7 Ways to Create a Prosperity Mindset

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When I first began my healing practice 17 years ago, I had no income, no furniture and not a cent in the bank.

I was living hand to mouth, week to week, often surviving on way less income than I needed,

Being poor was painful and magnified my lonely feelings. I was far from my UK family living in Australia , I was recently seperated and I was broke. I hated not being able to have my hair done regularly , and having to watch every penny I spent. I  also had horses, a dog and cattle to feed, I was worried most of the time.

I prayed to my angels   ALOT to help me to raise my income and attract more clients to my new healing business.I meditated, read lots of books about the Law of Attraction and marketed my practice in every way I could afford. I did everything I could to change my situation. I became exhausted from effort.

It was during that period that my angels helped me to understand that I had a poverty mindset . I felt undeserving of the very thing I was praying for. It was like having a foot on the brake while trying to accelerate the car.

With guidance  from my angels, I changed my thoughts and gradually released my energy blocks. I began to see and feel the Universe as abundant, I learned to be grateful for what I had and I let go of my deep fears and resentments about having money. Once I began to allow abundance and take action that reflected my new prosperous mindset, everything changed

Since that time I no longer worry about money. I still work hard to build my business , I am careful, I pay my bills with gratitude BUT I am no longer sabotaging my hard work.  I am grateful so I receive a lot of gifts from the Universe. Abundance is everywhere in many forms. Sitting on a bench looking at a beautiful view is a form of prosperity yet it does not cost a cent!

Many people believe that if they pray to angels for financial help then the angels will magically fix their income they hope that their bills will be miraculously paid, or  they will win the lottery.

These are certainly potential  possibilities... However, more likely you have to align with what you want and co create it with the angels.

To truly receive regular forms of abundance you need to develop a prosperity mindset and change your energy.

Your angels empower you to know that YOU have what it takes to create the life you desire. They co-create your prosperity with you! They will help you  ( if you ask and listen) but they cannot do everything for you.

You alone have the ability to change your energy! And by the way..there is nothing unspiritual or negative about wanting and needing an abundance of money. It is a necessary part of life which allows you to be self responsible, empowered, and share your abundance with others.

Abundance of all kinds begins as  energy from the Divine Source and can manifest as what you need,  you align with it with your high vibing thoughts and beliefs!

Here are 7 ways to adopt a prosperity consciousness

  1. Visualize-Imagine yourself as connected to the infinite stream of Divine Consciousness, through which all good can come to you. See yourself as prosperous!
  2. Gratitude- be grateful for what you already have, regularly look for and identify the good in your life- it attracts more and more and more
  3. Let Go-Struggle is a major block to abundance, the Universal Way is flowed, not struggle. Let go a little, and while you are at it let go of your Impoverished beliefs, resentments, fears and guilt about $$ Especially jealousy!
  4. Be Here Now- abundance happens in the now moment, if you live in the future you will never feel as if you have enough.
  5. Expect to have to do something-Don’t confuse God and your angels with Santa Calus. The Universe LOVES action, each step you take towards creating abundance (with integrity) will reward you. There are so many ways to create and receive abundance while you are living and breathing. As you give you receive.
  6. Be Generous- If you have enough then tip the waiter, buy from a small business, drop some change in the charity jar. What you give comes back to you tenfold. As you affirm infinite prosperity, so it will never run out!
  7. WORK with the PROSPERITY ANGELS-the prosperity angels will help you to clear those energy blocks and release the negative beliefs- as you allow yourself to shift to a higher vibration, abundance comes your way.

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Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock Angel medium, spiritual teacher and Author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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