Do you ever look back at a messy situation and wonder how did I not see what was happening?

Perhaps you were blinded by love or desire, you ignored a red flag, hoping it would go away, or you got so buried in work and doing things for others that you did see an what was under your nose, maybe you preferred not to admit your true feelings because you knew something would have to change and you weren’t ready. All of these actions wrap a blindfold around your intuition and make you miss what you need to see.

Allowing yourself to see the truth before a disaster or an opportunity, enables you to take back your power in any situation and make positive changes to your life. Fear closes off your intuition and alters your perspective, where as courage opens the door to solutions and healing can begin.

The angels see you with pure love and they see your worth and your potential.You can ask them to lend you their perspective to boost your own self esteem and worth.

They will also reveal the truth that you need to know to you about any situation if you ask

As the Angel of spiritual understanding and spiritual sight,  Archangel Raziel is the perfect guide to help you to see the truth in your life. To know your worth, to see around oorners to potential problems and amazing opportunities..

If you ask he will help you to remove any blind folds that maybe distorting your vision  so you can see and heal aspects of your life that are out of balance.  This will also open your intuitive channels and make it easier to make decisions.

Once you see things as they really are, it will act as a healing for you and open new doors to happiness and abundance!

A message from Archangel Raziel:
Beloved one, I offer myself in service to you. Whenever you cannot see the light within yourself or another, ask me to shift your vision so that you may again be aligned with Love. We angels watch as you struggle like a bird caught in a net, unable to shake off the feelings of dissatisfaction, anxiety, unhappiness. A veil has fallen over your vision, temporarily casting a shadow between you and inner peace.

All that is needed is a switch in perspective from darkness to light, doubt to faith, resentment to love. This is not a form of denial, rather a cleaning of the window of perception, so you may make your decisions based on your highest good rather than fear.
If you do not know how to move forward, ask me, and the truth of all will be revealed to you, I can show you the options and their outcome and guide you to that which is Divinely yours.
I am with you always, In Love.
Archangel Raziel.

Archangel Raziel has a sparkling kaleidoscope energy field, huge wings and a sage like presence. He helps you to practice spiritual truths in your everyday life and understand yourself & life.

My news and events

I will be on the radio this Thursday 27th , live at 12 noon NSW time! My new show is called Calling All Angels and I will be playing uplifting and up beat music and talking about the angels AND giving some angel readings.. So if you would like to listen from anywhere in the world in go to to listen live, or if you live in the Nambucca Valley it is 105.9 fm. This is my second program I will keep you informed. I would love some angel questions- keep them brief and go to my facebook page to post the question.

There’s two weeks left until the Intuitive Energy and Angel Therapist Course, if you would like to launch your career as a healer and intuitive then this is a fantastic class to take, over two weekends November 5th 6th and February 4th 5th, and some online content, you will learn how to be a professional intuitive healer, with the skills and ethics to rise above the rest, You will learn how to give readings, how to heal with energy, how to clear dark energies, cords, and fear from people, how to tune in and find out the energy blocks and the cause behind issues and to help people truly heal their lives.
If you want to be a part of this class, then call me, or email,I have a special offer ready for anyone who wants to take a leap of faith!!

Tuesday November 1st At Arakoon, Meditation with the Angels
$20 per person, please let me know if you would like to attend as this is at my home and I need to know numbers in advance.

Thursday 17th November Archangel Meditation at the Divine Soul Centre, Nambucca Heads at 6pm-7.15pm A powerful channeled meditation, guided to meet the Archangels and let go of unwanted energies and experiences. Each month I will bring in the wisdom of a different archangel to heal you teach you how they can help you in every area of your life.$20 per person all welcome. We start at 6pm.

Are you ready to work with Angels, Intuition and ENERGY healing?
Join me for Intuitive Energy and Angel therapist 2016/17
At the stunning Novotel Pacific Bay Resort Coffs Harbour NSW
Starts: 5th /6th November 2016 & 4th /5th February 2017 Training in psychic development and Energy therapy PLUS 8 Audio video Lessons in between our in person sessions. Special offer available.
Payment plan available YES!
Booking and information: HERE

Love & Angel blessings I AM
Rachel xx
Intuitive Energy Therapy Sessions
Angel Mediumship Readings
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Rachel Scoltock lives by the sea on the Mid North Coast of NSW. She is an Intuitive  and Angel Medium, Author, and Teacher.
She transforms lives through readings and releasing the emotional and energy blockages that hold you back . She works with clients around the world through dhighly accurate readings seminars and classes.


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