Archangel Michael Channeling about the New Year.

Beloved one. You may not see me but I AM with you, once you call upon me you need not worry because you and your loved ones are under my wing from that moment onward.
There is much excitement in the non physical realm for you on earth at this time. The change over to the new year on your calendar has coincided with a great shift of energy leaving your sphere, these energies are ready finally, to move away from your vibrational atmosphere and will have a strong influence on you individually and together. This is a joyful time, there is nothing to fear. I am with you.
Much like a slow moving avalanche these forces have been leaving your experience for some time, however you were not quite ready to live the new reality that this full release would bring and for many reasons, you have requested that they be held within and around you. This request was granted However, now they can no longer stay. The time has come. To hold back one is to hold back all.
This is a time of great light and the breaking of the barriers within you to that light.
Think of any changes and even loss as the shattering of a shell within which you have been sleeping. This cocoon has given you a limited experience of your scope and power.
You have translated these limitations as feeling trapped in circumstances, believing yourself  a victim, unworthy or unable to proceed. You have been frustrated because you know your light and power and yet you felt held back.
This is why dear one, your shell can no longer stay with you, these energies must go because they are no longer a comfort.
It is my work to be of service for your protection and it is my promise to you that  you are safe, your safety is a given. Without these energies you will soon taste your own freedom and power like never before. Your manifestations will be faster and clearer, you can choose to step into your power and as you do you will feel and see life expand. You have the opportunity to let go of your history and patterns that bound you.
Many ( animals and people) have chosen to leave earth during recent times, their presence and light have carried you individually and together to this point and can now leave having carried out their purpose. With your newfound freedom you will see and know that though their bodies have vanished their spirit lives on with you and in the non physical realm.  You will know their presence and feel their joy as they move with you in a more flexible way.
Your angels are with you always, we are here as your guardians and protectors. You are spiritually safe always. Let yourself live in joy.
I am Michael Angel of Light.
Channeled by Rachel Scoltock 27/12/16

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