Everything that happens to you is an opportunity to grow spiritually and emotionally. When you are fully awake then life becomes a little easier and a lot more interesting.

When you are awake you even see problems as spiritual teachers

If not, you will think that the problems you are having are inconvenient, horrid accidents, a case of mistaken identity or the cause of someone else.

Don’t worry: Unless you are the Dalai Lama or an incarnate deity then you probably forget your spiritual power when problems come around, you will go into your small self for a while in protest.

Our small self does not want to grow, is like a teen that won’t get out of bed in the morning, she’s got all that potential but is in danger of blowing it because of a bad attitude. She is never fully awake!

Our higher evolved self IS alert and tuned in to the “problems” in a curious yet detached way, she knows there is a good reason for this, because nothing is an “accident” and that we need to take responsibility for at least part of this event because it would not be here unless there was something to know or heal within ourselves.

Everything that shows up in your life is a teacher particularly if it brings forth strong emotions.

Problems are the soul’s way of showing us what needs to heal so we can wake up and grow. When we grow, we end up having a smoother path, a happier experience and everything begins to fall into place.. why? Because we let go of all the control that the small negative self has on us, we recognize our potential, our worthiness and our power and with that comes absolute freedom.

The best part of waking up is that we quit repeating the same old patterns because attracting the same situation over and over again is just the Divine’s way of having us resit a course- until we pass it!

Get into your higher self and take a step back from whatever “problem” has manifested in your life this week and ask “what is this here to teach ME?”  You will  set a whole stream of energies in process that will bring you the answer along with the solution to your issue. It may not be easy, but the spiritual growth will be immense and so will the rewards. ( Look out for presents!)

Do you need some straightforward guidance, insight and wisdom to help you to see the true lesson in your situation? Do you need me to pick apart the threads of confusion so you can see what you are really dealing  with Call me for an intuitive skype or, phone guidance session or a Mp3 Reading rachel@rachelscoltock.com

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