Finances and spirituality can be a touchy subject, whenever I teach about abundance some people get quite edgy. Maybe they believe it is wrong to ask for financial help from our Divine Angels and God, or they scoff at the idea that finances can be improved with a spiritual practice, change in attitude, thoughts and prayers.

It seems impossible doesn’t it? Either you have money or you don’t. If you earn $422. 75 a week how could you possibly increase that amount with out taking another job or winning the lottery? If your pockets are empty or your bank account overdrawn, how can an angel help?

Actually lots, but if this sounds like you,,before we start, have a little scream or take a deep breath and then put your skeptical mind aside for a few minutes. It won’t cost you anything but a little time.

I know that Divine energy does not support poverty or lack. It is not selfish to ask for security with some to spread around. Believing this will keep you perpetually poor. If you decide there is not enough to go around then as a loving person you cannot possibly allow yourself more because that means some one somewhere misses out. It is neither holy or loving to be poor just as it’s not evil to be wealthy. These are negative ideas that need weeding out of your consciousness with some healthy self questioning.

When you are secure you are a lot more fun…  you have more positive energy to share and you don’t feel so needy and alone. Struggle is not spiritual.

I love the Wayne Dyer quote “when you change the way you look at things , the things you look at change.” because it is true. I know it seems hard to wrangle your mind around from some subjects because that is for the most part how we are trained and if you watch television, read or talk to people you are going to encounter the world view  at some point.

This perspective generally goes that success and money are limited and to gain them you have to work hard or be lucky or born into it. It seems difficult to come by, The economy amongst other factors can affect your personal wealth and your earnings are fixed by your income via job, partner or social security etc.

Most people worry about finances not for the present but the future, there is a constant fear of not enough which can be debilitating if only they could be in the moment and realize “right here and now I am ok ” and let tomorrow take care of itself when it arrives.

The spiritual view of material security is that The Universe ( God/ Divine Source) is the source of your supply and that supply flows to you via lots of channels.  Your supply is unlimited in every way and as you focus on the abundance that is out there, you will start to attract it towards you.  This is the Law of energy, what we think about and how we see things affects our experience of them.

Think about what happens when you buy a new car, you see those cars everywhere.. When you are really focused on something it shows up over and over again.

The small print to this Universal law, reads : Focusing on how little you seem to have in words, thoughts and action will close down the supply as will feelings of unworthiness. Be grateful and look for evidence of abundance in your own life and around you. NEVER say you are “broke”.

Most people swing wildly between the world view and the spiritual view for a time when they are learning spiritual abundance, they may experience a shift into more but a drop in this flow will send them running back to familiar territory. Changing your beliefs and holding any new vibration takes practice. This is where the angels come in.

Asking the angels for help is not an airy fairy wishful thinking act of desperation but a very sensible thing to do ( cut and paste this to your fridge!) Here is why:

  • Praying for help with finances (or anything) beats worrying hands down every time. If you pray you are taking positive action rather than sinking into a negative swamp. Worry looks like grey clouds around a person’s energy field, these clouds of fear block you in every way possible. ( there is a simple prayer at the end of this blog)
  • Angels are filled with light and when you are feeling fearful light is exactly what you need. The light filled energy will clear your clouds and surround you with positive vibes, leaving you more receptive to solutions , creative ideas and guidance.
  • Our Angels are wonderful coaches they shift your mind and help you to remember your affirmations and how the spiritual truth is the real truth about money. When you slip into scarcity thinking the angels will nudge you back to your new intention.
  • Guidance: signs, messages, ideas, chance meetings, synchronistic moments, emergency cash, refunds, discounts, gifts from long lost aunties, and so on. Your Angels will bring you abundance in surprising ways or guide you to the person who is about to offer you the job of your dreams, or the voluntary spot that leads to a paid position. Get ready to take action it is not about waiting for the cash to arrive at your feet.
  • Healing and comfort. Divine energy comes rushing in as soon as we ask for help. Feeling insecure can create a lot of pain which of course blocks the goodies from flowing in.
  • Angels are prosperous, they come from the Divine source, as we do, and  with no ego’s they know nothing about lack. Their presence shuts your ego up so you can do what it takes to bring the dollars in.

Your personal economy really does rely on your beliefs,you can choose to believe that you are affected by everyone else out there or you can take back your power and acknowledge that you are one with the Divine and that in spiritual truth lack does not exist. Gratitude is the best way to empower yourself. You will realize how much you do have right now, and you will stop looking for evidence that there is not enough. Try it right now.

It may seem that nothing can change and whilst you believe that of course it cannot. The fact is that you can’t possibly have thought of everything, your ego believes you know it all, when you do not. Look back over past problems that resolved you would have needed a crystal ball to figure it out in advance. I have had the most miraculous solutions come to me when all seemed lost, I know others who have experienced the same.

Abundance is energy, just as time, vitality and love are. Your personal energy affects how these energies flow toward or away from you. What are you doing that could be repelling energy?  Are you allowing  anything in? You can pray and pray but if you are defensive, self absorbed, picky or hard nosed independent then how can anything or anyone get past your barriers? Open your heart and mind a little and be willing to say yes to help, possibilities and ideas.

Make room for money, If you are crowded out with possessions and clutter, keep what you love and clear the rest out. Pass on some of your abundance to others and open the doors for flow. Hoarding is a statement of fear that someday there won’t be enough

Giving is another gateway to change, give away what you feel like you need. ( perhaps not the last can of baked beans) but giving does affirm that there will be more, it also attracts more. When you give with love it definitely gets mirrored back to you down the track. You have to do it without a sense of expectation or trading, ( people sense your agenda and rebel) give with a generous heart knowing that there is plenty to share around, give not to get but because you can. Like our Angels do!

Here is a simple prayer and healing for scarcity and align you with abundance.

Divine Source, Angels of prosperity, guardian angel and Archangel Ariel ( Archangel of abundance),

Please help me to heal my finances.I am willing to release my fears about money to you right now. (breathe deeply). I now let go of my conviction that I do not and will not have enough and I allow the possibility that prosperity in all of it’s forms is available to me. I open my heart, mind and arms to receiving good and I now act, think and speak in terms of abundance.

Angels please surround me and fill me with your light, clear my energetic blocks to abundance. I now affirm that God is the source of my supply and that I deserve good. I am financially secure with plenty to share and to spare.

I would really love……( ask for what you need….don’t be afraid to ask for emergency cash)

Thank you for all that I have and all that is coming. Amen

With love and angel blessings

Rachel Scoltock

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