5 Hints to Manifest Your Desires

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I will be teaching an indepth manifesting workshop on this on Friday 21st August 10 am AEST via Zoom. I will be sharing some of the secrets and insights that will allow you to expertly manifest with the angels in the new energy.

We are currently in a major energy shift which is changing everything. It can feel unsettling and take some getting used to. You might notice that if you try to go back to the “old ways”  of thinking  you immediately feel out of sorts or exhausted.

Your energy is now at a much higher frequency which allows the angels and archangels to more easily work with you.

Angels love to help you to manifest, they take the struggle out of the process and coach you every step of the way. In this new energy you will find that manifesting can be easier once you align and keep your consciousness in a positive state.

Here are 5 tips for manifesting.

  • Keep your Frequency high. When you raise your frequency,  by changing the way you think, you will find it much easier to connect with angels and attract what you are looking for. Try to look beyond the negative chatter and know that you have angels and the Universe on your side! Drop resentment, fear and negativity and clear your energy of draining attachments. A raised vibration makes you more in tune with your souls’ calling, and aligns you with the angels and their energy.
  • Be Clear. Make sure what you are manifesting is in alignment for you and how you want life to be. Avoid ego manifesting which is all about competition, grabbing and status focus on what makes your soul soar! Ask the angels to help you to be clear about what is for your highest good and always add ‘this or something better,’ so that you are not limiting yourself.
  • See it from the end. Close your eyes and imagine that your guardian angel is bringing you forward in time, to a time when you have already manifested what you want. Make your vision as detailed as you can. Ask the angels to bring their Divine light into the picture, imagine they are celebrating your success with you. Surround this image in golden light and bring it into this moment right now. Say THANK YOU ANGELS!
  • Move your vision through all 12 chakras. Imagine that the image starts up at the soul star chakra and draw the vision through all the chakras. Through the base and into the earth Star chakra and ground it in. In my workshop ‘5 ways to manifest with the angels’ I will guide you through a powerful visualisation and healing with Archangels Michael and Metatron. Learn more here
  • Be grateful. Act as though what you want has already appeared. Say ‘thank you, angels, for…’. Then let it go. Make sure you are not struggling to make it happen. Manifesting is supposed to be joyful co creation, otherwise you block the energy or attract something that isn’t right for you. Angels help you to stay on track and manifest your highest good, in perfect ways and with ease


Angel Prayer to help you with Manifesting

Dear Angels and Archangels,

Please help me to create a clear vision in my mind of that which I truly desire and is for me.

I now release all fears and blocking energies. Please help me to work through and release them. I trust that you will guide me in manifesting that which is for my highest good, and for the highest good of all.And so it is Amen.

Manifesting with the Angels adds power to your goals and intentions, why struggle alone when you have so much light and support available to help you.

May the light and love of the Angels protect and guide you to your hearts desires

Angel Blessings Rachel x

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