Angelic Help for Mercury Retrograde

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Did you know that there are specific angels to guide and protect you when Mercury is in Retrograde ?

When the planet of communication goes backwards, we’ve come to expect all kinds of mishaps from technological glitches, heightened emotions, miscommunications, arguments and misunderstandings.


These predictions of potential disaster  plus the general crankiness of our fellow humans can make you feel pretty powerless, but the angels teach us that we are NEVER helpless victims, no matter what the planets are doing!


With the angels’ help you can counteract the negative influences of Mercury Retrograde, protect your energy and tap into the positive aspects of this transition to clear some ego aspects and manifest your intentions.

Which Angels Can Help with Mercury Retrograde

The angel to invoke when the planet of communication goes backwards is Archangel Gabriel the Messenger angel who rules communication of all kinds.

If you ask, Archangel Gabriel will become your guardian angel for Mercury Retrogrades, and help you to avoid miscommunications, smooth your connection to others and to gently guide you back into your higher self if fear takes over.

Archangel Gabriel is amazing for helping you to find the perfect words both written and spoken.

Angel Gabriel will also help others to be receptive when you have something important to say.

When tech issues come up, I call on Archangel Michael because he’s amazing at mending electronics and internet related mishaps.

If he can’t fix it he’ll line you up with helpful high integrity people who can do it for you.

As Mercury Retro x can magnify our emotional and mental energies (good and bad), both of these powerful Archangels can be relied on to help you to re-centre your thoughts when you feel stressed, scared or irritable, ask them to cloak you in light to protect your sensitive energy if the world feels a little harsher than usual.

Ask your angels to to help you to slow down, and breath during this time so you can tune into your intuition. This will go a long way to avoiding potential problems.

Accentuate the Positives

Remember that Mercury retrograde doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a tough time!

Your mind is more powerful than you realize,  you can trip yourself up by expecting mishaps and disasters.

Change those thoughts and affirm that this next few weeks are going to be packed with love, peace and happy surprises.

On the positive side Mercury retrograde is a time when your communication with Spirit is stronger and your intuition is more sensitive to the subtle vibrations of the angels.

As for those glitches and problems. Mercury retrograde isn’t necessarily “making them happen” This transit is a time when issues show up because they’ve been lurking there all along.

Maybe you’ve been putting off servicing your car, having a health check, dealing with your emotions, or rebooting your computer?

Well those little glitches that pop up will remind you to do what needs to be done NOW so you avoid bigger problems in the future.

This transit helps you to stop pushing important tasks into the future.

Take advantage of this strong wave of emotional energy by amplifying your positive intentions. Say affirmations, work on your important projects and book in for some energy healing to balance cleanse and heal your energetic system.

By the time Mercury goes direct on 2nd October you’ll be ready to spring forward in leaps and bounds.

A Prayer for Angelic Help During Mercury Retrograde

Dear Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael, I request your benevolant presence, guidance and protection during the Mercury Retrograde and beyond.

Please help me with…. (state what specific assistance you need)

Please watch over my and my loved ones  24/7 and help us to avoid challenges. Please protect us physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, technology and in all ways. 

Help me to communicate wisely, clearly and thoughtfully. Please help my communications with others to be positive and harmonious. Help me to stand up for myself and set positive boundaries.

Thank you for helping me to tune into the guidance and blessings that are here for me. 


If you’d like to receive a deeper level of healing and guidance from Archangels Gabriel and Michael, I am presenting a special event on Friday 16th September on Zoom.  (Thursday 15th September in US and Canada) Go here to find out more


Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock x


Photo credit Unsplash Joseph Northcutt.


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