A Miracle on The Worst of Days

Angel, Angel messages

Right at the beginning of Australia’s lockdown when Covid didn’t seem real yet, we’d just come out of the worst bushfires in history and my trip to the UK to see my mum, my sister & her family was cancelled.

I’ve never felt so far away (or second guessed my move to Australia so strongly.)

Then came an email in the early hours: My sister and her husband had Covid19.

I felt as if I was falling down a bottomless well. I felt helpless & scared. A dread come over me like I’ve never felt before.

I prayed aloud asking God and my angels to heal my lovely sister & brother-in law and to protect my niece and nephew.

I felt a strong urge to go downstairs even though it was too early. I was a hiccupping sobbing mess so I decided to make a chamomile tea to calm down.

I walked downstairs and there in the middle of the  floor was a greeting card I’d never seen before.

On the front, a huge butterfly and printed writing in gold: With each new day, may PEACE find a place in your heart.

Inside the message was: Thinking of you at this difficult time. 

As I picked up this card from my floor I felt calm.

This card was Heaven sent. NO DOUBT about it.

I knew right away the card was my angel’s response to my prayers. It was a sign that my family was going to be okay.

(Synchronicity..My phone has shuffled to a song as I write called Heaven sent me you)

I still have this card, I will never throw it away, how they delivered a card to me I will never know, but they did.

It was everything that I needed in that moment. I needed a reminder to not go into fear &  think of worse case scenarios, I needed to remember the power of the angels and the Divine, I needed to know I was NOT alone despite the proximity from my closest loved ones.  I needed to know it was going to be okay for them.

It was a miracle.

Connecting with angels is not a whimsical activity to entertain or distract from real life.

It’s a lifesaver, it’s much needed calm and love in the storm of fear we are now experiencing on the planet, it’s the miracle you need when everything seems empty, dark and lost. It’s a way to stay connected to what matters when you feel lost and uncertain of what is coming.

Thankfully, my sister and her husband have recovered well from their ordeal.

(I know there are many who didn’t and my prayers continue for them and their families.)

Miracles and signs are available to you too. When you ask for help it will always come in a creative and positive way.

I am not special but I do have a strong faith, I don”t allow my ego to second guess signs anymore, I accept them!

Your angels are with you, waiting to help you with anything. Ask them to give you a sign today, to show you they are with you.

Angel Blessings Rachel x

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Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Energy Therapist, Author and Spiritual Teacher

Photo credit AVA SOL unsplash


  1. Sue

    Rachel I always feel supported and reassured when I read your messages.
    I feel the presence of the angels

    • Rachel Scoltock

      I am so happy to read this, thank you Sue


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