeous golden cord, these energy lines call us to situations and people where there is an affinity and loving purpose.

Think of a pet or loving person who enhances your life, you feel uplifted by their very presence on earth!

Other cords deplete and weaken you, draining your life force and positive vibes away from you and sending lower toxic ones to you in their place.

These fear cords attach when there’s pain, insecurity, fear or resentment in the connection. 

Julie booked a session to help recover from a break up. She could not stop thinking about her ex, even though he’d left years ago.
When I scanned her, I saw a thick metallic cord attached like an iron glove to her heart chakra. This cord was blocking her ability to move on from her grief, and was holding her back from love of all kinds. She could not release this by herself.

Julie felt completely alone and her finances were at rock-bottom. (An open heart chakra allows you to receive positive energy.)

I coached her to let go of her painful attachment to this man.

She did a great job of letting go of the fear cord. Everything felt lighter and brighter when it was gone!

A few weeks later Julie called: she’d found a really exciting job and best of all ther painful thoughts about ex were gone. She felt hopeful and peaceful for the first time in years.
(I have full permission to share this story)

I know what you are thinking… it’s time to chop some of those cords away!!


Remember you can only cut the fear based cords. Love cords are eternal. The way the relationship unfolds is up to the Divine Wisdom.

If you want to forgive a loved one, heal a relationship or keep a happy loving relationship you will find it heals more easily when you release the cords of fear including any conflict or resentment between you.

Here is a simple cord cutting: Call in Archangel Michael.

Visualise yourself standing in front of a pure white cloud. In your minds-eye, ask to be shown the cord that is draining you the most. You may see or sense a dark heavy cord attached to your body, you may get a knowing about who or what it is attached to.

Decide if you are willing to let it go along with all your fear based emotions. Take deep breaths as you ask your angels to help you to pull out or cut and dissolve or transmute the cords. See them disappearing into the cloud. Then refill that area with Divine Light.

Thank the angels for their help.

Make a commitment to not reattach via your thoughts of resentment or fear. Send love to the person if you are wishing for healing.

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Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher.


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