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At the beginning of the year, pre- Covid, I discovered that the celebrity mediumship cruise I was due to board in April had been cancelled. I contacted the cruise company for my refund and received a standard vaction reply over and over again.

I immediately started affirming that All that was mine would be returned to me under grace and in perfect ways. I prayed for the money to come back to me, but to make sure I helped the angels and the Universe I went down every physical channel possible to get my money back .

Eventually I got a reply telling me that due to the pandemic the company was likely to go into liquidation if they refunded everyone!

Well there’s a familiar dilemma for a lightworker right? Would you like a pile of guilt with your disappointment?

However, I still knew that the Universe had other ideas, that money would come back to me, it may not be via the refund but it WOULD arrive.

As the year wound on all my avenues dried up.

Finally, 5 months later, I decided to release it all to the Divine, I was over feeling guilty for wanting my money, at the same time as being miffed at the lack of communication. I offered it over to Divine hands, I folded up my receipt and placed it under a lit candle. I saged my office. I forgave everyone, I asked that all the negative energy be cleared and transmuted & I asked for the best to happen.

A few days later the refund was in my account!

It reminded me that negative energy creates blockages. Nothing can move when there is stuck energy, even if what you want is meant for you.

The biggest positive shifts will happen when you unclog the channels of any resentment, fear and guilt energy by forgiving all concerned, including yourself.

A similar event happened a few years ago, I dated a guy for a short time. He turned out to be jealous and possessive and couldn’t seem to let me have a minute alone. He even sat on the floor in my office one day when I was catching up on my emails.

During that painful afternoon my trusty printer clogged and my computer shut down. Even my tablet wouldn’t work. I eventually coaxed the computer back to life but the printer wouldn’t cooperate.

Two days later tired of his tantrums I said a final goodbye to the man.

The same night my printer started randomly while I was in another room!

Everything worked again because the real problem was the blocked up negative energy from this person and his resentment towards me and my work.

When the negative energy was removed the problem resolved

I could keep writing, I have dozens of examples of how negative energy clogs up the workings and holds back all that is meant for you.

The point is this: Forgiveness is a spiritual treatment for all that is blocked.

Here are my  2 favorite ways to activate the power of forgiveness

Cutting Cords- All the negative emotions from guilt to hate create energy tube like links between you and people, objects and organizations. Severing the cord with a willingness to let go of those emotions will invoke the law of forgiveness. Be sure to invoke Archangel Michael to help cut and remove that cord.

Ho’opoponopopo- The Hawaiian healing technique of restoring balance -goes like this: I forgive you, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you.  Repeat the mantra until you have let go of the rancour you hold towards a person.

You can use sage, candle light and prayer to ensure you are safely removing those negative blocks to the light.

Archangels and Angels are transmuters, which means they safely remove negative energy and replace it with high frequency positive energy.

Which is what forgiveness is, if you think about it. You replace your resentment with a higher thought. Forgiveness is a miracle.

Ask Archangel Michael and your guardian angels to help you transmute the stuck energy in your life.As you cut the cords and forgive, you’ll bring integrity and balance back to your energy.

You’ll clear sabotaging energies, mixed intentions and anything that is out of alignment. This will pave the way to success and peace. Everything will start moving again.

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  1. Jo

    Wow, that was a great story, thanks for sharing the power of forgiveness and letting go.


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