6 Signs That It’s Time To Focus On Your Divine Life Purpose

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Today I want to share with you the 6 signs that it’s

Right now a lot of empaths and lightworkers are feeling desire to discover their purpose and fully express it as a meaningful career which aligns their gifts and values, while serving to bring more love & light to the world

This desire comes in response strong inner nudges from their angels & their soul.

When I finally discovered my Divine Life Purpose as an angel medium 20 years ago, it was preceded by many changes, signs & messages. 

I’ve noticed these signs re appear as my purpose evolves.

These signs are Universal & you may recognise some of them yourself: 

Sign #1 You are restless and no longer enjoying what you are doing. Perhaps you’re not as fulfilled, happy or inspired as you were. This happens to everyone occasionally, but if it’s happening repeatedly then it’s likely a sign that you are ready for a change that will align you with your Divine purpose. 

Rather than dismissing the feelings, ask to be shown the next steps and be willing to release fear and other blocks. Do what you can to free yourself from toxic energy so you can be open to change.

Sign #2 You admire people who give and serve at a deeper and higher level & you wish you could emulate them. For me it’s Oprah, Louise Hay, Dolly Parton, John Holland. Insert the name of your favorite singer, youtube blogger, author, actor or healer. Listing those you admire and seek to emulate can tell you a lot about your purpose. The essence of what you admire in others is already within your soul! These unwitting mentors can be earth angels sent to inspire you and wake up your own passions and purpose. 

Divine Life purpose is about being of service in an authentic and fulfilling way. It’s natural to be intuitively drawn to those who are already doing what you’re here to do. Make a list of the authentic people living their purpose whom you admire. Ask yourself how you’d like to follow their example in your unique way.

Sign #3You long for a more meaningful, abundant life.  You long to make a positive difference &  leave your mark on the world in someway which fulfills and financially supports YOU. You know deep down that you are here to make a difference and you’d love nothing more than to be able to do that. You have a lot to give & what you’ve been through would benefit others. However, you may fear that it’s just an ego fantasy.

An authentic desire for a meaningful life purpose does not come from your ego. It comes from your soul.  The Universe and your Angels work with your Soul to uncover your purpose and  canguide you to fulfil it in ways that fit your personality and support you financially.  Believe in yourself & trust that your purpose is needed and can support you!  The bigger the fear, the bigger the purpose!

Sign #4 The path ahead feels …blank. You have NO idea HOW to move forward, (or evenwhat you want?) but you definitely want change and a positive new inspiring future. You want to find your purpose and live in a more soul aligned way. but you are clueless about what that looks like and where exactly to start!

Do not worry. The feeling of emptiness is actually a good sign. It means that you are being guided one step at a time to something new. It’s time to surrender trying to control and figure it all out. The angels have a new plan which you can’t yet see. 

Whenever I have felt that there was no path, a brand new path unfolded for me when I surrendered!

Sign #5 You experience sudden change and endings. Your life changes unexpectedly & in a way that you can’t control.  Maybe your boss leaves, or your business partner stops being helpful, or you were injured, laid off, fired, separated, divorced or evicted. You know it is leading to a new beginning but fear is blocking you from seeing the opportunity.

I call these sudden changes ” Universal kicks in the butt.” They happen when the Universe & your soul need to realign you quickly.  Cut cords of fear and worry, do what you can to feel secure, and be open to this new opportunity to line up with a more authentic path.

Sign#6 You sense your angels are trying to tell you something. When you are ready for life purpose the signs flow & you might now really understand what’s going on: You might see a lot of angel numbers: such as 111, 222, & 999, a sign that the Universe’s alarm clock is ringing to get your attention. You wake up between 2 am and 4 am the time when you’re most open to soul guidance. You experience vivid night and day dreams where you might envision yourself teaching, healing or in a classroom learning, meeeting exciting people or connecting with your angels and guides.

These are all “Awakening” signs that the angels want you to connect with them for guidance about your life purpose. Meditate, do peaceful activities and so you can tune in to their guidance and messages. 999 means: It is time to get on with your divine life purpose.

Each one of these signs matters, but what is most important is how you feel. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and yearnings along with repeated signs as it all adds up to guidance.

You deserve a fulfilling, peaceful life & your angels are always working with you to align you with the path that fits best for you.  There isn’t a right or wrong way to fulfil your purpose. There isn’t only 1 career path or way to express your soul’s mission, you have free will every step of the way.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

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