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Archangel Michael

Do you struggle with anxious feelings or fearful thoughts?

Life is more intense right now than usual, world events and other pressures can add an extra load of fear and stress to our lives. The consciousness of fear is strong and that can bring anxiety.

As an angel medium and energy therapist I’ve had hundreds of clients over the past 20 years who’ve struggled with anxiety and it’s effects. Many of them have found immense healing and relief from working with the angels.

The angel that can help you to overcome anxiety is Archangel Michael.  Archangel Michael brings peace to those who invoke him.

Archangel Michael is well known as the Archangel who removes fear, darkness and all lower energies and replaces them with the healing and calming blue light.

Archangel Michael’s energy is a bright electric blue colour, tinged with violet and gold. He carries a flaming sword & a shield to protect you against all harm including fear and other negative energies. Archangel Michael’s radiant violet and blue energy is very comforting and peaceful. You will likely feel an intense heat after you have called on him.

Archangel Michael’s  presence can instantly remove fear from within and around you, though sometimes his help comes as guidance to help you to overcome anxiety and it’s causes for good.

Anxiety is an intense form of fear, it happens when overwhelm, fear thoughts and stress trigger your body into fight, flight or freeze.  It can feel impossible to acccess  intuition, clear thoughts and calmness in this state.

Anxiety can be triggered by an actual scary incident, like a near miss car accident or a charging bull, but it can also come up because of a fearful, or stressful thought or memory. Sometimes you don’t even know what thought or energy has triggered the fear that you feel.

No matter what it’s source anxiety can be restricting and draining, but you don’t have to struggle and there are ways of managing your energy so you can minimize and understand why your body and mind are responding this way.

It is said that: the only thing to fear is fear itself, but fear can be crippling especially when it shows up as anxiety. It’s energy can have a strong influence over your mind, body and emotions.

Energy sensitive people can be particularly susceptible to anxiety as they can “pick up” on fearful vibrations from the environment, social media and people around them.

Because they are so sensitive they absorb the vibration of fear and then miinterpret those feelings as their own. Perhaps you spend time with a depressed or angry friend and you end up feeling really low, heavy and anxious afterwards? Maybe after walking into a room or opening your email account you have a ball of fear in your stomach, then you later realize that you were sensing the bad vibes waiting for you?

This has happened to me many times. Especially before I learned about energy and how sensitive to energy I really am. This is a gift that helps me to be very intuitive but it used to feel like a burden as I would absorb all the fear, negative emotions and other lower thoughts of the people around me.

If you experience anxiety and you know you are sensitive & susceptable to absorbing energy  I strongly recommend that you start a consistent practice to protect, ground and clear your energy field. This  alone can make a huge difference to how you feel and even rid your life of anxiety for good. Here is one of my most popular meditations to help you with this.

I also wrote a book called Loving Your Sensitive Self, Available on Amazon for highly sensitive souls who tend to soak up the fear and negative energy of others. This book will help you to understand your aura and why you feel the way you do!

I have asked Archangel Michael for help for myself and for my clients probably hundreds of times, always with powerful results. I can be an anxious & sensitive person too, yet I have managed to overcome so many of my fears with the help of Archangel Michael.. I used to be terrified of flying and public speaking but have managed to overcome both these fears.

Calling on Archangel Michael is simple and easy- you can ask for his help  at anytime,  by saying or thinking “Archangel Michael please help me!” or you can use a more formal invocation prayer.

I ask for an invite the presence of Archangel Michael. Thank you for being with me today for protecting my energy from fear. Please shield me with your Divine Light and help me to release all lower energies.  I ask for your guidance with…” Amen

It really doesn’t matter which you use, the most important part is that you do call on him.

It is a good idea to invoke Archangel Michael at the beginning and end of every day. Ask him to stay with you, to protect you from fear and negativity by shielding you with his bright blue and violet aura. (visualize the aura around you to strengthen it’s power). Then if you encounter a problem or feel particularly anxious, ask for his help again. Take slow deep breaths to slow down your heart rate and calm your nervous system.

By consciously reaching for Divine help in your life, you take back your power over fear. This can be life changing and builds up a cellular memory each time that will eventually help you to let go of anxiety all togethre.

I have had so many Archangel Michael interventions some of which I have written about in my book. My Life with Angels available on Amazon and  Kindle.)

One of them happened after a difficult marriage break up: I lived alone for a while in a house on 25 acres. I’m not usually nervous to be alone but I woke one night, terrified at the loud banging noises outside. Someone was throwing rocks on to the tin roof. I was too scared to get my phone which was in another room, even my dog was hiding under the covers. I called on Archangel Michael for help immediately. Within minutes my fear dissipated, and I heard the guidance to turn on all the lights. I did and the banging stopped and I found my phone and called the police, who arrived quickly scaring away the kids who were drinking.

Other times I’d wake up to a sound and go back to sleep right after calling on Archangel Michael. My anxiety would melt away which meant that there was nothing to fear except perhaps an enthusiastic possum on my roof!

Archangel Michael can help you whether your anxieties are thought based fearful imaginings or related to a  problem like intruders, overwork or a stressful relationship.

All angels carry peace and can take away your fear, that is their purpose. Please know that the angels never take over your life, they don’t try to control you or others, they can’t change your  choices. Only you can do that!  Angels help you by giving you the energy and guidance to lift your life away from stressful situations and people and make the best choices.

Angel & Energy Therapy is a powerful way to help you to rise above all fear in your life and in the wider world.  It’s ultimate goal is peace.

An angelic energy cleanse removes cumulative fear from your energy, mind and body so you can feel peaceful.

I have several guided meditations for purchase and free that can help you with connecting with Archangel Michael’s protection and cleanse your energy of accumulated fear and other lower vibrations.  Free Angel Library

Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium & Author

Rachel Scoltock Angel Communication and Intuitive Development Mentor for emerging awakening spiritual seekers, healers & lightworkers, Author and Angel Medium.
Open your intuitive channels, connect with your spiritual team and live your aligned, purposeful life.

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