Everything You Need to Know about Archangel Michael

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Archangel Michael is considered the ultimate angel of protectoin.

A large, powerful angelic being with huge white feathered wings and a mighty presence. He carries a shield to protect against negativity and a sword which burns with the blue flame of transmutation.

Sometimes referred to St Michael, he uses his sword to sweep away, dissolve and detach all manifestations of fear and lends you his shield to protect you from all harm.

Archangel Michael’s role includes protecting humanity against the forces of fear.

When called on for assistance Archangel Michael will immediately go to work to bring you to safety boosting your courage so you can overcome any challenge on your path.

Archangel Michael’s protection may be instantaneous or can include instructions which he gives you by inspiring your thoughts, information you receive via books or other people or you might hear his words directing you to take action.

For instance: On a long road trip I noticed I was being tailgated, the driver was gesticulating rudely and revving close to my bumper. I asked for Archangel Michael, thinking the car would back off, but it didn’t.

I heard guidance to keep going at a steady speed and not look in my mirror. Within a few minutes I spotted a policeman with a radar gun by the road. The tailgaters pulled off the highway into a service station as soon as they noticed him,and I was able to keep going safely to my destination. 

When you receive Archangel Michael’s Divine guidance it’s very important that you act upon it without hesitation.

When driving I always invoke Archangel Michael before my trip. I often see a blue flash of light when Archangel Michael is warning me of an accident ahead, a dangerous driver or police. i saw that flash of light that day on the highway, and I knew it meant the police were nearby.

Invoke Archangel Michael whenever you feel vulnerable and you’ll instantly feel safe and calm.

His presence acts as a bright light blasting away all darkness and fear from within and around you.He teaches that fear is not as powerful as Divine Love, and you can overcome fear and anxiety in your life with his help.

Worries and irrational fears disappear, if you are genuinely in danger he will guide you away from it.

Though St Michael is the patron saint of military personel, law enforcement, mariners, paratroupers and strangely…Grocers! He is also considered the Lightworkers Angel, he helps those who feel drawn to a life of service to discover and work on their life Purpose.

If you are seeking direction, purpose or making a significant positive life change it’s wise to call on Archangel Michael for his wisdom and direction, he’ll give you the courage to overcome procrastination and you’ll soon find yourself taking steps in the direction of your dreams.

Under Archangel Michael’s direction you will likely  feel guided to let go of toxic negative behaviours, relationships and situations which are keeping you away from your soul purpose. Trust these intuitive nudges and you’ll soon find yourself living a more positive and successful life.

Archangel Michael’s guidance is direct, loud and easy to understand. 

You can’t miss Michael the archangel when he shows up for you. You’ll recognise this protective Archangel through bright purple and neon blue orbs, sparks and auras.

Many sense his presence as intense heat. You’ll also notice a sense of safety, calm and uplifting energy..

Occasionally Archangel Michael will manifest in human form to offer protection, rescue or advice, I have had several such visits & heard of many. I wrote about one of these visits Archangel Michael in another blog.

His presence is not always so obvious but he’ll send others to help you out of difficult situations: a much needed call from a friend in a moment of despair, a passing car on an empty road to help you with a flat tyre!

Archangel Michael sends powerful signs such as large white feathers, purple and blue flashes and orbs,images of himself, his name and known symbols of protection. One of the signs Archangel Michael regularly sends to me is the Superman logo which I often see when I’ve requested his protection.

Archangel Michael’s name literally translates as He Who is Like God but during a recent channeling he related his name meaning as “The Power of God”.

Like all angels, St Michael is non-denominational, belonging to no particular belief or religious system,  Archangel Michael is there for all who are willing call on him, your faith, beliefs and background do not matter.

Angels predate religion, they’re ancient guides of pure love and light who protect, heal and direct us when we are open to them, their assistance deepens.

How to Invoke Archangel Michael

You can summon Archangel Michael’s presence and ask for his help and protection informally using your own words, or formally using a prayer or invokation.

I’ve included a special PDF of Archangel Michael Prayers and Invocations for you to download and print here.Archangel Michael Prayers By Rachel Scoltock PDF


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Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium



  1. Sue

    Thank you Rachel for reminding me how wonderful Archangel Michael is.
    How he can guide and protect us and how he will send a clear sign if needed.

    • Rachel Scoltock

      You are welcome Sue, thank you for reading!


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