Are You Waiting For Abundance to Manifest?

Abundance, Change your life

Are you waiting for abundance to manifest?

Are  you manifesting more customers for your business,  a new job, enough financial abundance to pay your bills and feel more relaxed.  Maybe you are dreaming of  a loving relationship with your soul mate?

No matter what it is  your angels want you to know that you absolutely can receive what you need and more.

It’s not selfish  or wrong to ask for what you desire as long as it ultimately brings you peace and it comes in a peaceful way.

Your angels are with you for the purpose of bringing peace to your life and that includes abundance.

Staying stuck in any kind of struggle  drains your life force  which keeps you feeling far from peaceful.

One of the most important steps in manifesting  abundance is to release any blocks you have to receiving it.

A sign that you are blocked, is that nothing much is changing, even if you are trying to create change.

If this sounds familiar, then I invite you to join Prosperity Healing with the Archangels Webinar on October 23rd at 10 am AEDST. Only $47AUD (approx $30USD 25GBP)

During this 90 minute online class you will:

Release prosperity blocks and clear beliefs, unconcious fears and experiences which do keep you going in circles and hitting a barrier.

Discover how to work with the Divine energy & the angels to receive greater abundance, understand how the energy of prosperity really works & how to activate it.

Co-create with the prosperity angels to create an abundant life for yourself and others. Discover the spirituality of abundance versus ego.

Heal from past experiences of scarcity this lifetime & others and let go of guilt and unworthiness.

Shift your mindset away from fear of failure, judgement and resentment

Discover cords blocking you without realizing it & quickly clear  those draining energies.

Be guided through a prosperity healing activation to increase your frequency around abundance.

Take a soul guided journey to receive a message from the Prosperity angels. You can book in for this LIVE Zoom event (& replay) here

The energy you radiate into the Universe always comes back to you.

A deep seated sense of unworthiness or a cord draining you of your positive energy can override any other efforts you put in to manifesting.

When you connect with Divine energy and angels to  clear your cords and blocks  your frequency will rise making you magnetic to all kinds of abundance!

Add to this a daily practice of gratitude and you need never experience scarcity again!

The tide will turn and what you’ve been waiting for will rush in, along with other miracles you did not even know were waiting to come to you.

You deserve abundance & peace in all areas of your life!

Angel Blessings

Rachel x

Angel Medium, Author

Photo credit Almos Bechtold Unsplash



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