How To Access Infinite Support and Solutions

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When you are faced with a problem  or a goal do you tend to think of life as being limited or do you remember that there are infinite possibilities?

Years ago when I first began my home based healing business I had big dreams about how it would all work out but almost every person I told about my dream immediately pointed out my limitations:
They reminded me that I lived in a rural area, miles from a major town, that many small businesses close after a short time and that few people made a living from angels and healing. Had I listened to those limiting and untrue ideas I would not now have a successful healing business 15 years on. I probably would have given up at the first barrier but I kept going even though there were plenty of barriers, heartaches and a few near disasters

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 I overcame all the barriers because I had faith and access to Infinite Wisdom via my angels,

 The angels taught me that this is a Universe of infinite possibilities. There is a Divine solution to every problem, and the worst case scenario is just one of a zillion outcomes that could possibly occur. My faith grew as I each test I met was resolved in miraculous and ordinary ways. You have angels too, everyone does and you can access the ideal solution for your particular situation as soon as you begin to understand this.

We choose the outcome of almost every life challenge, often before we even consciously realize by conscious and unconscious expectations that we have. If we expect the worst then we are unknowingly selecting it from the menu creating needless fear and stress.

To unlock the healed, successful, peaceful and abundant outcome we must focus our minds on knowing that it is there even before there is evidence! We must learn to trust that HOW it will happen is up to the Divine Intelligence, each step unfolding one at a time.

When you finally accept that you live in a supportive realm of infinite possibilities you relieve yourself of stress and struggle. You remember that God and the Angels have your back and so you can relax more, control less and see life as abundant and giving rather than a competitive struggle for limited resources.  You can feel more secure and peaceful when you know that you are always spiritually taken care of . You have access to the power and creativity to overcome or create anything.

Here are some of the ways you can access infinite support and possibilities:

  1. Gratitude– The daily practice of gratitude unlocks infinite abundance. Abundance is a mindset, just as scarcity and limitation are too. The practice of seeing the blessings of life, trains your mind to recognize the infinite nature of the Universe rather than looking for emptiness, lack and problems.
  2. A Miracle Box– I have a small cardboard box, worth about $2 in my office into which I pop my problems written on pieces of paper with the prayer- dear angels- HELP! Every now and then I empty the box and read the notes.. without fail 100 percent of the problems are resolved, most of them I had even forgotten were problems at all.. It reminds me that we rarely know HOW something will work out and that letting go is key. The worries that keep us awake often do not even figure on the radar a few months later.
  3. Prayer– Angels are Divine Beings who are your guides, guardians and healers with access to the Divine intelligence. they are with you all the time, holding you close, however, they can intervene even more when you ASK them to. Put your hands together and pray for Divine Help with your situation, this activates the Infinite Possibilities button and invokes a positive solution, healing, peace, acceptance and guidance.
  4. Imagine The best- not the worst- Why would you choose the possibility you least want? It would be like going to a furniture store and picking out the ugliest sofa you can find. Why would you?
  5. Stop being so darn controlling. You know that you can’t really control anything right? The Universe and the angels are not your genies bound to grant every wish your ego can come up with. Infinite possibilities does not mean that if you demand and receive the ONE outcome you obsessively want right now. Some lovers are not compatible with you, (or don’t fancy you back) someone already has Oprah’s job and it may not be your soul’s plan to win The Voice this year or gain overnight business success. BUT there is always a way for you to achieve true love, lasting success, a meaningful passionate career path, a record deal, a published book and whatever your heart’ n soul truly desires. The way will be revealed. The Divine path will unfold when you work hard on yourself and your dream and have a little faith that the Universe knows best! What is for you won’t pass you by and what is not for you cannot be roped and chained into submission. Quit the tantrums and trust!

PS When I ask for something I always ask that it be for my highest good and in alignment with the Divine Will for me to avoid tripping over my ego.
Love Rachel x


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Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher. An expert in angels, metaphysics & energy. She teaches how connecting to your angels and developing your intuitive gifts can transform your life. Located in Australia, Rachel works with clients around the world through readings, online courses and mentoring


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