Do you feel hurt by the judgments and criticisms of others?

Whether you are hurt by the remarks of a mean stranger online or reeling from an upsetting argument with a loved one, those emotional daggers can have a long term effect on your perception of yourself if you allow them to.
To be free of the good or bad opinions of others, then you must form a strong self belief.
Your angels want you to believe in yourself, believe that you are capable of healing yourself from past hurts and of achieving anything you set your heart on. As you put more faith and trust in yourself, you find that your self esteem grows and you put less value on the opinions and actions of others. You discover that you feel less like a pin cushion because you take those projections less personally because you KNOW and respect yourself and base your self worth on your feelings not the random and changing moods of others.

If your self belief needs a little boost, consider what you would like others to see , know and appreciate in you. Ask yourself how holding a positive perspective about yourself would feel. Write down these answers and then turn them into affirmations. “I am love-able, attractive and vibrant” ” I  uplift and inspire others”. What you believe becomes the truth for you! If you wait for others to validate you before you believe in yourself then you are living backwards.
The outside world responds to your inner thoughts. When you believe yourself to be likeable, capable, inspirational and confident, you carry those beliefs in the way you speak, stand and walk. Your inner self belief creates a strong field of light around you which protects your soul and discourages the bullies and haters. Your self belief also allows the Divine & angels to deliver the healing and opportunities you are waiting for because you feel worthy of  accepting them!
A healthy self belief comes from deciding what you want to believe rather than waiting for others to validate you. This changes everything!
Love and blessings Rachel x

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Rachel Scoltock has worked for 15 years as a professional angel medium and healing therapist. She is  also the author of two books including My Life With Angels and Loving Your Sensitive Self ( An Empaths Guide to Protecting Your Energy)  You can book a personal guidance session with Rachel from anywhere in the world HERE




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