Co-Create An Amazing Year With Your Angels

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In this article you will learn the 7 steps to co-create an amazing year with your angels.

This will ensure that you manifest the outcomes you want and you don’t waste time and energy trying to do it all by yourself.

Trying to figure out HOW to achieve your goals and dreams by yourself is tough!

Especially if, like me, you are an over thinker!

Many people give up on their dreams too soon because doubt and fear holds them back. 

It can be overwhelming and daunting because you can’t see HOW things will work out.

But I’ve learned that when you co-create with your angels it works out in miraculous ways.

this is because your angels know exactly how to achieve your goals. They have the bird’s eye view, and if we pay attention they will guide us one step at a time on the right path.

The angels find you the best path, they send you amazing signs and messages, they open doors, create miraculous synchronicity and they can release the fears that are blocking you. 

The best part of co-creation with your angels, is that you don’t waste time going down dead end streets and chasing shiny objects that were never meant for you.

Angels help you to manifest the highest and best version of what want, in the most benevolent way.

Below I’ve simplified the steps to co creating with the angels so you can manifest your best year yet!

Here are the 7 Steps to Co -Create an Amazing Year with your Angels:

#1 Work with your angels to set positive intentions that align with your Divine purpose. Ask that these intentions come about in a way which is for your Highest Good.

Write down your desires for the year ahead, be as specific and descriptive as possible – create a vision board or stick the list to the fridge so you can look at them daily.

#2 Request clear guidance & signs. Be clear and give your angels full permission to intervene in bringing about these goals

#3 Let Go. Your ego won’t like the idea of handing your dreams over to the Angels and will want to control everything.

#4 Switch out of over-thinking into intuition. Be aware that guidance isn’t always logical. Work on opening and trusting your intuitive channels so you can be more receptive to the angels messages.

#5 Shift your mindset. Remember every drop of positive energy you put into your dreams brings rewards. Negativity and fear will slow your progress.  Use affirmations, prayers, and gratitude to keep your mind positive.

#6 Release the blocks and fears. You’d be surprised at how often people sabotage themselves at the crucial moment because deep down they feel unworthy, guilty or doubtful . Angels can quickly remove these sabotaging blocks & fears which keep you stuck. Ask for their help. You can join my monthly healing Angel Attunements for help with this!

#7 Follow guidance without delay. This is the exciting part, when you receive guidance, act on it. Inspired action brings your dream into your reality.

When you invite the angels to co-create your year you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. 

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