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You have been through some energy upgrades recently, AKA challenges, life lessons and realisations.

These changes have helped you to become clearer about who you are and what you really want.
As you gain a deeper understanding and get honest about yourself, your desires,, your energy becomes more authentic and clear. You simply stop putting up with B.S and you stop living in the past.  You let go of your cords to  pain and suffering. Fear begins to dissipate and your magnetic power activates.
No matter where you are on this journey, your angels are letting you know that everything is falling into place for you.
You are attracting people who match you on a Soul level: soul mates, friends, followers and clients who are energetically and magnetically drawn to you because of the light you shine outwards.
Do not worry about anything except being true to yourself, keeping your mind positive and following your heart.
Support is coming, you are about to experience one-ness, love and connnection.

The extended reading can be found on video here

This card is from the work your light Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell
The reading is by Rachel Scoltock

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