Co-Create An Amazing Year With Your Angels

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My sister sent me her New Year’s resolutions on NYE.  She’d made 2 lists: 1 was for what she wants more of and the other was for what she wants less of.  I LOVE this idea & am totally stealing it because it’s a gentler and less pressurized way than the old fashioned resolutions. 

I have my own way of making intentions easier too! 

For me making changes & achieving my soul mission is all about co-creation with the Angels rather than doing it all alone.

I’m an ambitious lightworker and I admit to having some fierce life goals but to be completely honest I never have a CLUE how I am going to achieve them! 

(It’s always been that way.)

Trying to figure out HOW to achieve anything by yourself is the absolute hardest!

It’s mentally draining, and it can bring up ALL your doubts and worst fears.

Especially if you, like me, are an over thinker!

Many people give up on their dreams & goals too soon specifically because they can’t work out how to do it.  

It’s overwhelming. 

But I’ve learned that the angels DO know how to get there and if we pay attention they will guide us one step at a time. 

Angels bring the clear guidance steps, open doors, create signs and synchronicity, they help you to see and release your blocks and they give you the courage, faith and support to follow through. 

The best part of co-creation with Divine Guidance is that you don’t waste time going down the dead end streets created by your ego.

Angels help you to manifest the highest and best version of what you are asking for

This is how I built a successful business from nothing, how I moved to the other-side of the world, how I wrote and published 2 books. It’s how I do everything. 

Here’s a my 7 Steps to Co -Create an Amazing Year with the Angels:

#1 Ask your angels to help you to set positive intentions that align with your Divine purpose and your soul path. Ask that these intentions come about in a positive way which is for your Highest Good. This ensures that your path and the outcome will be Divinely aligned and come in a way that is not stressful or out of integrity. 

Write down your Intentions, be as specific and descriptive as possible – create a vision board or stick the list to the fridge so you can see them and keep them high in your mind daily. Download this Free  PDF 2022 Angel Intention Worksheet

#2 Formally request clear Guidance & signs from your Guardian Angels and the Archangels. Say it aloud- be clear and give them full permission to intervene!  Be ready to make some changes yourself: Pay attention to those inner nudges to alter your eating habits or go to bed earlier. Your angels are preparing you to work with them! 

#3 Let Go. Your ego won’t like the idea of handing your dreams over to the Angels! Surrender any ego control issues by visualizing the angel’s taking your dreams into their arms. This steps ensures you’re fully allowing your Divine Guides to intervene. Repeat this step often if you find yourself worrying.

#4 Switch out of intellect and analysis into intuition.  Your guidance won’t always be logical! Work on opening your intuitive channels & clearing your psychic energy so you can be receptive to the angels’ messages. In my Angel Communication Program we focus on this step so that messages move from being vague to being specific, clear and obvious. 

#5 Create some Angel Affirmations to energise your goals and shift your mindset. Remember this is co creation- every drop of energy YOU put into your dreams brings rewards. Try these: I am guided and protected by the angels. I am prosperous and successful. I am so grateful my goals are already fulfilled. I am so happy and grateful that I now have…..

#6 Release the blocks and fears which stop you from achieving your dreams. You’d be surprised at how often people sabotage themselves at the crucial moment because deep down they feel unworthy, or  guilty, or they doubt they can succeed . Sometimes those blocks are simply ego fears and mindset issues, other times they run deeper.

Angel Energy Healing is incredible for quickly removing deep energetic blocks & traumas which keep you stuck indefinitely. This is a crucial step which is why I hold monthly healing Archangel Attunements & I include intensive healing sessions in my Angel Communication program

#7 Follow the guidance steps you are given without delay. This is the exciting part but it takes trust and courage . Faith in your ability to receive and understand your angel’s direction is important because it means you will take action when necessary– which brings your dream into your reality.

You are constantly supported by Angels and the Universe every step of the way. They never give up on you.

When you invite the angels to co-create your year you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

In the upcoming Angel Communication certification program you will learn exactly how to receive shockingly clear guidance from your angels, you’ll discover tools and techniques to tap into the detailed messages and signs the angelic guides are delivering to you. You will go through 2 intensive healing sessions to release your blocks and saboteurs and you will learn some Angelic healing methods to heal yourself and others.  Spaces are limited on this 6 week live online program.

You can  find out more here or contact me to ask me anything or book a chat.

Also don’t forget to join me for my Free Angel Guidance Masterclass next week, Jan 11th 2022! go here to sign up before we fill up.


Have a great week!

Rachel x

Angel Medium


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