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Do you ever suffer with anxiety?

Have you ever considered that your anxious feelings may be linked to your intuition and energy?

Life is more intense right now than ever before. World events, social media, and other pressures can add an extra load of fear and stress to our lives.

I’ve worked with many clients who struggled with anxiety. A large proportion of them were intuitive and deeply sensitive. They found immense healing and relief after working with the angels

What is Anxiety?

On an emotional and physical level, anxiety is an intense form of fear. It arises when fearful emotions and thoughts trigger your body into the fight, flight, or freeze response.

On an energetic level, anxiety is like a black cloud entering your aura. You can become ungrounded (disconnected spiritually from your body).

Here is what you may not realize:

Anxiety can have many causes : a thought or worry, an emotional upset, a scary physical event, or a spiritual cause!

Sometimes anxiety is simply a reaction to a fearful thought or a scary incident.

But, it can have a deeper message too:

For instance, anxiety can be a message to make a change and if you ignore it, it becomes stronger.

If you’re sensitive to energy, the anxiety you feel may not even be yours! You may have picked up on fear vibrations from the people around you, online, or places you visit

Highly sensitive, and intuitive people can be particularly susceptible to anxiety for 3 reasons:

1-Their heightened ability to sense energy, mood, vibration, and even spiritual beings, means that they can unknowingly sense and absorb fear and other low vibes and misinterpret those feelings as their own.

As the fear energy builds up in their system, it create a heavy load of fear, negative thoughts and anxious feelings that won’t go away.

This can be resolved by regularly clearing and protecting your energy field with the help of the angels. (read how to do this below)

2-Many intuitively gifted people struggle with anxiety, because they aren’t listening to their intuition or following their true path..This misalignment creates a conflict with their inner self which shows up as a niggling anxiety.

3-Natural psychics, healers, and mediums who push away their gifts can experience intense anxiety. Anxiety shows up because they’re supressing their abilities at the same time as unconsciously denying their path.The anxious feelings will alleviate when you develop your gifts and start following your true path.

Could you be Sensitive to Energy vibrations?

  • Do you notice that you feel low, heavy and anxious after spending time with a stressed friend?
  • Have you ever read a nasty comment on social media and felt a ball of fear in your stomach, or chest?
  • Have you walked into a room and sensed an atmosphere or picked up on someone’s mood from a simple text message.
  • Do you get goosebumps, or tears for no reason?

If you said yes to any of these questions then you are sensitive to emotional and non-physical energies.

Learning to protect and clear your aura, will stop you from absorbing fearful vibrations and relieve anxiety.Here is one of my most popular protection meditations specifically created to help you

How Angels Help With Anxiety

The light of angels can be compared to a million full beam headlights on dark road. Their light blasts away the dark energy of fear.

Angels are celestial healers, protectors and guides. They are with you for the specific aim of helping you to manage fear.

They have the unique ability to remove fear and negative energy from your life and protect you from ALL harm.

You can call on your angels whenever you feel afraid, anxious, or vulnerable

You have guardian angels who are with you constantly from the moment you were born. They can intervene only if you ask “Angels please help me!”

You also have access to archangels. The larger, winged beings with special roles in the Univese. They will help you when you ask for them by name!

The archangel that specifically helps to overcome anxiety and fear is Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael’s entire reason for being is to remove fear and protect you from harm.

Known as the protector angel, Archangel Michael carries a sword of flaming light which can instantly release fear and darkness from within and around you.

Archangel Michael’s aura is a bright electric blue, tinged with violet and gold. He also lends you this aura as a shield to protect you against all harm and negative fear vibrations.

Like a winged super-hero, Archangel Michael swoops in to save you when you feel afraid, vulnerable, or if you are in danger.

You may feel an intense heat, a sense of calm, and see flashes of blue when he’s around.

Archangel Michael can remove fear just through his presence, but sometimes he’ll send you guidance to help you to overcome anxiety. You may feel guided to make a change to your life, eat differently, move away from negative influences.

Whatever his guidance, it will come step by step, and in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

How to call on Archangel Michael

It’s easy to call on Archangel Michael – you can ask for his help at anytime, by saying or thinking “Archangel Michael please help me!

or you can use a more indepth invocation prayer:

Dear Archangel Michael. Please release me of all lower energies, including anxiety. Please protect my energy from fear vibrations with your shield of blue light.Thank you


Visualize his bright blue and violet shield around you as a bubble to add more power to your prayer.

By consciously reaching for angelic help, you take back your power over fear and deepen your spiritual strength and inner light

The Steps You can Take Right Now to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

I have many resources for sensitives, empaths, intuitives to release anxiety, protect your precious energy, and overcome fear. I suggest you create a spiritual toolbox of resources to use when you feel anxious and stressed.

Here are some suggestions:

1- Consistently listen to and use a guided meditation to clear, protect, and ground your energy. Visit my store to download this meditation or access my Free Angel Library for a selection

2- Invoke your angels daily and ask for Archangel Michael’s clearing, protection, and guidance to help you to overcome any anxiety and negative thinking.

3- Cleanse your energy of fear and other harsh energies daily. Letting go of accumulated fear vibes will make a huge difference to how you feel and it will help you to tap into your intuition.

4- Focus on light, peace, and love. Remember there are only 2 energies in this world: Fear and Love. What you focus on will determine how you feel and how life unfolds.

Stick to people, foods, thoughts, words, and activities that uplift you and feel loving, kind, peaceful. This will help you to feel calmer and happier! Avoid people, and situations that make you feel anxious, out of sorts or bad about yourself!

5-Read my book Loving Your Sensitive Self. How to Protect and Manage Your Energy. This book is a gamechanger for empaths and sensitives who tend to absorb the energy of the world. Go here to learn more

6-Develop your intuitive gifts. If you’ve felt the nudge to open up and explore your abilities, then ask your angels to guide you to the right teacher and course. You may wish to join  my Angel Communication Program. Contact me for more information

7-Connect with the Archangels for a deep healing release fear at my monthly Archangel Attunements. Each month I guide you through a live angelic healing experience

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Author and Spiritual Teacher

Photo Credit: Unsplash- Morning Brew.



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