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We are literally being “moved” onto our soul paths by our angels & guides this year.

Have you noticed how some people and situations are leaving your life  with no warning, and others are coming in?

Or maybe you are feeling moved to make a big life change?

My amazing assistant Nat, (who helped transform my business in 2020) has moved on to a different career, helping on the Covid frontlines in the UK.

A new member of my team Hayley will be taking over this week. (She is definitely angel-sent )

There is a strong sense of alignment in this transition for me.

As much as I wanted to wail “Don’t leave!” to Nat, I had an inner knowing that it was all in Divine Order.

I had to trust.

The key is knowing that when someone leaves or something changes that there is a Divine plan behind it, leading you to the next step in your soul plan.

The Angels always have your back.

This wisdom stops you from going into fear and gripping too tightly to the past.(or someone’s leg)

The ego thoroughly dislikes change and wants to control everything.

But your Higher self knows that aligned change is good, no matter how challenging.

You still get to feel & acknowledge your true feelings whilst knowing that your change is ultimately for the highest good of all concerned.

If you are longing for change but feeling stuck and stagnant, then this may be a sign that you need to take some steps to align with what you want.

Here are a few suggestions to make you more moveable:

😇Ask your angels to guide you on the right path every day this week. (and beyond)

😇Clear clutter from a drawer, your bag, or your car. Even a small amount of letting go sends a clear message to the Universe that you are making room for change.

😇Clear your mind and aura of old energy by cutting cords with past horrible events and upsetting memories.  Ask your angels to help release self sabotage, past disappointment and fear.

😇Avoid doing opposites, like working on things that misalign you, and hanging out with people who pull you down.

😇Move your body, go for a walk, do some yoga, shake  your body or dance to remove stangnant vibes.

😇Change something- your screen saver, your lipstick, reposition your furniture, get up earlier.

Let the Angels and the Universe know you are ready to be moved on to your Soul path!

Are you ready to align? Send me a message or comment below if you’re done with the old cycle of struggle and misalignment and you’d like some help.

Angel Blessings Rachel x


  1. Tracey Campbell

    That resonates with me so much Rachel.
    I have been trying to stay away from negative people & I have been doing a lot of decluttering to make room for new & wonderful things
    I have been letting go of past hurts & opening the door for new adventures.
    I am hoping to find love ❤️

  2. Jo Durand

    Love this! I take my holiday at the beginning of Feb and come back ready for the year. January is definitely preparing for that!
    I declutter a bit at a time, although there are some drawers/shelves that I haven’t had the courage to go near for a while . Soon, I am sure!

    • Rachel Scoltock

      February is the best month! 🙂 I agree, I feel like the year starts after the Tamworth festival usually.
      Angel Blessings to you Jo, Rachel x


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