Dream Visitations and Angel Hugs

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Did you know that some of the most profound angel visitations can happen at night in the dream state?

When you sleep your skeptical ego-mind is also snoozing. This allows the angels and deceased loved ones in spirit to bypass any barriers and make a deep connection that you won’t forget.

A dream intervention is a very vivid and emotional experience that stays with you for a long time.

Those who have had dream visitations commonly experience intense colorful visions, strong emotions, which is made complete with warm loving hug.

Spiritual hugs are hard to describe with words. You feel enveloped in pure love, which lifts your burdens and leaves you in no doubt that angels exist.

If you’re lucky enough to meet a passed over loved one in your dreams, you will know you’ve spent time with them.

The sense of peace and love lingers for a long time.

It is as if Heaven opens a door for a moment to give you access.

The angels use these moments to deliver unconditional love and comfort in a way that is physically and emotionally palpable for you.

An angel hug is a message without words, a Divine healing and an intervention all at once!

These kind of visitations most often happen when you sleep but they can also occur in meditations and other times when you’re vibration is heightened.

Here are 4 situations where you can experience an Angel Visitation and Hug

1- In your night time dreams: A dream intervention feels different from your usual dreams.  The encounter feels real and vivid on an emotional and physical level.These dreams happen when you most need comfort and reassurance. You’ll feel completely loved and the experience will stay with you.

2- In a deep meditative state:  An angel meditation can lead to some powerful and palpable experiences. You may feel the angels gently touch your shoulder, face, or head, or sense a supportive hand on your back. If you’re lucky you will feel arms or wings enveloping you in a hug.

3- When you are emotional:  Angels sometimes step in when you are in deep distress. Your heightened emotions make you more receptive. You may sense an angel wrapping their wings or arms around you, leaving you feeling calm and peaceful.

4- During an angelic healing session or group meditation: The angels use these opportunities to deliver intense healing and remove negative emotional energy. I’ve been present with clients when they received a heavenly hug. It’s deeply moving to witness their happy tearful faces and bright eyes.

Angel hugs are more likely to happen in these situations because your ego mind is temporarily on pause, which makes you more receptive to the presence of angels and other spiritual beings.

Guided meditations and healings raise your frequency to the level of the angels.

How to Experience this for yourself.

There are no guarentees, but it’s more likely if you set a clear intention to receive an angel visitation. Ask your angels to visit you and give you a hug. The Law of Free Will means that angels can’t intervene in your life without your permission.

Before you fall asleep each night, ask your guardian angel to enter your dreams to help you with something. You can use my Meet Your Angel guided meditation before bedtime to align your intentions.

Do your best to detach and let go of when and how this visitation happens. If you try to force an angel visitation on your timeline, you will block the experience.

Trust that your angel visitation will happen in Divine timing

You can’t force any spiritual experience by demanding angels appear, hug you or deliver a sign. Like all angel interventions, angel hugs are very special and not to be taken for granted or demanded.

oh… and when it happens write and tell me! I love to hear and share angel stories.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

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Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock x



  1. Renee


    I wanted to write because I had the most incredible experience last night. Before I went to sleep, I asked my guardian angel to come visit give me a hug. I was not feeling well and very emotional. During the night, I all of a sudden felt this slight breeze and heard the flapping of wings or flutter, then I felt someone hugging me. At first, I was startled and froze but I remembered I had asked for a hug from my guardian angel and realized I was being hugged by my angel.

    • Rachel

      Hi Renee, How beautiful, your angel responded quickly to your request! Thank you for sharing this.
      I am glad you got to experience the angel hug.
      Love and blessings
      Rachel x

  2. Helen

    I had the strangest experience last night in my dream I saw a figure in the distance larger than life and glowing with light all around them. They had their arms outstretched to me. I could not see a face but I had an inate feeling of joy and excitement and that I was running into the arms of a very familiar person. They hugged me and I woke up but I wasn’t afraid it was a lovely calming feeling. I just wish I understood what it was.

    • Rachel

      Hi Helen, that sounds exactly what I describe in this blog. You were visited by an angel!!

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