Clearing Your Blocks to Manifesting

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What is on your manifesting list right now?

Is it emergency money? A holiday in a tropical paradise? Are you praying for a healing? or perhaps you are longing for an amazing partner or a new home.

Manifesting seems simple, you ask the Universe for what you want, you focus super hard on it coming and it hey presto! It arrives, right?

Yes, sometimes that happens. When you are aligned with what you have asked for it is free to flow into your experience.

Sometimes manifesting is slower because you’ve missed some important guidance or you are blocked and you don’t realise it. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling that what you want is always out of reach.

Here are 3 ways to unblock your manifesting power:

1- Manifesting can seem is slow or at a standstill because there are steps for you to take before you receive what you’re dreaming of. Manifesting is a co creation between you and the Divine Universe. You aren’t waiting for Santa to deliver a pressie, you have to do something!

As messengers from the Divine Universe your angels  will deliver guidance to your intuition about the action steps you need to take.

When you follow those intuitive leads, you find yourself on a clear path to your goal.

2- Whatever it is that you want it is important to know that you deserve it.

Feeling undeserving when manifesting is like pressing the brake and the accelerator on your car at the same time. You will not get far!

Believe that you can have what you want and know that you don’t need to change your core essence to receive it. However stay in integrity: make sure you aren’t gossiping, putting people down or otherwise lowering your vibration.

3-There are times when your manifestation is blocked because you are out of alignment with what you are asking for. This happens when you’re holding onto negative emotional energy which is stronger than the intention.

These energy toxins create blockages in your energy system keeping you away from your dreams.

As an energy therapist of many years I have worked with thousands of clients to clear their energy blockages. Most people book a session because they feel stuck, life isn’t flowing & they know deep down that something is between them and their happiness. Because of this I have witnessed countless amazing manifestation miracles because those brave souls finally let go of a long-held cord or other energy attachment that was keeping them prisoner.

A cord funnels negative emotions such as resentment, guilt and trauma between you and the person you’re corded too. You know a cord is active when you can’t get a person or their actions out of your mind and the emotional impact is still with you.

The reason it cancels your manifesting power is because energy attachments hijack your personal frequency. You no longer fully own your energy which means you’re open to all kinds of attack.

Severing any active cords removes all barriers between you and your intention, giving you your manifesting power back and reclaiming your energy.

When you’re unblocked and in control of your energy you’ll be able to focus your thoughts and raise your vibration  to match the frequency of what you want to manifest. Your intuition will no longer be muffled and your connection to the Angels and the Divine Universe is clear and uninterrupted.

On August 23rd I will be teaching you 5 ways to manifest with the angels, and guiding you through a healing to clear your energy blockages. You’ll turn up the volume on your guidance and receive a powerful high frequency energy activation. Book here for the 5 Ways to Manifest With the Angels

You can also contact me for a Soul Clarity Session for some personal energy healing and cord removal

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