Dear Angels at Uluru Guests

Hooray! You are coming to Uluru!

There is a list of some important things you need to know, do and bring!

Please read this to the end before you travel. You will find this information helpful and it will add to your amazing experience.

Dates of Angels at Uluru 2022

Thursday 20th October 2022 to Monday 24th October 2022

You need to arrive and check in on Thursday 20th October
You need to check out and depart on Monday 24th October
Flights need to land at AYQ Ayers rock Airport.

You are booked into the gorgeous Desert Gardens Resort for 4 nights.

We meet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the Retreat Program.

If you wish to extend your stay, you need to arrange that personally with the resort well in advance.

Anangu/Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra

The Anangu (traditional owners of Uluru) live near Uluru in the community of Mutitjulu within the national park.

The whole area is their land, and we are visitors to it. It is up to everyone to be respectful, self responsible and safe. There are many places you can’t walk, or photograph please follow the directions of Anangu, National parks staff and sign posts.

English is not the first language of the beautiful Anangu, they speak several languages including Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra.

This is an extreme dry, harsh yet stunningly beautiful landscape. You will feel the powerful energy of this sacred site when you are there.

Always stick to the paths, carry drinking water and wear a hat and other appropriate clothing. Longer walks should be done with others.

You cannot climb Uluru and there are several places where you cannot touch, photograph or walk at Uluru and KataTjuta.

Please-note I do not want people on this retreat who have negative opinions of the Traditional Owners of the land. I will not accept racism, prejudice or any denigrating remarks from anyone and you will be asked to leave if this occurs.

We also need to be respectful of the spiritual laws and culture of Anangu.

You cannot climb Uluru and there are several places where you cannot touch, photograph or walk at Uluru and KataTjuta.

Covid Precautions

While the covid situation is ever improving restriction wise. Please bring spare medical masks with you incase we need to use them on transport and during the tour.

You are responsible for taking all the covid precautions, following the resort, NT government and Australian Government guidelines and keeping updated with any changes on before and during your trip.

Here are some useful links

If you are traveling from overseas keep an eye on changes to international border rules


**Please send me details of your travel arrangements/ flight including your flight number and when you are arriving and departing***

  • You need to fly in and out of Ayers Rock Airport AYQ
  • Flights depart from most major Australian Cities to AYQ
  • There is a free shuttle bus between the airport and the resort 20 minutes away.
  • I suggest you book your flights with a travel agent as soon as possible.
  • Alice Springs the nearest town is over 450 km away to the North.

Travel Agents are worth using in this time of uncertainty as the world goes back to normal. They keep on top of any flight changes and will inform you of anything you need to know, theyll even help with any hiccups and give you advise if needed. You won’t have to spend hours on hold to airlines!

I use Mid Coast Travel and Cruise. They are incredibly helpful and friendly: +61 2 65 682777
Please buy travel insurance. It is part of the condition of attending and will bring you peace of mind for around $50.

Ayers Rock Resort

Please know that Yulara and the area are lovely, modern, very safe , friendly and comfortable. Many people imagine it to be a typical dusty old outback motel, which couldn’t be further than the truth. The facilities are 4 and 5 star and there are lots of fabulous facilities and sealed roads to and from Uluru , the airport and the resort itself.

Yulara is the township on the edge of the Uluru/ Kata Tjuta National Park which includes the Ayers Rock Resort. It has a supermarket, school, medical centre, post office, fuel station, bank, newsagent, gift shops, tour and information bureau, restaurants, hotel bars, pools, a pizza and pasta restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, hairdresser, spa.

There are several high quality accommodation choices which are all part of the same resort. A camping ground, a motel, apartments, and 3 hotels all of which I can recommend. You will be staying at the Desert Gardens Hotel as part of your ticket unless you booked a special ticket and decided on your own accommodation. (Contact me if you are planning this as I need to know )

Everthing is linked via a sealed loop road and paved walkways. There are shuttle buses between all the hotels and the townsquare shops. The sealed road takes you to the airport and down to Uluru, and KataTjuta.

If you booked on the retreat inclusive of accommodation you are staying at one of my favourite hotels: Desert gardens. It is an oasis of beautiful gardens with well appointed rooms. It has a beautiful restaurant and bistro and is a short pleasant walk from Town Square and the venue for our retreat.

You will be given your room number on arrival- you are booked as part of our “Angels at Uluru” group booking and your bag will be taken to your room.

There are lookouts near the hotel where you can view Uluru!

(If you decided to book your own accommodation please book it asap and let me know where you will be staying.)


You are booked on 2 tours as part of your Angels at Uluru Retreat:

1- An Anangu tour of sacred sites at the base of Uluru with traditional owners Sunday 23rd October 2022 7 am -12 noon. (times may change between now and the event)

2- The Sounds of Silence Dinner Experience– Sunday 23rd October. The group will be picked up 1 hour prior to sunset for a 4 hour dining experience under the stars in view of Uluru.

Includes: Outback style canapes, A three-course bush tucker inspired buffet, overlooking sunset at Uluru, with a Didgeridoo performance, A guided tour of the night sky and Return transfers

  • You have the option to book yourself on other private tours at your own expense in your free time after or before retreat program sessions.
  • Please check that your tours do not start or end during retreat sessions.
  • You can also book a tour for the Thursday PM after you arrive.
  • Please book tours in advance through the resort to avoid disappointment.
  • If you have a car/ or book a bus you can also travel to the National park yourself and take in the view or walk one of the amazing shorter walking tracks at the base of Uluru and KataTjuta.

The basewalk is over 10km around the base and is best done in the early morning. Allow 3-4 hours. Take lots of water.

I finish the Friday and Saturday group sessions around 4 pm, before the sunset tour pick up times so you can see the sunset over Uluru, ride a helicopter, harley or camel at sunset or pack snacks and drive yourself to the Sunset viewing area.
Sunrise tours are also well worth the early start. Make sure your transfers get you back to the resort before our programmed session.


On Sunday afternoon you will have Free time until around 4 pm when we leave for the Sounds of Silence Dinner.
I recommend the following tours: Camels at Sunset or Sunrise, Sunset or Sunrise viewing, Helicopter, and any of the free Indigenous guided tours at the resort: Bush Tucker Tour, Story telling. Self guided walks at Kantu Gorge or Mala Walk.

You cannot walk to Uluru from the resort and there are no Ubers or Taxis. Your options are shuttle buses, tour coaches, or a hire car.

I thoroughly recommend hiring a car -or sharing one-(book in advance) you can whizz up and down the easy sealed road to the National Park as often as you like to catch the sunset or sunrise, or drive out to Kata Tjuta. It takes about 20 minutes to drive to the Sunset viewing area from the resort.
There are shuttle buses too which take a little longer and run on a schedule.
National Park pass. You need to purchase your $38 -3 day pass at the resort or at the entry gate to enter the National Park.

What to Bring/ Wear

Uluru and Kata Tjuta National park are wilderness areas. Very dry desert like environments and you need to be aware of the climate when you pack. When you are outdoors and on any tours you need to dress for the outdoors, be sunsmart and wear protective clothing.
The days can be hot and dry, and the evenings and night cool.
It can rain, which is amazing when it happens. Last year we saw waterfalls and rain on the rock! It was spectacular.

Please pack for both the resort and the outdoors. Taking into consideration dry hot weather. The walking tracks around Uluru are gravel/sand and unsealed, there are pot holes, and sometimes puddles. The entire base walk of Uluru is 10.6 km!

We are only doing a relatively short walk during our time at the base of Uluru, however please wear closed in, comfortable walking shoes.

Don’t wear sandals or heels! You can wear sandals in the resort and around the pool. Leave your heels at home.

Wear something smart casual for the Sounds of Silence Dinner, bring a jacket, and wear boots or closed shoes, you’ll be walking over red sand dunes to your table!

The bright red earth and sand around Uluru does stain and it gets everywhere. So if you have a fav pair of pure white trainers or a white dress then perhaps don’t bring them or don’t wear them outside the hotel!

Wear comfy layers for the retreat workshop aspect, you’ll be sitting down, or laying down for mediations and we will be indoors in aircon.

Here is what I suggest you bring:

  • A wide brimmed hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant
  • Strong walking shoes/ Trainers
  • Socks
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants/trousers for sun protection
  • A sarong or cotton scarf
  • A Jacket
  • At least one warm jumper/ Fleece
  • Rain jacket just in case
  • Warm layers for the evenings
  • Beanie and scarf for nighttime.
  • Retreat clothing: Layered comfortable clothing, socks, slippers or comfy shoes.
  • Whatever you like!
  • Swimmers (there are 2 stunning hotel pools)
  • Evening wear- smart casual
  • Sounds of Silence Dinner- smart casual, layers to wrap up as the sun goes down, we will be walking over red sand
  • Camera/ Phone/ Charger (with plenty of space for photos)
  • A deck of Angel Cards (any with detailed images such as Archangel Power Tarot or any Radleigh Valentine or D Virtue decks)
  • Toiletries
  • The resort has hairdryers but if you are camping byo.
  • A daypack
  • Water bottle
  • Medical Masks/ hand sanitizer
  • Space in your suitcase for any gifts you purchase.
  • Cash incase you want to buy bargain Indigenous Art from a local $50-up to $500. There is an ATM at the resort.
  • A good moisturizer and lipbalm (the desert is very drying on the skin)
  • Sunglasses/ reading glasses
  • Driving license/ passport if you’re from overseas

Book any spa appointments in advance.
Come with an open heart and mind, take only photographs, leave only footprints and love
IGA at Yulara is a very well stocked supermarket with lovely fresh fruit, gluten free and dairy free options, toiletries and all the stuff you might need or forget.

Please let me know any dietery needs as well as any other special needs well in advance for the Sounds of Silence dinner and the morning teas.


Respect for group members and facilitators, all people, including the Anangu.

Respect the laws of the land, the rules of the resort and surrounding areas.

Attend group sessions on time. Let me know if you need to leave on time for a tour after the retreat sessions.

Keep interruptions to a minimum in group sessions/ tours. Help everyone to have a great time!

Please do not use retreat time to promote your business, sell products, services or collect emails for business purposes to the group. Inappropriate.

No alcohol or drugs to be consumed during or before any retreat sessions or tours (if you have a drink with dinner at the Sounds of Silence dinner that is fine in moderation)

Confidentiality- I ask that you keep confidential any personal information shared by anyone in our retreat sessions

We will keep discussion respectful, loving, high vibe and kind, focused around program topics- angels, meditation, guidance, healing, etc.

We will not discuss religion, politics, medical choices or beliefs, fear based theories, fear based spiritual beliefs. Your personal thoughts are yours alone. Stick to the program ?

Refunds are not possible. Cancellation leaves me with tours, rooms and other aspects already paid for and without the ability to fill the spot.

If you are bringing a friend or partner who is not paid / booked on the retreat then that is okay, you need to let me know well in advance. They may need to book their own accommodation or you need to clear it with me and the resort first. They cannot attend group sessions/ tours though.

Anyone coming to Uluru during these dates, but not booking on the retreat will not be able to join group activities or have time with me. It is not possible while I hold space for the group. Sorry.

I do not offer private readings or healings during the retreat.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Send your questions to

I am so looking forward to seeing you at this amazing event.

Angel Blessings Rachel x