Do you ever wish you could send the angels to help someone you love and care about?

Well you can!

Angel board meetings are a powerful way to ask the angels to intervene to help another person.

Kim (not her real name) came to my clinic completely drained of hope and positivity.

She was dealing with a probem at work. She loved the job, but a bully boss was making life unbearable for this single mum.

The angels had me pull long strings of toxic stress energy from Kim’s body. During the healing the angels delivered the guidance to leave her job and look for a new one. Unfortunately, Kim didn’t believe that anything better was available.

I could see that everything would work out, if only Kim could find the faith to follow her guidance.

When the session ended, I decided to call an Angel board meeting.

I invoked my angels, Kim’s guardian angels, and Archangel Michael. I requested their help and intervention I asked that the angels surround Kim, increase her faith and courage, whilst helping her to be receptive to their guidance. I made sure to ask that this happen in Divine ways, for the Highest Good and according to Divine Will. 

A few weeks later Kim returned for a follow up session. She was unrecognisable! She had her mojo back and best of all she was applying for new jobs.

She told me that Archangel Michael came to her in a dream and told her it was time to leave her job!

She awoke from that dream with more faith and strength than she’d had in years.

The Angel Board Meeting worked a miracle!

An Angel Board meeting is a way to appeal to the Higher Self of any individual whilst maintaining their free will. It’s not a way to control or manipulate someone to your way of thinking.

Kim was already open to change and guidance from her angels. However, her ego was blocking her from following the direction. The dream visitation helped Kim to let go of her fear and replaced it with faith.

When you ask the angels to intervene they’ll do it in a way that best suits the person concerned.

Here is how to call an Angel Board Meeting:

Sit at a table with a notepad and pen and go into a meditative state.

Invoke your my Guardian Angels and Archangel Michael and any other angels who might be able to help.

If you’re requesting help for another person, ask their Guardian Angels to be present too.

Visualize each angel taking a seat around the table.

State your intention: It’s my intnetion to have the angels interevene and help (name) with their challenges. Explain the problem as you see it, and then ask for the assistance, guidance and intervention of the angels for the situation.

Always ask that your requests occur according to the Highest good and Divine Will of course ( You don’t want to over-ride anyone’s free will or create unwanted karma!)

Be receptive and write down any guidance or inspiration that comes through. Taking note of who says what.

Hand the entire situation over to the gathered angels.

Then when the time feels right, close the meeting and thank the angels before visualizing them leaving.

Hint: If you’re asking for help with children or teens it’s a good idea to do this at night while they are sleeping.

You only need one Angel Board meeting for that particular request and person. Then it is your job to keep the positive energy flowing with daily prayers and positive thoughts and visions.

If you find yourself worrying again, just say a prayer instead. Turn your fearful imaginings into positive ones!

Pay attention to any guidance that may come up for you too!

I invite you to call your own angel board meeting for any situation where you’d like to ask for extra angelic help and support for someone.

The key to inviting the angel’s to intervene is to over-ride the ego’s need to control and add fear to any situation. Simply ask for the highest possible good then surrender the outcome to God and the Angels.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

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  1. Olivia Wong

    Thank you Rachel for the advise. Will definitely work on this method.

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