Angels Schmangels how to beat your inner ( & outer) Skeptic

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I clearly remember the first time I placed a sign outside my house announcing that I did Angel Readings. I did not sleep for that first week. My mind went crazy with fear. I imagined an angry lynch mob at my gate. I wondered if I was delusional, perhaps even mad. My inner skeptic went beserk and all of my insecurities came out for a parade.

I was not burnt at the stake but I did attract a bit of negative attention, a few snarky comments by friends, a snort or two of disgust from strangers and my family were a little “concerned”.  Other than that it went quite well and my first clients soon booked in, much to my horror.

I  tempered my anxiety with an hour of meditation & ritual to prepare and calm me, I could only see two clients a day for all the mental energy it took me to get ready.

Strong emotion and insecurity always attracts the object of fear in some form and mine came via a woman I will call Jennifer. Jen had the demeanor of a bulldog chewing a wasp, I did not need my third eye to know that the folded arms and stony silence meant an hour of torture for me. I prayed like crazy for the angels to beam me up somewhere less painful, but nothing happened and so I asked for her questions.  She told me that I was psychic so I should know what she wanted. ( To make me weep it seemed) She was never going to let me in past her wall of anger I was on a downhill slope to nowhere. I didn’t cry until later.

That was a turning point for me. When I recovered I realized that was a lesson. That my self doubt attracted this experience and if I was to go on I had to put my faith in my angels and my abilities and let go of all that fear. I will always be grateful to Jennifer for helping me to release my inner skeptic. I gave all of my fear to my angels, I acknowledged I was nervous of getting it “wrong” and I asked them to guide me to open clients and I asked again to be able to help people. I never had another Jennifer.

Step one of beating the skeptic is to acknowledge and then release your own fear of judgement. Your negative voice will tell you that others will think you are mad if you believe in angels, your ego is going to have a field day. When you feel fear your psychic vibes are not even switched on. To be intuitive, notice signs and receive angel messages you need to be relaxed, open and receptive.  Think about, it fear equals fight or flight- who can meditate when your body is saying “run for your life!”

Psychics for the most part are genuine people who want to help and heal. They cannot see “all” and are not mind readers. Jen wanted me to perform, to prove myself I had neither the confidence or the will to do that. I wanted to help. I have found that focusing on being of service, completely healed my fear of judgement, now ten years on it barely has a pulse.

So, you want to believe in angels,but you are skeptical, If only you had proof! I invite you to suspend your judgement a while because if you stay closed and fearful nothing can get through. Angels are not above an experiment or two, so give yourself a period of a month to conduct your experiment to find out whether Angels do exist before you dismiss them completely and miss out on a life time of potential joy and assistance!  You don’t have to tell anyone, in fact better if you don’t just yet.

Start the conversation with the alleged angels. Ask for signs. You might say/write/ think something like ” Hi angels, I am not sure if I believe in you. If you are really there, give me a sign that I cannot miss. A clear indisputable sign, in fact give me three signs.”

Signs can be in any form so don’t specify how the sign comes, just be open and wait and see. Angels can be quite inventive and funny. ( I have found feathers in the most weird places) They will put something in front of you that you cannot deny. You just have to allow yourself to notice them. Remind yourself that you are doing this by repeating the request every morning.

The next step  is to ask for help with something. Make it small to begin with. You can ask them to fix your career, relationship, finances of course, but these things are emotionally loaded and you have a big investment in them. So for the purpose of this experiment, ask the angels to help you with small things. Maybe to help find something that  you have mislaid or to get you out of a fix of some kind.

My first experience of this was amazing, I asked for a lift up a steep hill in a city. Within seconds a city bus stopped and picked me up, I was walking, back to the traffic and the bus driver was finished for the day.  So, ask, be spontaneous and willing to receive what comes.

When I teach angel workshops the inner skeptic is noticeable amongst the eager frightened crowd.  They all have someone at home who probably thinks it’s twaddle and have told them so. Some are pretending to be at a art class or shopping in another town. The best way to calm them down is to remind them to trust their feelings, Intuitive people are sensitive and live by their feelings. Trust your feelings not your fears. Angels feel lovely.

Angels can speak to you in many ways.  You might see them in your minds eye or with your physical eyes, You will begin see evidence of them everywhere as you start looking. You might hear them, or feel them as a light touch or breeze through your hair in a closed room, an indent on your bed, a nudge or a tap on your shoulder. But you will  sense them emotionally too, they feel like love. Most people weep, or their body floods with goosebumps or heat when angels are close.

Angels are loving guides, protectors and healers, that will carry you through your challenges and create magic around you. They will bring you signs when you most need them and you will know with out a doubt that you are not alone.

My greatest wish is that you conquer your inner skeptic and open your heart and mind to let Angels in. You won’t regret it.

Rachel Scoltock




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