Archangel Uriel


Archangel Uriel’s name means “God is my Light” or ‘Divine Light”.

These accurately describe this radiant, golden Archangel who will help you to shine your light into the world by guiding you the best avenues to fulfil your Divine Life Purpose.

Uriel clears messy emotional patterns  & drops inspired ideas and Divine solutions into your consciousness, when you most need them.

I invoke Archangel Uriel when I need an inspired idea for my business or a solution that seeems out of my reach. This practice has never let me down.

Uriel helps you to enact these perfect ideas in practical & spiritual ways, he gives you courage and gently clears fear and low self esteem.

One of my favorite ways in which Archangel Uriel can help is to lend you his golden light so you become more magnetic and able to be “seen”. Whether you need more clients for your business, or a loving partner, new friends, new followers, new abundnace- you are more likely to attract the right people and situations when you are shining your authentic light!

He’ll clear away those energies which shroud and dull your inner light so you can reach your full potential.

Archangel Uriel is infinitely wise & kindly. He carries a glowing torch, always directing you to your highest good & the next best steps.

Signs that Archangel Uriel is with you include
💛 images of globes, torches and lanterns
💛number 111
💛Yellow flowers, feathers & orbs

💛He is linked to electricity and light so look for flashes, light beams & lightning.

I invoke Archangel Uriel daily as part of my spiritual team.
He is a fantastic help in attracting the right people and placing situations and people on my path who need the angel’s help.

If you’re looking for ways to shine your light into the world, attract what and who you need, while clearing the fear; Join me for the  Archangel Uriel Golden Light Attunement Event on November 19th 2021 (November 18th in the Northern Hemisphere)

Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock

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  1. matt quintos

    i was once visited by angel uriel in my dream he gave his golden coat , and he said dont worry i am protected

    • Rachel

      A wonderful comforting angel visitation!

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