Angel Communication

A highly transformational & healing 6 week program to take your spiritual journey to the next level


Open Your Intuitive Senses, Become Confident in Your Guidance & Your Next Steps.
Starting November 2022

with Leading Spiritual Teacher, Energy Therapy Expert & Angel Medium Rachel Scoltock.

In this program I’ll help you to eliminate your intuitive blocks and your energetic resistence to success so you can confidently discover your guidance to create the goals and abundance you dream about! You will identify and release situations that drain your life force and keep you stuck. I will show you how to tap into your intuition and your angel’s messages so you can discover HOW to fulfil your goals and your purpose.

I’ll take you through the steps to safely open your intuitive channels and receive clear messages from the angels. You’ll learn professional angel reading and healing techniques, giving you the keys to receive clear guidance and healing for yourself and others. During our 6 weeks together, you’ll heal, cleanse and reset your personal energy system, while receiving personal guidance and learning life-long tools.

You’ll no longer be stuck living in ways that no longer inspire you. You’ll feel light, inspired and confident, free of negative influences. You’ll embody trust in yourself and your ability to navigate a path to your dreams. You’ll unlock your inner Spiritual badass; authentic, totally aligned with your angels, your intution and your true path. Standing in your power and able to hold space for the support, and abundance that you want!

Discover the Divine Guidance that is Waiting for YOU!


Angel Communication certification is an in-depth program

You will learn expert techniques & wisdom to enhance your intuitive voice & clearly understand the messages the angels have for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to read Angel oracle cards to receive detailed, meaningful messages for every life area.
  • How to become a clear channel for messages.
  • How to understand the guidance you receive, decipher messages and signs, and remove ego blocks.

You will heal, cleanse & reset your personal energy system & learn angelic healing techniques.

In this 6 week Angel Communication Certification Program you’ll develop expert level skills to communicate with angels and receive psychic messages

What You will gain from taking this program:

  • You Will Open Your intuitive Senses clear blocks, gain clarity about your messages and signs and what they mean.
  • Release doubt and feel confident to receive clear, accurate guidance for your life.
  • Answers to your burning questions about your life purpose and any life area
  • The ability to see, sense, hear and know your angels and consistently experience their presence in your life.
  • The knowledge to intuitively read angel oracle cards for clear, detailed, meaningful messages.
  • Expert angel healing techniques to remove toxic energy and heal yourself, and others if you wish.
  • Learn to read auras
  • Powerful Energy protection to keep your energy safe and clear
  • You will stop second guessing yourself , TRUST your guidance and courageously take the next steps
  • Release the energetic blocks to success, abundance and intuition so you can confidently follow your guidance to your dreams
  • You will learn how to overcome your ego mind so that you are more often tuned into the Divine
  • Lifetime access to the program content so you can review and revisit whenever needed.
  • Know the difference between false ego guidance and true intuitive messages
  • A powerful spiritual practice to stay aligned with your guidance and build your inner power.
  • A library of meditations and tools to continue advancing your gifts and stay aligned with your intentions

Whether you are new or an experienced seeker this highly transformational & healing program will take your life and your spiritual journey to the next level

It’s time to Shine your Light

Are you unsure about how to move forward with your purpose?

Are you ready to be clearly GUIDED by the angels on the RIGHT path meant for you?

Are you ready to take your intuitive gifts to the level and use them to direct your life?

Do you want to be a force of good in the world and to impact others in positive ways?

Are you done second guessing and doubting yourself ?

Are you ready to take the next steps and find out how to fulfil your potential(even if it feels scary?)

Isn’t it time to finally stop holding yourself back?

I will show you how to clear your blocks and receive answers


Hi, Beautiful Soul!

I am passionate about helping you to open your psychic gifts, learn high integrity, professional skills to give yourself and others accurate readings. and build a strong bond with your angelic guides. You will release self sabotage and blocks which hold you back. You will discover the next steps in your purpose.

This program is an investment which will pay you back tenfold. Many past graduates have gone onto start their own angel businesses after doing this certification program. Others have added valuable skills to their lives and their careers as yoga teachers, reiki healers, writing coaches, health coaches, educators and numerous other professions.

You will learn the skills to give yourself clear accurate readings and bring through mind blowing angelic messages. By the end of this 6 weeks, you will have the confidence and skills to help and heal yourself and others with Divine guidance and healing.

I’ve included healing and energetic detox in this course so you can let go of those fears and lower energies which are holding you back and sabotaging your potential!

During this program you will have multiple opportunities to receive your own detailed guidance, so that when you finish you will have clarity about what is next for you in several life areas.

If you have a dream of living with purpose and meaning but can’t see how to make your vision a reality this program will give you the keys to to map out your how and what.

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Author and Spiritual Teacher.

The Modules

Weekly Training sessions are live on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm AET for the Europe/ Australia timezone
Wednesday morning at 10.30 am AET for the US/ Canada/ Australia timezones

rachel scoltock seated in green dress

Session 1 | Group Training Zoom Call

Opening Your Divine Connection

It’s time to set some powerful energy in motion. Connect and align with the Angels. This session will blow your spiritual connection wide open

Rachel Scoltock in light colours sitting on a house deck

Session 2 | Group Training Zoom Call

Angel Messenger

Learn to work closely with the angels to receive their inspired messages for you! Discover how to receive more signs and guidance.

rachel seated at a computer desk with a notebook

Session 3 | Group Training Zoom Call

You Are A Divine Channel


In this exciting session you will learn groundbreaking methods to read your Angel Oracle cards. Learn intuitive secrets to unlock clear, detailed answers. Receive answers for your deepest questions!

Rachel seated at desk wearing white top sunflowers next to her
Session 4 | Group Training Zoom Call

Angel Communicator

Here we take your Angel Communication to the next level. Become a channel. Together we will bust psychic myths, and deepen your trust in the angels, your intuition and the messages you receive.

Rachel Scoltock seated at computer

Session 5 | Group Training Zoom Call

Build Trust

Discover the blocks that hold you back from your dreams and purpose. Switch from Fear to Soul guided. Learn to trust your guidance and eliminate doubt.

Rachel seated at desk wearing white top sunflowers next to her

Session 6 | Group Training Zoom Call

Angelic Healer

You will learn two potent angelic healing techniques to call on at anytime. Discover how to quickly move stuck energy and expand your psychic senses.

Angelic Healing Session

Deep Angelic Detox Healing

This live healing session will powerfully heal and cleanse your energy to open you to powerful intuitive messages

Bonus Session

TBA Build Your Spiritual Business

Remove blocks and fears which hold you back from your purpose and your connection with your angels.

Begone doubt and imposter syndrome, learn how to get started attracting clients and starting a real business working with angels

Your investment in yourself and your future

One Time Payment

$1997 AUD

*Save $385 AUD

Pay in 6 Instalments

$397 AUD

Bonus Extras

Angelic Healing Session

Deep Angelic Detox Healing

This live healing session will powerfully heal and cleanse your energy to open you to powerful intuitive messages

TBA Build Your Spiritual Business

Remove blocks and fears which hold you back from your purpose and your connection with your angels.

Begone doubt and imposter syndrome, learn how to get started attracting clients and starting a real business working with angels

The Angel Communication course is so informative and inspiring. It’s full of wonderful insight that has helped me to move forward with confidence and trust the path I am on.
Rachel has shown me how to work with the angels from a place of honesty, integrity and absolute faith in the Divine, the angels. I love this work.
I am so excited to have learnt from you and you have encouraged me to believe in myself and my gifts and helped me to find my passion and life purpose.
-Thank you for sharing your knowledge
Nicki James

Fast-acting bonus!

Pay in full, receive a free 60 min private reading with Rachel

Valued at $497

Be the First..!

Receive a copy of my book Loving Your Sensitive Self (New Edition)

Value $57* (signed copies to give away)


* Please note all bonuses have conditions attached, if you choose not to access them within 2 months of the event they expire. There are no refunds or financial recompense for the bonuses or the program. Bonus private sessions and readings are first come first served basis, available to pay in full clients only. Replays for the program and webinars are available if you can’t attend live.

There was so much I loved about the Angel Communication program….It was this synthesis of healing and learning – and within that practice – cultivating a relationship with the divine.

Rachel showed us how to clear and care for our energetic power centres so that we were receptive to angelic guidance (and weren’t leaking all over the place!) She encouraged our group to develop a consistent, loving practice.

I loved how the sessions were recorded and additional resources made available to continue the work at the completion of the course. Revisiting the material is a gift – new lessons/blessings surface all the time, in the most unexpected ways.

My favourite part of learning how to work with the Archangel power tarot deck was putting away the guidebook and covering the written messages on the card to be able to receive the intuitive message rather than a static message.

– Kyla St Jaye

Northern Territory

I just participated in Rachel’s online Angel program and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Rachel is very gifted and knowledgeable. I loved the meditations and each week we explored our own abilities and cleared away a lot of blocks and cords that were holding us back. The sessions were amazing, and Rachel gives you her all.

Since the course I feel so inspired and connected to source and amazing opportunities are opening for me. This was an awesome course I learnt so much and feel so much more aligned with my angels. If you get the opportunity to work with Rachel Go for it.

You will be so glad you did. I am. Thank you Rachel xx

– Jo Galloway

I recently completed Rachel’s program. Rachel delivered everything she described about the course and so much more. Her delivery and teaching of the content was exceptional. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning to communicate with the Angels and their guides. Rachel teaches very simple and effective processes anyone can use to open and strengthen their communication with the Divine.

There are so many guided meditations and healings as well as bonus material you can continue to use after the course is completed. I truly am so grateful for Rachel and her ability to heal and teach.  This course would help anyone from a beginner to an advanced healer.  Thank you Rachel for the lifelong gifts you have given me. 


- Robert M

NSW, Australia

The delivery was great! I think an important part of any course is how it’s delivered, and Rachel did this amazingly! The content was very interesting, and it touched upon a lot of subjects that I wanted to learn more about.

I also loved how it was split between learning from Rachel and then interactivity on the Facebook group and the meditations. The information was also very digestible, so it was never overwhelming. I’ve really loved working with Rachel and the rest of the group on the programme! Not only is the course content amazing with interesting subjects. bonus materials and meditations but you feel guided and supported throughout the whole journey. Thank you so much for everything – you’ve truly changed my life and I’m so grateful! You’re amazing!

– Natalie


Yes! I am ready to connect with my Divine Path!

One Time Payment

$1997 AUD

*Save $385 AUD

Pay in 6 Instalments

$397 AUD

As I am new to working with angels. I was delighted to hear about this program. The whole course was fantastic and I loved every minute of it.

From Rachel’s beautiful energy to the grounding meditations and healing sessions it surpassed my expectations and truly changed the way I communicate with angels & my intuition. I highly recommend this course and working with Rachel.

– Zika x


Thank you for facilitating such an incredible program. I absolutely loved how you shared such incredible insight into how to connect with the angels and all the different ways the answers may be given/received. What I loved the most were the guided healings, they were incredibly powerful and the messages and images received were magical.

I loved your energy and your mentorship style.

Thank you very much for such an amazing program.

I am so grateful I can still go back now and relisten to all the sessions and experience the healing over and over again.

– Mimi H


Rachel offered beautifully presented, inspirational sessions each week, with great information about connecting with my intuition and angels. We were taught simple, useful techniques to enhance communication and intuition.

The value and quality of the program is gold standard.

One of my favorite parts is learning to interpret the messages. This program is fun and amazingly inspirational. I felt supported in every session. I love that we have lifetime access to the replays and the amazing additional material. This all helped to transform and awaken the individuals in the small group. I look forward to working with Rachel in future programs.

– Natalie Rose

We are open for enrolment now and ready for you

Are You in?

Here is what you’ll receive:

6 Live Angel Communication Training Sessions (value $5997)

2 live group Healing & Activation sessions to identify and remove the beliefs and fears which keep you stuck (value $1997)

A Private Reading session with me to align you with your purpose and next steps (Value $497)

Personal feedback & mentoring from me about your practice & your messages at live sessions & in our private group community (Invaluable)

A Curated Collection of my Guided meditations & audios especially created to enhance your practice ($597)

My Book Loving Your Sensitive Self a guide to protecting your energy (Value $59.99)

A new community of like-minded friends to support & share your unique awakening spiritual journey. (Priceless!)

Confidence, clarity & trust in your own inner wisdom & the guidance you need to create your dreams & live with purpose. (Invaluable)

Lifetime access to all the sessions, content & your private reading audio so you can go back and review at anytime. (The gift that keeps giving)

Angel Communication Certification

Valued at over $10,114.99 AUD
You pay $1997 AUD (Approx. $1400 USD/997 GBP)

Pay in Full:$1997 AUD & Save $385 +Bonus 1 x private reading with Rachel.

Monthly Payment Plan Options:
(+ GST for Australians)

Got Questions?

I get it! I am here to support you. We can schedule a 15 free chat via zoom, messenger or ask me via email.

If you can’t see your question answered here drop me a line.

Q. Which Angel Oracle Cards should I bring to the program?

A.I suggest using the Archangel Power Tarot or any deck by Radleigh Valentine. I will use these during the program which will help you to get to know this deck on a whole new level. You can apply this knowledge to any any Angel Oracle Deck.

Q. I am a newbie to all things angel and intuition. Is this program right for me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to deepen their angel connection from beginners to intermediate to advanced students. This is an in-depth program teaching my techniques from 19 years as a professional angel medium and spiritual teacher. I keep my programs free of ego, competition and judgement! I will walk you though the process one step at a time. I want you to succeed and feel amazing. This is uniquely designed to be a personal transformational healing immersion for all who attend.

Q. I may not be able to attend all the live sessions is it worth me signing up?

Sessions are repeated live each week giving you 2 chances to attend. Also Replays for each session will be made available to you 5-24 hours after each live session so you can catch up with what you miss. I am very present on the private community page where you can ask me questions if you miss any sessions. You can even request questions to be answered during upcoming sessions if you are going to miss it. You get lifetime access to the recordings and content

PS I keep the group relatively small so I can work on your personal energy and answer your personal questions.

Q. I might need to come late or leave early to some sessions is this a problem?

You will not disturb anyone if you need to come late or leave early. I understand that things happen and you can’t always be there for everything. You can choose to keep camera off and microphones are muted so we can’t hear you. You can catch up in the replays or the next session.

Q. Is there a payment plan?

Yes, there is! You can join now by paying a deposit of just $397 AUD and spread your payments across six months. See payment buttons below. Use google to find out what you will pay in your own currency.

Q. Is your program safe and inclusive for LGBQTI+ people and BIPOC?

A. Yes, I intend everyone to feel valued and respected. I endeavour to do all I can to create a safe place for all students. I do not allow prejudice, discrimination bullying of any kind. I am always open to learning and growing. If you have any particular needs or requests, please let me know.

If you have any other questions Please fill out the form below starting in November 2022.

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