How To Awaken and Light up The World

Dear beautiful one,

For the past 10 years or more the spiritual community has talked about the  Ascension, a time on the planet where a new dimension of energy is coming in waves, to raise the consciousness of humankind. This time is now!

Our Angels and Spiritual guides continue to encourage us to let go of the patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that do not serve us or our the world and release ancestoral and personal fear, trauma and negativity.

As we release fear from our minds and energy, we begin to think and create from a higher perspective and to connect with our spiritual center. When you let go of all that isn’t you, you become your authentic self and your life aligns and starts to flow.

Many more people than ever before are waking up to their sensitivity, their gifts of intuition, energy awareness, healing, and creativity. As they do, they awaken to their soul’s calling, the reason you came to the planet as a spiritual being having a physical experience!

When I released my first book Loving your Sensitive Self: A guide for empaths,  8 years ago, hardly anyone understood what I meant by spiritually sensitive or what an empath was! Sensitivity was still largely considered a weakness that you should “get over”. This has changed radically for the most part. My book was only one of 2 that were on back then about Empaths and how to deal with being sensitive. Today there are over 1,000!

There is now a huge quest to learn about Spirituality, Empathy and to feel connected with intuition, angels, and higher consciousness.

This wave of information is not a coincidence, it is perfectly timed, the Angels and guides and ancient cultures have predicted this time of mass spiritual awakening for eons. All of this spiritual awareness and knowledge is here to help you individually to grow, to release all that holds you back and to shift you to a more loving, peaceful life, and in turn it will also help the planet.

Cruelty, prejudice, and violence can’t exist in a place where everyone is sensitive and living their truth, and yes we all still have a long way to go. The world changes one person at a time, starting with you.  By responding to the calling in your own soul, you light up and you inspired others to do the same. The world needs more en-light-ened people more than anything else!

There is so much you can do to fight the darkness in the world and bring the light: Walk away from the things that steal your power and positivity and do not fit the real you. Shine your light and awareness where it is needed, speak your truth and shop consciously.

Live your life in a way that feels good to you! It is that easy!

It is so important to be true to yourself and your beliefs. Gone are the days where you need to hide your intuition or sensitivity. Ok, some people still won’t get it, but don’t let them hold you back, inspire them with your courage and inner peace!

As more people wake up out of the hypnosis of judgment, guilt, and fear, and doing things out of fear or because other people expect them too then the balance will naturally tip towards love and healing. You will remember (along with everyone else) that you are linked to a Divine power within to create and manifest your highest vision of life with ease!

Part of ascending means that you need let go of situations that are linked to the old fear-based ways of living- like staying in a job or relationship you don’t like because of the money or fears that you’ll’ never find anything better.

Any thought or belief that you choose from fear or a lack and scarcity mentality holds you back, blocking you from the abundance, love, and purpose that wants to come in for you. When you make choices knowing that there are infinite possibilities you connect with amazing synchronicity and opportunities will open for you. You will stop attracting the lower energies that sabotage your life because your belief system of fear is no longer there to control you.

Pay attention to any deep calling you have right now to start your dream business, launch a new idea, change location, take a bucket list trip, or learn a new skill. These feelings are guiding you to make a shift to a higher vibe. It may feel hard to change but take that first step and you will open doors to support and guidance you have never felt before! You will start to see that being in a higher frequency is a commitment and a choice!

In the process of healing those old patterns and letting go of toxic situations, you will sense that new energetic vibrations are downloading into your mind and body. These codes are a new program for your inner computer, shifting your awarenessto a higher perspective, giving you guidance to follow and connecting you with new possibilities and people that will help you.

We have entered a time of new beginnings and this means that these new vibrational “codes” are now available to you if you are open to them.These codes are packages of energy which are downloaded into your mind and body as you grow and learn.

Ascending does not all happen at once, it occurs in layers, we awaken each time we overcome a challenge and listen to our soul for guidance rather than our fear based ego. Please don’t worry, no one is “better” or faster than another, everthing happens in perfect timing and we are all learning in this schoolroom called life!

Are you Ascending right now? there are 3 positions you may be holding in the process:  either feel stuck, frustrated , anxious and desperately want change with no idea how to get there, this means you are on the brink of a big ascension, but you need to let go of all the old patterns, fears and beliefs holding you back. The old crap is too heavy for you and it is weighing your vibe down. It is not the real you but you need to take action! Set some clear intentions and ask your angels to guide you. Look for opportunities to learn about yourself, and change, learn about energy, and manifesting, commit to overcoming your negativity. Use affirmations and allow yourself to be guided to a genuine teacher or mentor. This is a time to be assisted, not to do everything alone.
You cannot shift from low vibe to high vibe by reading a book, it takes commitment. ( contact me if you need some help I have an amazing new program and healing course to help you to wake up and find your soul purpose.

2-You are standing in the midst of a sudden uplevel to your life like the new direction in your career, or meeting a new love. You may be experiencing fears such as fear of failure or uncertainty but you know you can’t go backward. The new energy is supporting you but you need to tap into it more fully so you can adapt and lean into it.

Meditation and rest are important, you need to tune into your guidance and release the echoes of old fear. Let yourself be guided to new wisdom, there is more to learn. You may need some help getting over the line and downloading the new energies. Make sure you keep your mind attuned to the higher vibes. Do not let the past creep back in and sabotage you!
or 3. you are feeling content and excited, a place where you feel peace and harmony, knowing you can manifest what you need at any moment and you are fully connected to the stream of good with little fear. You see, feel, hear and know your angel’s guidance and you are at one with yourself and the process of life. You have let go of a lot of heavy past energy but you have learned so much. You understand a meaning behind your challenges and seek wisdom to help you go forward.  You will be guided to take your life to the next level where you share your gifts and light with all. You are still open and humble and ready to open up even more!

The new codes of abundance are here for us all, so you can manifest all that you need and step into a life you love while feeling connected and excited.

Ascension means to rise up and release the beliefs and vibrations holding you in unworthiness, lovelessness, and struggle.
It is time for you to finally claim your wholeness, your worthiness, and your divine life purpose!
It is time to heal from the grip of fear. You will no longer allow anxiety, guilt, and exhaustion to hold you back and keep you in a state of struggle  wondering when it will all fall into place!

If you are over struggling and you would like my help to move with ease, clarity, divine direction, worthiness, joy, and confidence
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Angel blessings!
Rachel Scoltock x
Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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