Are You Trying To Control the Universe?


As a healer, I have met many people who have kept themselves sick, broke and depressed through trying to control everythig in the Universe.

David believed that the only way he’d get any peace was to pour revenge upon his ex. He was keeping himself locked in endless resentment and a dark hole where nothing good could find him.
Linda believed that the man she loved was the only soul mate even though he was happily married to someone else!
Gina thought that the only way to pay her mortgage was to stay working for the bully boss that was making her life misery.  ( not the real names of the clients)

They all believed that there was only ONE path to create the success they desired. This belief kept them stuck until they changed their perspective. 

Thinking you already have all the answers and that you know HOW it should all work out, in what ORDER, and WHEN is a first class ticket to frustrating nowhere-land.

Struggle, control, & doubt will create a giant wall of resistance around you.

Resistance comes from your ego, which is always trying to control everything- including the Universe. 

What you want & need can only flow to you through the Law of NON resistance. 

Which is why Surrender works so well!

When you hand over your need to control everything and to know all the answers to God and the angels you will see immediate results.

You’ll  start to recognise that the Universe knows the best way, not you!

It’s like strapping your ego into the back seat and letting your Soul take the wheel!

Your only job is to keep your mind, words and energy positive and focused on your ultimate intentions.

For David the ultimate intention was peace & a happy relationship with a new love who was patiently waiting in the wings.
For Linda, it was true love with an available man who loved her back- who showed up immediately after we cleared her cords to Mr Wrong.
For Gina, it was to leave her job and start her dream business, which she’d been getting guidance for but ignoring for sometime.

You see , in the attempt to control things, you get detoured wasting energy on stuff that won’t bring you what you really want.

AND you miss the real guidance & awesome opportunities that are waiting for you to just let go.

You don’t have to let go of what you WANT. Just the way you think it should happen.

As you practice this new habit of releasing the need to control you will notice clear signs, new guidance, healing & amazing opportunities that you would miss while struggling on your ego’s path.

These Divine synchronicities are like sparks of light, illuminating your path, one step at a time.

Allow the Divine to surprise you with it’s ingenuity &  let go of thinking that you know it all! 

(Watch this weeks video reading below)
Blessings and love Rachel x

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